Brevan O`Bannon

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Brevan O`Bannon
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (formerly Zabrak)
Homeworld Keedad
Mother Helda O`Bannon
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Born ~Year 30 BCGT
Died Year 17 Day 38
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition
Title Chief of Intelligence and Defense
Rank Praetor
Positions Commander, TC Fifth Fleet
Executive Officer, TC Fifth Fleet
Commander, Alpha Wing, TC Fifth Fleet
Master, TMS Andros
Master, TMS Pathfinder
Master, TMS Okasan
Awards Operation Peacekeeper Campaign Ribbon
Operation Lightyear Campaign Ribbon
Krish Campaign Ribbon
Myl Vlahu Award
Operation Swift Winds Campaign Ribbon
Pesmenben Service Award
Teraab Service Award
Star of Commendation x 2
Triumvirate Academy Class Valedictorian

Brevan "Ghoul" O`Bannon (~Year 30 BCGT - Year 17 Day 38) was a Praetor, a member of the Triumvirate Coalition Chambers and former Vice Admiral in the Triumvirate Coalition Navy, most notably serving during the Second Galactic Civil War at the Battle of Derra IV, Battle of Churnis and on the naval expedition that re-discovered the Sanza system. It was during the conflict on Derra IV that O`Bannon contracted the Metamorphosis Plague (or Derra Virus) which caused him to lose his crown of horns, characteristic of all Zabraks. He died under mysterious circumstances in Year 17.

Early Life

O`Bannon was born to a Zabrak father and a Human mother on the planet Keedad in the Auril System during the days of the Galactic Republic. O`Bannon's father died from a rare blood disease before he was born and the dominant male presence in his life became his maternal grandfather, Dominic O`Bannon, from whom he received his surname. Dominic was a Corellian Human and had worked for most of his life as a spacer aboard ore freighters in the pre-war Republic before retiring on Keedad to raise a family. He had one child, Helda, who was Brevan's mother. In appearance, Brevan took after his father; he developed a Zabrak's horns as well as the powerfully individualistic demeanor that many of them tend to exhibit.

O`Bannon grew up in a lower middle class environment on Keedad attending one of the regional public school systems where he excelled in mathematics and science, even from a young age. Some of this can be attributed to his somewhat introverted personality, stemming from his Zabrak heritage. His grandfather, Dominic, once told him, "the cosmos - like life itself - is a stern taskmaster. The best way to get along with either is to learn all you can, then do your best and don't worry - especially about things over which you have no control." Despite his stoic personality, O`Bannon also took some on some of the traits of his Corellian grandfather, as he developed a deep curiosity about the cosmos which at times became almost a wanderlust. This curiosity, about the nature of the universe, only helped to fuel his passion for math and science. At age sixteen, O`Bannon graduated from secondary school on Keedad but still lacked a purpose for his life. Given the rampant unemployment on Keedad, O`Bannon signed on with one of the ore-freighter line services and started work as a spacer aboard one of their BFF-1 Bulk Freighters.

Immigration to Pesmenben

After the fall of the Galactic Republic, Keedad mostly remained an afterthought of the newly founded Galactic Empire. Within several years, however, the unrest that had consumed most of the rest of the galaxy had finally reached the Auril sector. Most of the sector relied heavily on trade routes which originated in the Galactic core. With war raging in systems across the core and mid-rim, most of the trade that Auril depended upon had dried up. This coupled with the power struggles for the system itself left the O`Bannon family no choice but to immigrate to a system closer to the mid-rim. The mass exodus from the Auril sector was in full swing at this point with few beds left on the even fewer passenger liners that made port as far out as Keedad. Dominic O`Bannon was able to reserve a spot for himself and Brevan's mother on a converted YV-666, which was headed back to the core. The first stop was in the Teraab sector, specifically the Pesmenben system.

With his family now living on Pesmenben, Brevan was now able to see them much more often and frequently meet with his grandfather on stopovers to trade stories.

Merchant Spacer Career

O`Bannon began his career working as an Ordinary Spacer aboard bulk freighters, cleaning washrooms and taking turns with other crew members cooking meals and standing watch in the cockpit. He was very inquisitive and spent his time on watch in the cockpit asking questions of the mate on watch and learning everything he could about navigation and ship handling. He realized that mathematics played a large role in the piloting and navigation of large freighters and he started to develop a solid intuition for flying.

