Black Sun Crisis

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Black Sun Crisis
Hapan Pride Campaign
Black Sun Crisis Inset.png
DateYear 3 Day 53Year 3 Day 293
LocationLorell, Hapes Cluster
ResultHapan strategic victory
· Black Sun presence on Lorell purged
Hapes Consortium
Joint Security Force of Lorell
Black Sun
Black Sun affiliates
Commanders and Leaders
King Jessy James
Regent Leto Tini`duran
Prime Minister Choibacco Antaria
Prime Minister Black
Contra Admiral Gane Lant
Commodore Alex Tylger
Colonel Lanxek Delsarr
Prince Qel Dar
Lord Kosh Naranek
CEO Plojo Rosom
Princess Krystal
Modified Tabder Heavy Hauler
Nova Battle Cruisers
Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers
Carrack Light Cruisers
Miy'Til Interceptors
Casualties and Losses
Minor casualties25 city districts destroyed
Unknown number of Black Sun operatives and civilians killed

The Black Sun Crisis, or the Hapan Pride Campaign, is a term used to describe the events that unfolded on the planet Lorell in the Hapes Cluster during the first half of Year 3. Black Sun, under the leadership of Prince Qel Dar attempted to subvert control of the planet from the Hapes Consortium by establishing a prominent presence there through front companies. Following a breakdown in diplomatic negotiations, a propaganda war ensued on the GNS with slander and accusations of dishonesty. The Consortium and its allies began a massive military build up in the system before initiating a large scale military campaign that involved orbital bombardment of Black Sun holdings.

Over several months, the Consortium continued their bombardment of the illegal city districts, while also waiting for an attack by Black Sun that would never come. Suspecting the Falleen Federation of funding the crime syndicate's operation, the Hapans strongly considered the possibility of retaliating against Falleen Prime, in addition to a proposed assault on Kiffex. The event is often cited by historians as having thrust the Hapes Consortium on to the galactic political stage, while also fueling an already prominent suspicion of outsiders among the Hapan populace. It brought about an era of heightened nationalism and intense militarism in the Hapes Consortium, with the development of the Battle Dragon and Hetrinar Assault Bomber beginning shortly after the conclusion of the operation.

Conflict Origins

Diplomatic Relations

During the reign of King Andrew, the Hapes Consortium and Black Sun conglomerate had good diplomatic relations. The King had authorised the importation of much needed medical supplies, foodstuffs, military equipment and raw materials to the Hapes Cluster which was effectively sealed off from the rest of the galaxy, with a tradition of isolationism ever since its foundation following a conflict between the Jedi Knights and Lorell Raiders four millennia earlier. The Hapan Civil War had put a great strain on the Hapan treasury and the Hapes Consortium was struggling to make ends meet.

Following the assassination of King Andrew in Year 1, relations between the Consortium and Black Sun dwindled due to an apparent lack of interest from Princess Storm to aide the new Hapan regime under King James. Storm was later replaced by Prince Keevan Colton who in turn later named Qel Dar as his successor.

At the same time the death of King Andrew put an end to the planned Tri-Star Alliance involving the Hapes Consortium, Falleen Federation and New Anzat Order which would have created a shift in the mid-outer rim balance of power and provided the latter two governments with Hapan military protection. The Consortium moved away from the planned unilateralism and also dropped all plans of aiding the Rebel Alliance in their conflict with the Galactic Empire.

Under Prince Dar of the Falleen Huruk-Rah clan, Black Sun become more closely tied with the Falleen Federation which was under the leadership of another Huruk-Rah clan member: Prince Tholin. Kosh Naranek, former Governor of Lorell, owner of Aurora Technologies, (also a Prince of the Huruk-Rah) and prominent businessman was named second-in-command of Black Sun under Prince Dar.

Prelude & Construction Projects

"The acrimony and humour in which Black Sun is held is due to nothing else except its Prince, Qel Dar could not lead rivers to the sea, if Black Sun wants to accomplish anything other than making enemies it needs to address the issue of management, or risk becoming more of a joke and less of a force."
President Venom Kazvar of the Ubrikkian Corporation, "Is Black Sun Led or Bled by Qel Dar?" - Year 3 Day 99

Over a year after the death of King Andrew it became apparent to the new Hapan regime that foreign products and were still needed to fuel the Hapan economy and improve the Consortium's infrastructure. Plans began to make the Consortium's embassy world Lorell, conveniently located in one of the few gaps of the Transitory Mists, an interstellar trade hub from which the government could draw income from taxes and traded goods.

