Bo Vanzetti

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Bo Vanzetti
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Born Year -4 Day 254 (Age: 22)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2" (1.88m)
Coloring Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire (Year 19)

Bo Vanzetti is a Kuati male whom grew up on the planet of Naboo. He remains a relatively unknown individual to the Galaxy at large.


Origins & Childhood

Bo Vanzetti was born on at an unknown location, orphaned to Naboo agriculturists of relatively poorer means. Not much is known of how the young Kuati came to live with these people; speculation may lead one to think of many reasons, but to this day no reputable sources of information have been gathered. The likeliest scenario is that Vanzetti’s mother conceived the child with a non-Kuati, bringing the clans bloodline into disrepute. This betrayal of bloodline is seen as almost criminal in higher Kuati society. For the sake of legal documentation, Vanzetti was born on Year -4 Day 254, one year prior of his official adoption.

It is thought that being assimilated into a new family at such a young age must have made the process a relatively easy one, albeit a few initial problems of a trivial nature during Vanzetti’s early childhood which had been reported in local broadcasts. The surrogate family were in quite a unique situation, at least within their rural district; and so, expected the attention to begin with - knowing Bo would become old news in good time which was indeed the case.

Vanzetti News.jpeg
Vanzetti's education making local headlines

It was at 5 years of age that Vanzetti was enrolled into a local academy for young boys. Unsurprisingly the young Kuati was the only non-Naboo in attendance. Despite being the newest celebrity in class, it is reported that Vanzetti had only a few notable friends during her first few years of education. A particular hobby( and annoyance of the local authorities) of the young boy was to climb above the districts highest communications towers in order to see the many ships moving around Kwilaan spaceport.

At 8 years of age Bo was excelling in most of his classes and was scoring well above the district’s average. Achieving exemplarily results in both physical and theoretical studies it was only a matter of time before more prestigious academies were attempting to poach the Kuati scholar; Vanzetti had once again become a sort of celebrity, this time appearing in much larger news bulletins.

Accepting a unique scholarship on his behalf, Vanzetti’s parents and himself relocated to the Naboo capital city of Theed, where Bo was to attend a royal chartered academy. Classmates included training athletes, royalty, and even some off-world scholars that appeared in various shapes and sizes. Still no Kuati however. It was here that Vanzetti developed skills and stretched his knowledge more than ever before. Although the competition was considerably more difficult at the royal chartered academy, Vanzetti did exceptionally well to maintain high scores throughout his initial years.

At the age of 15, Bo was still undertaking his private education in Theed. Before his final year at the academy himself and his parents agreed it was time for the growing teenager to experience independent life. Vanzetti’s mother and father were now well into their middle-aged years, and they longed to repatriate back to their rural homestead. Happy to oblige, Bo moved into a deluxe apartment on campus which he would now call home. The year after would see him graduate with honours at the age of 16. Childhood had been both challenging and rewarding for the Kuati who found himself on the fortunate path to success, he knew all too well that circumstances could have been much different.

Beginnings of Adulthood

He studied Hyperspace Engineering and Astronautics at Corellia University after emigrating from his homeworld of Naboo, where he previously undertook a ceremonial tour of duty with the Theed Royal Palace Guard. After his studies, Vanzetti found employment with the Ministry of Industry for a short time before moving on to horizons unknown.

Personal Information


Vanzetti will only do what he feels is right – above all else. He places a tremendous amount of faith into his instincts and intuition. Despite this the man is continuously striving to fulfil high standards of knowledge and self-competence. He has been described as highly fearless, sometimes to a fault, and revels in his own independence where he has enough figurative space to make his own decisions. Although highly loyal to his own interpersonal beliefs, he has an uncanny attitude to follow the rules of law and tradition. His childhood has given the man a stronger reserve to tolerate people who sometimes go against his ideals, and he is usually very forthcoming with his true opinions of other people or situations - despite the consequences. He is more than happy to suspend social validation if it means pursuing friendships that are lacklustre and false. This complex lack of needing to be liked and surrounded by peers means it’s not easy to become good friends with Vanzetti. However, when within true friendship circles the man has no trouble relaxing and enjoying himself – reportedly being a fantastic story teller which includes all kinds of dark humour and whit.



Career History

Imperial Service Record

  • Year 19 Day 164: Promoted from Recruit [T-1] to Technician [O-1] upon completion of Imperial Graduate Basic Training.
  • Year 19 Day 183: Terminated service with the Corellian Engineering Corporation.