BlasTech Industries

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This article is about the weapons manufacturer. For the government that existed circa Year 8, see BlasTech Corporation.
BlasTech Industries
BlasTech-Logo 150X150.png
General Information
Motto Hokey Religions And Ancient Weapons Are No Match For A BlasTech Blaster
Status Unknown
Leader Unknown
2IC Unknown
Owner Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Year 12
Dissolved Year 18 Day 334
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Industry Weapons Production
Holosite Unknown


BlasTech Industries, for millennia, has been recognized a market leader in the manufacturing of personal energy weapons and artillery, with the DL-44 Heavy Blaster being among its most famous innovations. Having once been a major supplier of weapons to both sides of the galactic fray, BlasTech now seeks to maintain a neutral status in the ongoing conflict, providing superior blaster weaponry to any and everyone.


For as long as there has been war, and the need for armed protection in the known galaxy, there has been BlasTech Industries. For over a millennium BlasTech was a market leader in the production of personal energy weapons and light artillery. With the DL-44 Heavy Blaster as it's signature weapon, BlasTech was famous for its blaster weapons.

The history of BlasTech and military organizations can be traced back to the days of the Old Republic, and during the Clone Wars the weapons icon provided the Republic's Clone Troopers with their state-of -the-art weaponry. With the rise of the Galactic Empire, BlasTech was under heavy pressure to produce exclusively for the Imperial Military. However the company's corporate leaders maintained the position of neutrality, choosing to sell to any and everyone with the credits to buy. As a result the Rebel Alliance's sidearm of choice has primarily been the famed DL-44, and the E-11 Blaster Rifle became the standard weapon of the Imperial Stormtroopers.

With the proliferation of weapons manufacturers cropping up around the galaxy BlasTech, seemingly to have disappeared, was all but extinct. If it were not for their legendary status in history it would have been forgotten altogether. To one lone Duro, Dulgan Swift, this was unacceptable. Dulgan, or "Swifty" as he was sometimes called, was a well known businessman who ran the independent weapons company Swift Arms. Having seen the corruption prevalent in most of the manufacturers around, and the equally corrupt governments that sponsored them, Dulgan saw the opportunity to supply the average sentient with affordable yet quality weapons. At the start of Year 12 Dulgan along with an up and coming galactic transporter, Dane Star, made the decision to reassert BlasTech Industries as a force to be reckoned with.

The two were able to revitalize the floundering company, gradually building a small but dedicated clientele. Though that was short lived, as undetected personal issues overwhelmed Dulgan, causing him to take his own life. Dane kept the company afloat for several months, doing all that he could to keep it running. Receiving pressure by some industry contemporaries, Dane took BlasTech into the military field, and attempted to transform the weapons legend into a bounty hunting organization. This proved to be a bad decision to say the least. In addition, poor management saw the company looted by agents of the
Black Sun.

At the early part of Year 13, in an attempt to save BlasTech from certain ruin, Dane contacted an old associate of his and Dulgan. The celebrated Jawa entrepreneur Heek Jikjawa, owner of the widely successful weapons and smuggling company, Sons Of Tatoo, was eager to strike a deal for the famed company, and quickly dispatched his Second In Command, the Corellian adventurer Jax Starblade, to negotiate the deal. Talks were held for the better part of a week, and in Year 13 Day 51 and agreement was met where Sons Of Tatoo would acquire BlasTech Industries. Pleased with how the negotiations went, Heek named Jax as President of BlasTech, and on Day 59 of Year 13 the legendary weapons manufacturer reopened its doors to the public. Jax Starblade vowed to breath new life into BlasTech, and to do that he insisted that the company goes back to its roots, selling the products that made them a legend... blasters and blaster rifles.

BlasTech took off like a shot, once again gaining a loyal customer base and galaxy wide recognition. Though along with the successes came the setbacks. A loophole in the BTI acquisition deal, recognized and taken advantage of by Dane Star, immediately put the company in jeopardy of closing it's doors. In addition, personnel issues constantly plagued the new management. Nevertheless sales continued to exceed expectations, and thanks to a seemingly inexhaustible armory of product supplied by his Jawa lord, Jax rarely had to deal with overwhelming production issues. Quite the irony, as it was BlasTech's rapid success that spelled it's doom. The company became ill equipped to get the products to the customers. In Year 13 Day 170c. Jax Starblade acquired ownership of BlasTech Industries from Heek Jikjawa. Rather than have customers wait an inexcusable amount of time for their purchases, Jax decided to close the struggling company. He and a few dedicated members spent the remaining weeks settling outstanding accounts. Yet again, in Year 13 Day 187, BlasTech closed it's doors.

Almost eight months passed when the announcement was made that BlasTech Industries was once again making a resurgence. Jax Starblade was not done with the legendary company. He had a chance to recognize what was broke, and knew just how to fix it. In Year 14 Day 138c. BlasTech was back in business, this time starting organically as an NFG. In a subsequent interview with Mr. Starblade, he was asked if he felt lucky enough to bring BlasTech back to it's former glory. He casually replied, "Lady Luck is a high priced hooker. I just hope I have enough credits to *censored* with her a lot longer this time". Indeed, Mr. Starblade's time with "Lady Luck" was quite beneficial. So much so that Jax's business savvy caught the attention of a very large and powerful shadow organization. Early in Y.15, after a few weeks of negotiating, Jax Starblade sold BlasTech Industries for an undisclosed amount. It is rumored the final total was in excess of 200 million credits. The new owner of BlasTech Industries has yet to make their identity known.