The Consortium broadcast advertisements for property and land deals on Lorell from late Year 2 to early in Year 3.[1] On Year 3 Day 68 Governor Choibacco announced the completion of Lorell's fiftieth major city district on the planet's surface.[2] Many foreign corporations and some governments established large city districts and embassies on the southern continent of Lorell. Black Sun, through affiliated companies, approached the Hapan government and obtained the necessary permits to build production facilities, service establishments and luxury housing along the north-eastern coast of the main continent. With swift precision, thousands upon thousands of square miles along the coast were developed and construction began.

It soon became obvious to Governor Choibacco that Black Sun did not have Hapan interests in mind with the development of Lorell. Much unauthorised building took place, ships carrying illegal passengers were seen making drop-offs in the middle of the night, and Black Sun expanded building outside the designated areas.

Qel Dar's ascendance to the throne of Black Sun in Year 2 was followed by numerous underworld-style murders accompanied by public announcements stressing the organisation's legitimacy. Shortly before Black Sun's machinations on Lorell became public, Dar's leadership of the organisation was heavily criticized over the GNS by the leader of the Ubrikkian Corporation, Venom Kazvar, who would later go on to become a warlord in the Outer Rim territories.

Propaganda War & Diplomacy

"The galaxy's eyes are now watching fleet movements as a large number of ships have begun to arrive near Lorell and other Hapan planets. Black Sun Trading tanks have now been put on full alert in the cities of Lorell."
Black Sun News Broadcast, "First Verified Reports From Lorell" - Year 3 Day 111
Historical Perspective
"My Master's concern over the proximity of Lorell, a Hapan world[,] to Falleen had grown. He undertook with Qel to claim the planet, simply through force of numbers without a drop of blood. Slowly they started to flood the world with Falleen migrants.

Over a period of many years, my master developed a close friendship with Lord Alex Tylger who he eventually granted the title of Baron within the Federation, in order to bring closer the Consortium and the Federation.

Eventually the plot to capture Lorell was uncovered by Lord Tylger. He then proceeded with the destruction of all Falleen residences on the planet and all illegally constructed facilities. Prince Qel and the Black Sun took the public fall for the operation.

A day of mourning was declared on Falleen for the lives lost."

Kareen Hols’thar, chronicling Falleen Federation history

On Year 3 Day 107, the Hapes Consortium announced the presence of illegal Black Sun settlements on Lorell's surface over the Galactic News Service and urged the initiation of emergency diplomatic talks while also threatening with military action.[3][4] Black Sun promptly responded the following day, rebuffing Hapan claims of illegality, but confirming the existence of the city complexes while encouraging a diplomatic solution.[5]

In the two months that followed, the situation on Lorell was the focus of much media attention, dominating the Galactic News Service with daily broadcasts from both sides. King James, Prime Minister Black, and Governor Choibacco made frequent public statements on the matter on the Hapan side, while Prince Dar, Lord Naranek and Princess Krystal represented Black Sun. Accusations, slander, and thinly veiled threats became more and more frequent as the Consortium initiated a blockade of the planet and placing its military on yellow alert.

Third parties not directly involved in the conflict heightened the tension, with much public speculation of who had funded Black Sun's construction on the planet. Reports revealed that Black Sun's efforts on Lorell had cost in excess of 350,000,000 million credits, and Dar demanded over 600,000,000 credits from the Hapan government for the properties. The Dark Empire threw its support behind the Hapes Consortium, insinuating that Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire had provided financial backing of Black Sun with the help of the Hutt Council, both an Imperial and Black Sun ally.[6][7] It was also claimed that Prince Dar had stolen the funds from Eldrik Kuraine, a contender for the leadership of the Falleen Federation. In the eyes of the Consortium, the link between the Falleen ruler, Prince Tholin, and the Black Sun leadership was undeniable. The media attention would also come to focus on Kuraine's claim to the Falleen throne, and his denouncement of Dar's clan, which also included the Rebel Alliance Admiral Davvyk Lysander.

Fearing that other parties potential stakes in the Lorell situation could escalate in to a wide scale war involving numerous governments across the galaxy, the Consortium gave up hopes of a diplomatic solution. Black Sun continued to absolve itself of hostile intent, claiming it had Lorell's status as a neutral trade hub in mind, while also auctioning off their holdings on the planet to private investors and corporations. Tired of the stalemate, the Consortium and its allies initiated a military campaign to conquer Black Sun's holdings on the planet.

