Blue Star Dominion

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Blue Star Dominion
Dominion Logo
General Information
Status Active
Leadership Dominion Command
  • Cedron Tryonel
  • Taranjeek o`Cuinn
  • Tomas o`Cuinn
Headquarters Woldona system
Major Bases Dagu system
Kowak system
Subsidiaries Blue Star Enforcement
Blue Star Engineering
Blue Star Extractions
Historical Information
Founded 22.021 (CGT)
Political Information
Standing Pro-Rebel & Anti-Imperial
Industry Government

The Blue Star Dominion is a sovereign state located in the Southeastern Outer Rim; it is the governing body of the Sevetta sector along with the Dagu and Teljkon star systems, though maintains both overt and discrete operations throughout the galaxy. The Dominion is named for the two blue stars within the Dagu and Woldona systems, and its roots run deep as the successor to the Gree Trade Authority (Year 15-18) and Sevetta Conglomerate (Year 19-20) along with a number of other organizations throughout the years. Blue Star directly employs more than 14,000 individuals and indirectly supports hundreds of thousands of jobs through the governing of numerous developed worlds. Blue Star is overseen by Dominion Command, a triad of experienced leaders who command equal weight in all Dominion matters but oversee differing areas of interest and operations.

Although the roots of Blue Star began within an Imperial Union state, the Dominion's predecessors were declared an enemy of both the Galactic Empire and Black Sun in approximately Year 15 (CGT). These hostilities were born from the alleged greed and paranoia of Alexander von Ismay, who reportedly abused the trust placed in him to seize control of Black Sun from its leadership and subsequently rewrote history in an effort to legitimize his claim to the throne. As a result of the betrayal, aggression, and an Imperial fleet who openly threatened their home system, the Dominion and its predecessors have supported the Galactic Alliance, New Republic, and Rebel Alliance in the fight against Imperial tyranny. Blue Star is also a founding member of the Unity Protocol, a regional affiliation of organizations aligned in their opposition to the oppressive Imperial regime.

Blue Star's extensive interests make it a potential target, both from the oppressive Imperial Union and the occasional pirate. To defend its holdings and operations, the Dominion has invested significant resources into the production, maintenance, and operation of both a high-tech naval fleet alongside a well-equipped and professionally-trained infantry force. Blue Star also maintains a vast army of droids which provide enhanced fleet security and serve as auxiliary support troops in the field, providing a force multiplier to enhance combat efficiency. Each planet and system within the Dominion also boasts its own defense and law enforcement agencies.