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Class Freighter
Type YT-2000
Type Class 9 Hyperdrive

Military Sensor Package

Date of Manufacture Unknown
Affiliation Sol Mazer
Smugglers Guild

The Bloodstripe is a modified YT-2000 that was originally called Ivanna's Deal by first owner Metuki Ryuujin. It is widely known this ship was at the center of most of the Smugglers Guild covert operations during Master Ryuujin's tenure. During a bounty attempt in Year 9, Ryuujin was killed aboard Ivanna's Deal along with numerous bounty hunters.

Shortly after Ryuujin's death, the ship was given to Master Smuggler (and future leader) Nah Olos. He would change the name to Bloodstripe and also the appearance of the ship. Olos used the Bloodstripe as his flagship throughout the rest of his career with the Smugglers Guild.

Upon Olos' retirement in Year 13, the ship changed hands again. Sol Mazer would receive the ship with his promotion to Guild leader. Mazer used the ship as his personal craft almost exclusively and attended numerous Fests and Swaps with it. He also used the ship to carve what has been called the "Mazer's Reach Hyperlane" linking Nimban to Tatooine with the help of Jawa Offworld Enterprises.

With the return of Master Olos to active duty, Mazer graciously returned the craft to the former Guild Leader early Year 23. It remains a part of Olos' personal fleet.

In the News

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