Hoping to turn the tables as a military confrontation became a reality, Prince Dar secretly contacted Alex Tylger, the Consortium's Minister of Law who had served as Hapan Regent during the transition from King Andrew to King James, and who had recently returned to Hapan space after self-imposed exile. Owing to Tylger's criticism of James' style of leadership in the early days of the new regime, Dar and Angobba Desilijic Lucar proposed that Tylger use the confusion at Lorell to initiate a coup on Hapes. They offered Black Sun funding as well as military support if Tylger were to take over the Consortium and lead it in a more Black Sun-friendly direction. Eager to prove his loyalty to the Crown, Tylger rejected the proposal and reported the conversations to Lorell Hall, where the Hapan leadership felt that Dar's proposal underlined Black Sun's apparent growing desperation.

Military Operation

Keenly aware that the situation could easily escalate from a mere diplomatic standoff to a full-fledged military confrontation, there had been a slow military build up in the Lorell system ever since the full extent of Black Sun's illegal construction efforts had been uncovered. The Royal Hapan Armed Forces had devoted a large number of warships to blockade the planet and control traffic. The aging, but still formidable Nova Battle Cruisers spearheaded the blockade along with the newly developed Miy`Til Interceptors. The Consortium also call upon the Joint Security Force of Lorell, a task force consisting of defensive craft owned and operated by the various corporations that had settled on the planet, to aide with the blockade. Large quantities of H-1 Light Battle Tanks and AT-PT walkers were also deployed to the planet's surface alongside Hapan troops, preparing for the eventual operation aimed at seizing the northern cities.

Operation Quickstrike

Pro-Black Sun propaganda posters and graffiti at a site where citizens of Lorell have dispensed their own form of justice on suspected Black Sun operatives.

The Royal Hapan Marine Corps sent speeders in to the cities, notifying the inhabitants that the area was about to become a conflict zone. Inhabitants in the northern hemisphere were relocated to refugee centres in the south. Most of these were simply victims of real estate frauds, beggars, homeless, and victims of forced relocation.

Operation Quickstrike was the initial ground operation performed by troops and vehicles from the Royal Hapan Marine Corps. Alongside large amount of troops, the Hapans deployed H-1 Light Battle Tanks and AT-PTs that roamed the streets of the near-abandoned city districts, as a precaution following Black Sun's claims of the presence of tank brigades on Lorell. They moved quickly in to several cities which had been positively identified as being owned by either Black Sun or its affiliates such as the Falleen Federation, Omega Order Vehicles and Alissma.

A notable participant of this operation was Minister Black Dantius who had answered the Royal Hapan Marine Corps's call for willing and experienced commanders to assist in ground operations. Central Hapan Intelligence also participated in the operation, transporting troops back and forth and arresting any individuals suspected of illegal activity.

Many employees of Juganoth Mining and other corporations with a presence on Lorell also participated as a ground force part of the Joint Security Force of Lorell, clearing up their own city-districts and aiding the Royal Hapan Marine Corps in other regions.

The operation proved time consuming and tedious due to the necessity to clear each individual building of local residents, while also clearing up confusion over building ownership.

Shift in Command

By circa Day 200 there were a number of changes in command within the Hapes Consortium. Most notably King James and Queen Victoria were occupied outside the Hapes Cluster, doing high profile diplomatic missions to appease all neutral parties affected by the situation on Lorell. Leto Tini`duran was appointed as Regent alongside Choibacco Antaria who became Prime Minister following Black Dantius' retirement.

In the Royal Hapan Navy, Commodore Tylger was given command of the 1st Fleet, replacing Liat Shiel, and assumed overall command of the Hapan Pride operations. Command of the Joint Security Force of Lorell was passed on from Choibacco Antaria, who ascended to the position of Prime Minister, to his second in command: Colonel Lanxek Delsarr. This helped put an end to most rumours of oppression of Falleens occuring on Lorell as Delsarr was a Falleen himself.

Operation Grandslam

"Lorell, our ancestral home, has come under attack and has been defiled by the Black Sun crime syndicate. Like an infection, Black Sun has spread its influence across the planet's northern continent. If we fail to act with a show of force, we invite disaster. What I propose is nothing short of eradicating their poisonous presence from the surface of the planet."
— Commodore Alexander Tylger, Addressing the Hapan War Council

It became clear that the seizing of all Black Sun facilities would require an enormous amount of time and effort by the troops. The Royal Hapan Marine Corps' lack of progress and success in taking most cities resulted in a shift in strategy. Commodore Tylger presented his plan for an alternate course of action. Operation Grandslam entailed the removal of all illegal construction on Lorell with a full assault by ships in orbit.

