Blue Sabre Transportation

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Blue Sabre Transportation
Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png
General Information
Motto "The Blue Streak of Quality"
Status Merged (see: Cloud City and BST)
Leader Sterik Hasger (Year 3)
Blackthorne (Year 3)
Uther Von Kaldreon (Years 3 - 6)
2IC Nemesi Nemsien (under Hasger)
Starenska Eyona (under Kaldreon)
Headquarters Balfron, Dolomar Sector[1]
Historical Information
Founded Year 3 Day 30
Dissolved Year 6 Day 64
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Empire (after Year 3 Day 201)
Galactic Empire (after Year 3 Day 290)
Industry Transportation Service
Holosite Blue Sabre Transportation

Blue Sabre Transportation (BST) was a shipping enterprise chartered on Year 3 Day 30 by Corellian adventurer Sterik Hasger, his Bothan colleague Nemesi Nemsien, and their administrative assistant Catrinna Eisel. Headquartered on the small terrestrial planet of Balfron in the Dolomar Sector,[1] Blue Sabre provided a secure method of interstellar conveyance for private businesses in the galaxy. Its cargo barges were garrisoned with security contingents and were escorted by R-41 Starchasers. The company boasted a number of premium services such as discreet shuttles for private clientele and bulk transport for security outfits, as well as affordable steerage for its own employees. Prisoner transfer and other high-risk services were made available as the company grew.

Initially a prosperous start-up venture, Blue Sabre became enmeshed in an armed conflict on Naboo against Chief Executive Officer Ayja Laetras' Twin Star Mining corporation. Intent on winning at any cost, Hasger haphazardly transferred ownership of his company to Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire, an Imperial separatist regime, in exchange for financial and military support. Although the company had prided itself on its species-inclusive recruitment policies, these policies were overturned by Bonias. The warlord's humanocentric regime imprisoned and executed most of the organization's licensed star-pilots, a purge which triggered a chaotic exodus by the surviving personnel. Fleeing for their lives, Hasger and Nemsien later formed the short-lived Baldoran Alliance — allegedly funded by Bonias' nemesis Emperor Charon on Coruscant — before starting Corellian Transport Services.

Following the departure of Hasger and Nemsien, Blue Sabre subsisted for several months under the infamous tenure of Blackthorne until the unification between Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire on Bastion and J. Charon's Galactic Empire on Coruscant. Now an Imperial subsidiary, the company was briefly revitalized under the auspices of Chief Executive Officer Uther Von Kaldreon[2] and logistically supported the Imperial invasion of the Beta system. Ultimately, the organization was consolidated into Kaldreon's Cloud City and BST circa Year 6.


Bold Venture

Sterik Hasger was an unwitting pawn of Warlord Vodo Bonias and enabled his hostile takeover of Blue Sabre Transportation in Year 3.

In Year 3, Blue Sabre Transportation — led by Chief Executive Officer Sterik Hasger — was one of the key organizations that comprised Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam's United Trade Federation, a a commercial and defensive alliance. During this time, Blue Sabre Transportation was contracted by the despotic Baron Arca Fenris of the New Anzat Order to transport spacecraft and construction materials to Naboo. These supply shipments were vital to bolstering Baron Fenris' ongoing war against Ayja Laetras' Twin Star Mining corporation for control of the hotly contested planet.[3] As a result of this contract, Blue Sabre was drawn into the territorial conflict against Laetras' mining conglomerate and its affiliate Paradox Resource Exploration.[4]

As the Naboo conflict wore on, many Blue Sabre personnel were captured by Laetras' security forces, and the company fell into dire straits. Hasger ill-advisedly implored Warlord Vodo Bonias of the Dark Empire for aid. In exchange for a controlling interest in Hasger's company, the Sith regime assisted Hasger both financially and militarily. They dispatched a Star Destroyer, a Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, and other support vessels to guard Hasger's transport barges at Naboo.[4] Bonias himself donated a YV-666 freighter to Blue Sabre Transportation's armada, and he gave a private loan of six million credits to Hasger. More importantly, Bonias instructed his Sith operatives to target Twin Star Mining and Paradox Resource Exploration for annihilation.

