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Black Sun
Black Sun Holocron logo.png
Political information
Motto "Family. Honour. Profit."
Type of government Oligarchy
Affiliation Imperial Union
Societal information
Capital Asation
Territory Ash Worlds
Historical Information
Date of establishment Circa Year -1
Status Active
Holosite Black Sun

Black Sun territories operate with a simple system of law & order that governs all facets of life. Corporations are given free rein to go about their business, provided they share a small cut of their profits with the Family and do not interfere with the efficient running of day-to-day operations. Schools focus on preparing citizens to enter the workforce, military, or one of Black Sun's nationalized corporations. The legal system is divided into several tiers for differing levels of citizenship. It is simple, harsh, and highly dependent on the presiding judge; laws are purposefully broad in reach and open to interpretation, giving judges greater power to account for the particular circumstances of each case. The Family rules over its territory with far less oversight than other governments, however, where it does intervene in the daily lives of its citizens, it is correspondingly heavy-handed and unilateral.


Private School System

Black Sun allows a thriving private school system, which runs with minimal regulation. Schools must maintain several core courses in their curriculum and graduates must be able to continue their education in later stages without difficulty; the Interior does not interfere when these conditions are met. At the final stages of secondary, vocational, and higher education, schools must demonstrate that their graduates can enter the workforce without issue. Failure to produce students that can succeed later in life results in fines. Repeated failures result in the organization having their licence revoked, at which point there is a merger of the school in to the local public school system.

Public School System

Primary Education

Black Sun maintains a primary school system available to all registered citizens in the Black Sun territory. Children are taught the importance of physical and mental fitness. Classes cover a range of topics from the most common languages in the galaxy, to mathematics, to physical education. The Interior has invested heavily in extra-curricular activities that bring children together. Music, sports, the arts, and many more activities keep children active and engaged.

Secondary Education

The secondary education system continues in much the same vein as the primary education system. However, a greater focus is placed on preparing students for the needs of life in Black Sun. Courses cover more advanced topics in astronavigation, economics, business management, the sciences, and machine maintenance. Courses on Family values, law and order, and military preparation are mandated for all schools at the secondary level. Extra-curricular activities remain a major part of student-life, although greater focus is placed on activities that are more practical. Clubs devoted to marksmanship, computer operations, piloting, physical fitness, and design are very popular and well funded from the Interior finance department.

Vocational Education

Vocational training is an important and respected educational path for citizens of Black Sun. Many mechanics, construction workers, drivers, and secretaries received their training through an apprenticeship sponsored by one of the many vocational training colleges supported by Black Sun. These colleges are well respected throughout the galaxy; the Family keeps a close eye on them to ensure that they provide citizens with the skills necessary to be productive members of society. Infrastructure especially has invested heavily in the vocational colleges. This ensures that newly hired construction workers are already equipped with knowledge of the latest building codes, experience utilizing the best equipment, and the skills needed to work in massive teams that bring dreams of durasteel and rockcrete into reality.

Higher Education

Classroom, University of Malicar

Black Sun maintains a publicly funded university in each of its sectors. Their role is to centralize research, funding, and infrastructure, and to provide a cohesive higher education system for citizens.

University of Malicar

The University of Malicar is a galactic beacon of knowledge. Graduates of UM have gone on to become leaders in nearly every field imaginable, although the university is especially prestigious for its Social Sciences programs. This reputation for excellence is well deserved, as the Family Council has set up several Prince's Trust Initiatives to draw the brightest the galaxy has to offer. The PTI's allow students to focus their goals and interests, in order to provide them with the resources to excel.

The Blades of the Prince sponsor the Peace Studies program. Courses cover the art of war, tactics, logistics, and galactic politics. Infrastructure sponsors the Economics program. Courses cover supply and demand, converting of black markets into open markets, taxation without representation, and business management. The Interior sponsors the Sociology program. Courses cover organized crime, information management, cuisine and entertainment, managing social forces, and predictive population analysis.

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