Some time was spent debating if it would be wise to bombard a planet within Hapan space and also coordinating with Hapan scientists on the potential consequence it would have on the planet's ecosystem. The document detailing the operation was given the stamp of approval and signed on Day 219 by King James, Regent Tini`duran, Vice Admiral Smith, Rear Admiral Lant and Commodore Tylger. Anyone still present in the Black Sun city-districts were given a week to get out before bombardment was due to begin.

The modified Tabder Heavy Hauler TFS Dweium Darkness was made official part of the Royal Hapan Navy under the name HRS Darkness and functioned as the command ship of the operation along with the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser CSY Leto's Pride.

On Day 226 all ships of the 1st Hapan Fleet and support ships from the Joint Security Force of Lorell were deployed in bombardment positions above Lorell and Regent Tini`duran gave the command order 'Golden Glory'. Bombardment immediately began with the targeting of cities situated near the northern pole of the planet, but care was taken to prevent major melting of the ice caps.

During the operation, a Falleen targeting officer onboard the HRS Darkness sent wrong co-ordinates to the turbolaser batteries which almost resulted in the bombardment of northern Hapan-controlled suburbs. He was reprimanded as he insisted it was an oversight, nothing more. Days later, as orders were given to merely target a series of Black Sun skyscraper complexes, the same officer issued orders to the turbolaser gunners to fire immediately which resulted 360 were wounded Hapan marines and 140 killed. The officer, along with numerous of his accomplices, were executed by spacing a few days later.

In total, twenty-five city-districts were subject to the bombardment of which 19 were levelled completely. In addition to the two command ships, four Nova Battle Cruisers, one Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, one Carrack Light Cruiser and one Marauder Corvette participated in the actual bombardment. Two wings of Miy`til Interceptors were also used to remove some smaller buildings by use of missiles. Bombardment lasted for approximately 45 days at which point Operation Grandslam was considered concluded and Operation End Game began.

Operation Sunset

The Wraiths were members of the Joint Security Force of Lorell.

The Wraiths, led by Navik Ikron, were a major part of the military operation. They were largely tasked with scouting the areas near the Hapes Cluster, such as the Neshig sector, and monitoring Black Sun's fleet movements and logistical efforts. They made efforts to infiltrate the crime syndicate in order to disrupt any efforts on Black Sun's part to launch a military attack on Lorell. Wraiths reconnaissance craft spotted at least one enemy scout on the outskirts of the Cluster, disabling the craft the killing the pilot. The incident sparked a separate conflict between the two organizations.

The Dark Star Battleship had also been deployed to an area near the Hapes Cluster, and its proximity to Lorell was reported to Hapan command by the Wraiths' leadership. Intelligence operatives who had infiltrated Black Sun relayed information indicating that Prince Dar realised that an attack on Lorell would only result in further losses on their part, and that they were also suffering from manpower shortage that would prevent their naval force from operating at peak efficiency in a potential battle with the Hapan armada. Consequently, no attack was launched by Black Sun's leadership.

Operation Dark Shroud

Operation Dark Shroud was the result of a Victory-class Star Destroyer from the Dark Empire dropping out of hyperspace in the Lorell system while Operation Grandslam was still ongoing. The 17th Fleet under Commodore Starfyre was dispatched to escort and monitor the ship with the assistance of some Joint Security Force of Lorell vessels. It had shields and weapons powered down at all times and insisted that it was merely monitoring the ongoing situation while protecting the Imperial Embassy station near Lorell.

The Consortium feared that the arrival of the ship could spark an escalation of the conflict and provoke a response from the Galactic Empire or other parties. After Operation Grandslam was concluded, the ship departed.

Operation Endgame

Operation End Game was the designation used for the deployment of troops in to the ruins of the bombarded cities. As the dust settled on Lorell, the Royal Hapan Marine Corps sent ground troops to most locations, made sure the area was clear, then deployed a homing beacon to mark it as secure. Colonel Delsarr and Commodore Tylger also participated in this operation, visiting the ruins of several cities.


Effect on Hapes

"The future is always in motion. They awoke a sleeping giant and paid the price for their lack of vision. Now there are several courses of action under examination. It is hoped common sense and a diplomatic course of action will prevail to preserve the peace. In conclusion to Black Sun: Dont go away mad, Just go away."
Regent Leto Tini`duran of the Hapes Consortium, "Crime Wiped Out On Lorell" - Year 3 Day 293

The conflict and the military campaign had a long lasting effect on both sides, playing a large part in determining the direction both parties would take in galactic politics.