Within mere weeks of the Dark Empire launching its covert offensive, Chief Executive Office Laetras of Twin Star Mining was gruesomely murdered.[5] His decomposing corpse was discovered inside a magnetically-sealed shipping crate at a spaceport on the planet Ruenax, a developing resort world. Rumors swirled that Laetras' business acquaintance, Rik Avner, had betrayed him after accepting a considerable bribe from Bonias. After the news of Laetras' untimely demise, his second-in-command Thrall Durotan was abruptly slain as well. The murders were not limited to Twin Star Mining. Its affiliate Paradox Resource Exploration was likewise targeted and two of its employees were found dead. The first was thrown from an eleventh-story apartment window and the second perished in a fiery speeder collision.[5]

Due to these grisly executions, Blue Sabre Transportation easily triumphed over Twin Star Mining. Overly confident, Hasger's company formally withdrew from the United Trade Federation and became a nationalized subsidiary of the Dark Empire. Now the official property of Bonias' regime, the new Sith overseers began to rule with an iron hand.[6][7] Bonias required that Hasger repay the earlier loan of six million credits.[4] He also demanded that Hasger execute any personnel with ties to the Rebel Alliance, including Hasger's old comrade-in-arms Ethan Stone.[4] While Hasger — a former rebel himself — arrested many employees, Stone managed to evade his grasp and the two friends became bitter enemies.[8][9] (In a twist of fate, Stone was later ensnared by a fearsome Wookiee brigand, Serj Seinwill, in the Galactic Hostage Crisis.)

Sith Feud

Fleeing the Dark Empire, Hasger was ambushed and presumed dead.

During these stressful times, Sterik Hasger found solace in the arms of Catrinna Eisel, a trusted employee of Blue Sabre Transportation. Hasger insisted their relationship was platonic and professed that, since the demise of Catrinna's parents ten solar years prior, he had served as her legal guardian.[10] Unfortunately for Hasger, Catrinna had insulted Princess Gabriella Storm in a cantina quarrel.[11][4] Storm was the former head of the Black Sun crime syndicate and now an eminent bureaucrat — Minister of State — in Bonias' Dark Empire.[12] Provoked by Catrinna's continued disrespect, Storm spread tales that Catrinna was engaging in lascivious behavior and, citing an eponymous venereal disease known as "the Cat Virus," Storm proclaimed such promiscuity was "a greater risk to the galactic population than the Wookiee Tick epidemic."[4][11][13] When her gossip only increased Catrinna's popularity in the galaxy, Storm demanded Hasger execute Catrinna.[11] Although Hasger had not hesitated when instructed to liquidate other employees, he refused to kill his mistress.

Confronted with Hasger's unexpected defiance, the Dark Empire secretly ordered the arrest of Hasger for violating the loan contract he signed with their regime.[10] Hunted by Sith assassins, Sterik and Catrinna surreptitiously contacted Angobba Desilijic Lucar of the Hutt Council and were granted political asylum. The romantic duo attempted to flee to Hutt Space but, in a series of calamitous events, they became separated.[11][4] Now alone and a wanted man, Hasger fled to the remote planet of Anteevy where — while in orbit — his ship was ambushed by his Sith pursuers. He crash-landed and was presumed dead.[14]

Meanwhile, rumors swirled that the Dark Empire had manipulated Hasger until he had gone mad and killed himself. Following Hasger's disappearance, the Sith regime consolidated its monopoly on Blue Sabre Transportation. They appointed a Sith proxy named Blackthorne as its new president. Imperious and autocratic, Blackthorne allegedly instituted a reign of terror and alienated the few remaining employees of the dwindling company.[7] As a result, Vice President Nemesi Nemsien, an experienced Bothan pilot, chose to defect to Charon's Imperial government on Coruscant. When Nemsien fled, he sent a sub-space transmission to the extant personnel of Blue Sabre and urged them to mutiny.[11] Faced with the ultimatum of execution or desertion, the other employees likewise defected and fled to the Core Worlds in purloined starships.[15]

Baldoran Connection

Charon, the nemesis of Bonias, allegedly financed the Baldoran Alliance.

Unbeknownst to the Sith, Sterik Hasger was still alive.[14] He had survived his crash-landing on the ice planet of Anteevy and awoke with blood gushing from his left eye. He carefully rationed his supplies and derived warmth from a small portable heater in his storage cabin.[14] Using a repaired holo-transmitter, Hasger beseeched Angobba the Hutt to rescue him and to convince Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam to protect him from Bonias. Although Yotam had been displeased with Blue Sabre leaving his economic bloc, he consented to protect Hasger as a special courtesy to Angobba. In a scornful missive to the Sith regime, Yotam boldly revealed Hasger was alive and under his personal care. In response, Bonias threatened retaliation against the Hutts and the United Trade Federation unless Hasger was extradited to him. Yotam helped Hasger escape to the Core Worlds controlled by Charon's Galactic Empire.

