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System Both
Sector Bothan Space
Galactic Coordinates (283, -133)
System Coordinates (9, 11)
Astrographic Entry Bothawui
Type Temperate Breathable
Primary Terrain: Plains, Mountains, Forest, Oceans
Rotational Period 27 standard hours
Orbital Period 351 local days
Population 528,649
Controlled By Quests
Sentient Races Bothan

Bothawui is the home planet of the Bothan race. This planet serves as the capital of the Bothan culture, and contains its known government and military institutions.

For some unknown reason between Year 12 and Year 21 there was a mass exodus of people from Bothawui. Nearly 200,000 Bothans left the safety of their home planet during this time to seek their fortunes in the galaxy at large. Why there was such a large exodus is much speculation, over mining of their home planet, lack of resources, abundance of opportunities in the galaxy at large.