The Battle Dragon was developed in response to the conflict.

The Hapes Consortium saw a renewed sense of pride that had been somewhat lacking since the Hapan Civil War. Heightened nationalism became prevalent, and increased militarism dominated the Hapan political scene. Efforts were undertaken by the Royal Hapan Support Corps to end Hapan dependence of foreign technology in warfare, designing and developing the Battle Dragon and Hetrinar Assault Bomber in the months after the end of the military campaign. The Battle Dragon's armaments were largely inspired by those of the TFS Dweium Darkness that had served as the Hapan flagship during the conflict, though the new ship's design was undeniably unique.

Conservative Hapans felt that the events on Lorell proved exactly why continued isolationism was the answer to the question of the Consortium's future. Regardless, the Consortium enjoyed a new-found status in the galactic community as a prominent superpower led by a competent leader. Still angered by the event, the Consortium's leadership considered retaliating against Black Sun at Kiffex, as well as the Falleen Federation capital of Falleen Prime. As late as early Year 4, these plans were still being discussed, with regular reconnaissance missions to both locations, before being scrapped to focus on internal matters. While it clung to true neutrality for a few more years, the government involved itself in various military conflicts such as the campaign against Venom Kazvar's Horizon corporation and the Dellalt Conflict.

The political hawks of Lorell Hall, nicknamed "Vhork" after a giant Daruvvian hawk, became the most prominent voices in the Hapan government. Many senior military officers who had served in the campaign received promotions and new positions at the helm of the military, with Gane Lant and Alex Tylger being given shared command of the Royal Hapan Navy. Tylger's noble title was reinstated, though his tenure in the military was short lived. He faced reprimands and investigations initiated by the Minister of Defense, Vang Tyrridon, for actions committed during the course of the campaign. He retired at the beginning of Year 4, after overseeing the protection of the yards where the new line of Hapan ships was being developed. He was made Minister of Culture by King James, which would set him on the path to his eventual rise to the throne.

Choibacco was also given the title Grand Duke for his leadership as Governor, commander of the Joint Security Force of Lorell, and Prime Minister. However, his style of leadership proved incompatible with peace time, resigning from his post as Prime Minister in late Year 3, leaving the post to former naval commander Alex Smith. He acquired CyberDyne Industries and reformed the corporation in to the Antarian Rangers which became a paramilitary organisation responsible for battle droid production. Even so, Choibacco was unable to fully put the events on Lorell behind him, waging a war on the underworld and Black Sun despite firm warning from the Hapan government that they would not support him in his endeavour. As Qel Dar was replaced by Plojo Rosom in Year 4, a formal peace treaty between the Consortium and Black Sun was finally signed, and Rosom issued an apology to the Hapan peoples. Regardless, Choibacco continued his campaign until two of his employees were captured by Rosom's bodyguard, Tara Tylger, in Year 5. Outraged by Hapan refusal to intervene, as well as the Hapes-Coruscant non-aggression pact signed late in Year 4, Choibacco angrily broke his nationalisation agreement with Hapes, renounced his noble title, and moved his operation out of the Hapes Cluster. Choibacco later retired from the Antarian Rangers and consequently committed suicide by plunging his Ranger One freighter in to a star. The organisation he left behind would later go on to become a New Republic-aligned government that was eventually taken over and destroyed by Black Sun, bringing the saga full circle.

Effect on Black Sun

"Because I did not back down to their dictatorship, or insulting demands and I myself am Falleen they took it upon themselves to kill as many Falleen people as possible on their planet. The result is the largest example of race cleansing the galaxy has seen."
Dark Prince Qel Dar of Black Sun, "The Legal Criminals and Murderers" - Year 3 Day 294

Black Sun issued a response to the Hapan statement regarding the outcome of the conflict on Year 3 Day 294, denouncing the Consortium's actions and claiming genocide has been committed. Their claim was partially backed by the Falleen Federation declaring a day of mourning. Two days later, Kiffex was expelled from the Falleen Federation, and Black Sun officially severed ties with the Falleen government, removing Tholin from its Family Council.

Prince Rosom sought to normalise relations with Hapes.