In Charon's Empire, Hasger was reunited with his former Bothan vice president Nemesi Nemsien. Together, they chose to serve Charon alongside many of their former Blue Sabre staff. However, their Imperial service was short-lived, and the duo soon formed a guerrilla movement dubbed the Baldoran Alliance with the declared objective of toppling Bonias' separatist regime on Bastion.[11] Led by Hasger and Nemsien, the guerrillas of the Baldoran Alliance included Zakar Huntel, Dakkon Blackblade, Draven Emberheart, and Thaka Dhal. In the black markets of the galaxy, ugly canards circulated that Charon was the secret patron of the Baldoran insurgents and therefore sanctioned their terrorist operations against the Dark Empire. The veracity of such accusations remains unsubstantiated.[11] Ultimately, however, the Baldoran Alliance fizzled after a series of tactical defeats. Impoverished and battle-worn, Hasger and Nemsien decided to charter another transportation company and slowly accumulated the resources to make their dream into a reality. Out of the ashes of Blue Sabre Transportation was thus born Corellian Transport Services which later became affiliated the New Republic.[16]

Twilight Years

Blue Sabre employees aided Uebles' Galactic Empire at the pivotal Battle of Beta.

After falling under control of the Dark Empire, the Blue Sabre organization became a valuable satellite in Vodo Bonias' war against Charon's Imperial government headquartered on Coruscant. When Bonias' separatist movement and Charon's government eventually ceased hostilities on Year 3 Day 290 and united their respective forces,[17] the company more or less became an auxiliary logistics division for the now-unified Galactic Empire. Thereafter, on Year 3 Day 352, Blackthorne stepped down as president of the company. Chief Executive Officer Uther Von Kaldreon and his Vice President Starenska Eyona succeeded him with grand plans to expand the company.[2]

During the subsequent reign of Emperor Greyson Uebles in Year 4, Blue Sabre employees clandestinely ferried Imperial-owned Lancer-class Frigates to the very edge of the Beta System in preparation for the pending invasion. When the hour of battle arrived, they valorously fought against Eldrik Kuraine's Falleen kingdom. Their logistical support prior to the momentous engagement greatly increased the company's esteem in the eyes of the Imperial High Command.

By early Year 6, however, the organization was in decline. In an attempt to maximize profit, Kaldreon consolidated his existing Cloud City Mining company and the piloting staff of Blue Sabre Transportation into a single entity, Cloud City and BST, on Year 6 Day 64. This arrangement lasted until an internal dispute between Kaldreon and his Imperial overseers circa Year 8. Ultimately, Kaldreon purportedly embezzled the company and persuaded most of the veteran personnel to leave with him. As a consequence, Moff Orphaea Imperium was assigned to restructure and rebuild the storied company.


Logo circa Year 4.
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Recorded Date


Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 30

Blue Sabre Transportation, helmed by Sterik Hasger and Nemesi Nemsien, opens for business.

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 103

Blue Sabre Transportation moves its headquarters to Balfron in the Dolomar Sector.[1]

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 144

Blue Sabre Transportation supports Falleen monarch Eldrik Kuraine's war against Black Sun.[18]

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 201

Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam denounces Vodo Bonias' takeover of Blue Sabre Transportation.[7]

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 202

Sterik Hasger is revealed to be alive. He is protected by the United Trade Federation and the Hutt Council.[11][6]

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 203

Darth Knyte demands the extradition of Sterik Hasger to the Dark Empire for execution.[4]

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 240

CEO Ayja Laetras of Twin Star Mining is murdered. Rik Avner succeeds him.[19]

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 290

The Galactic Empire and Dark Empire cease hostilities. They announce their unification into a single regime.[17][20]

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 338

Blue Sabre star-pilots provide logistical aid to the Galactic Empire amid the Battle of Beta.

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 3 Day 352

Uther Von Kaldreon replaces Blackthorne as president of Blue Sabre Transportation.[2]

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 4 Day 71

Uther Von Kaldreon of Blue Sabre Transportation evicts all foreigners from Balfron.

Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png Year 6 Day 64

Cloud City Mining and Blue Sabre Transportation are merged into Cloud City and BST.

Notable Personnel

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