Blazing Pulsar Exploration

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Blazing Pulsar Exploration
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General Information
Status Defunct
Historical Information
Founded Year 2
Political Information
Industry Information

Blazing Pulsar Exploration (BPE) was a nationalised corporation of the Galactic Empire.


Dash Rendar

Circa Year 2, the organization was a corporate partner of Zenith Transportation, and was governed by a so-called Command Council. Dash Rendar served as Commander-in-Chief, Tom Ralston as High Ambassador, Yen Taem as Director of Fighter Operations, and Sevi as Minster of Research and Development.

A variety of personnel came and went throughout the lengthy existence of Blazing Pulsar Exploration. Lesser-known members included Rufus Sigma, Mage Starlancer, Portkins Darklighter, Josh Ranjill, Kushan Dominor, Olly Brown, Jon SkyHut, Angelica-Marie Veers, Dwight Talon, Leonie Skywalker and John Whitney.


Additionally, Imperial Governor Xandor Baal of the Agrilat System and pirate Mintaka Kyuzo of Dathomir were rumored to be patrons of this organization circa Year 4.

BPE was declared bankrupt and its holdings liquidated Year 5 Day 347.


  • Blazing Pulsar Exploration Banner Y2D1.jpg (Year 2)


Sesor Yrelnana
  • Dash Rendar (until Year 2 Day 75)
  • Sphere (circa Year 2 Day 156)
  • Thrawn24 / Thrawn XXIV (until Year 4 Day 31)
  • Sesor Yrelnana (Year 4 Day 31 - Year 5 Day 347)

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