The media focus died down, and Black Sun became occupied with the succession crisis in the Falleen Federation, as well as the development of their own "neutral trade hub." Earlier in Year 3, the syndicate had been labeled a criminal and terrorist organisation by various major governments around the galaxy. Prince Dar's relations with the Hutt Council also soured and descended in to public mudslinging between Dar and Angobba the Hutt on the GNS. In early Year 4, Dar retired as head of Black Sun, bypassing Kosh Naranek, and installing Plojo Rosom as the new Prince.[8] The ascension of Rosom, a man of entirely different character than Dar, marked the end of Falleen reign of the organisation and paved the way for the rise of Xya Howie and her successors. Rosom also made peace with the Consortium, though relations would often be strained during the leadership of consequent Black Sun rulers like Adam A Flynn.

Former Vigo Acria Xinge would later claim that the incident on Lorell drained Black Sun's coffers, effectively bankrupting the organisation. The truth regarding who backed Black Sun's operation was never uncovered and remains shrouded in mystery. After Rosom, no one senior official in the organisation had been involved in the attempted takeover of the planet, and both Dar and Naranek were gone. Princess Xya later claimed to know the location of Dar and offered to apprehend him and hand him over to Hapan authorities, but the exchange never came to fruition.

When returning from many years in retirement to lead the Aurora Technologies conglomerate once again, Naranek was in touch with the Hapan government on occasion. He apologised on behalf of himself for the events that had transpired in the past. When asked about Dar's financial backing and true motivation for initiating the conflict, Naranek stated he was not sure. In what was perhaps an ironic twist of fate, Naranek's attempt to reintegrate himself with Black Sun under Tar Alaks' leadership led to his execution in Year 12 Day 192.



Hapan Leadership
Jessy James
Leto Tini`duran
Choibacco Antaria
Governor & Prime Minister
Black Dantius
Prime Minister (retired)
Minister of Trade
Leo Trebec
Leo Trebec Small.png
Director of Intelligence
Andhi Mantra
Andhi Mantra Small.png
Deputy Director of Intelligence
Alex Smith
Naval Commanding Officer
Gane Lant
Naval Executive Officer
Noctura Lant
Noctura Lant Portrait Small.png
Marine Corps Commanding Officer
Steve Rainey
Royal Guard Commanding Officer
Liat Shiel
1st Fleet Commanding Officer (replaced)
Alexander Tylger
1st Fleet Commanding Officer
Lanxek Delsarr
Joint Security Force of Lorell
Black Sun Leadership
Qel Dar
Qel Dar Avatar.jpg
Dark Prince
Black Sun
Kosh Naranek
Kosh Naranek Portrait.jpg
Aurora Technologies
Plojo Rosom
Plojo Rosom Portrait.gif
Strategic Architect
Krystal Portrait.png
Dark Princess
Royal Consort to Prince Dar
Acria Larkin
Acria Larkin Portrait.png
Black Sun
Keevan Colton
Keevan Colton Portrait.png
Black Sun
Angobba Desilijic Lucar
Angobba the Hutt Avatar.png
Hutt Council


Main article: Timeline
  • Year 3 Day 53: Governor Choibacco of the Hapes Consortium invites new companies to build their headquarters on Lorell.[1]
  • Year 3 Day 68: Governor Choibacco announces the completion of Lorell's fiftieth city district on the planet's surface.[2]
  • Year 3 Day 107: The Hapes Consortium denounces the Black Sun settlements on Lorell's surface and threatens military action.[3][4]
  • Year 3 Day 108: Prince Qel Dar's Black Sun rebuffs Hapan demands to cede their acquired territory on Lorell.[5]
  • Year 3 Day 111: Tensions flare on Lorell as Hapan vessels blockade the planet and Black Sun operatives attempt to construct further settlements.[9]
  • Year 3 Day 144: Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire declares its support for the Hapan coalition arrayed against Black Sun on Lorell.[6][7]
  • Year 3 Day 219: King James I secretly authorizes Operation Grandslam, a general bombardment of Black Sun cities on Lorell by Hapan ships in orbit.
  • Year 3 Day 226: The 1st Hapan Fleet and other vessels of the the Joint Security Force of Lorell bombard Black Sun encampments.
  • Year 3 Day 293: Hapan authorities announce they have conducted a planetary dragnet against Black Sun operatives on Lorell.[10]
  • Year 3 Day 294: After losing the conflict on Lorell, Prince Dar of Black Sun denounces the Hapans as an inbred "genetically challenged race."[11]
  • Year 4 Day 61: Prince Qel Dar and Princess Krystal of Black Sun declare their retirement. Plojo Rosom succeeds him.[8]

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