After three years working as Ordinary Spacer he took a month off on his mother's homeworld of Corellia and took the test to become licensed as a Mate aboard commercial starships. He passed, and took the first job he could get on a Tabder-class Heavy Hauler, a ship much larger than the bulk freighters he had worked on previously. At nineteen, he became the youngest person in the company's history to stand watch as an officer. His company evaluations from this period indicate he performed his duties well and in many cases was able to cut down hyperspace travel times by studying star charts to find more economical routes.

Back to Academics

After several years of working in the civilian transport industry, O`Bannon decided that he wanted to further his education and returned home to Pesmenben. In Year 6, the Pesmenben system had come under the protection of the Triumvirate Security Force and only three years later, members of several of the planetary bodies in the Teraab sector came together with the TSF and formed the Triumvirate Coalition which eventually came to dominate the sector. At twenty four years old he didn't have the resources to go to any of the prestigious private academies or universities, and neither did his family. He thought the only way he could advance himself would be to receive an appointment to the Triumvirate Coalition Academy, a service academy operated by the Coalition Government. Graduates receive an education in return for service in the military or another branch of public service. After submitting his application he was told that the Triumvirate Navy had one seat at the Academy left for the next academic year. He accepted the appointment and entered the Academy as a Recruit.

O`Bannon spent his years at the Academy studying engineering, navigation and galactic history among other subjects. He graduated in four years at the top of his class with a Degree in Astronautics as well as a commission as a Petty Officer in the Triumvirate Coalition Navy.

Military Career

Early Career

Petty Officer O`Bannon's first assignment was with the Triumvirate Navy's Third Fleet. The Coalition had recently discovered the Balamak system and from the outset, the native peoples of Balamak viewed the Coalition presence to be hostile and almost immediately following the arrival of the first colonists, began a guerrilla campaign in an attempt to scare off new settlers. In response, the Triumvirate Coalition Chambers dispatched the Triumvirate Navy's Third Fleet to begin counterinsurgency operations, and to set up a Navy Depot on planet. Fresh from the Academy, Petty Officer O`Bannon rendezvoused with the rest of Third Fleet in orbit of Balamak. Important to note is that until after the Battle of Derra, Coalition Marine detachments were led by naval officers. It was at this point that O`Bannon took command of a Marine infantry platoon with orders from Rear Admiral Nivas Auras to begin law enforcement operations planetside. In an operation that took several weeks to complete O`Bannon, along with other officers from Third Fleet, secured the planet and made several hundred arrests and detainments culminating in the complete annexation of the Balamak system.

Once the planet had been secured and peace in the region safe for the time being, O`Bannon was promoted to the rank for Warrant Officer and awarded the Star of Commendation for his actions in the securing of Balamak. With this came a return to his duties aboard ship. Material and manpower was needed to continue building on Balamak and Warrant Officer O`Bannon was assigned as master of the TLS Okasan, a freighter, to assist with the transportation of materials and workers from orbit to the construction sites on the planet itself.

Derra War

Warrant Officer O`Bannon leading Triumvirate Marines during the winter campaign on Derra IV

Not long after taking command of the Okasan, disturbing reports started streaming in from Derra IV. The official news feeds seemed to indicate that a pandemic virus had spun out of control and caused massive civil unrest. Third Fleet received word that a redeployment there was imminent. The other Fleets had already responded and were reportedly engaged alongside other Galactic Alliance forces fighting an ever increasing Imperial Union presence. When official word finally came, Third Fleet deployed to the Derra system and immediately began patrol and interdiction operations around Derra IV.

Once relief forces arrived, the Third redeployed to the surface and prepared to engage Imperial Union forces in ground combat. Warrant Officer O`Bannon took command of a platoon of Coalition marines and took up a position in one of the major urban areas on Derra IV. This was O`Bannon's first opportunity to deploy with other members of the Galactic Alliance and in many cases found himself serving directly under well-known Galactic Alliance leaders including future Republican Chiefs of State. In addition, O`Bannon also had the even greater opportunity to create bonds with fellow Triumvirate Military officers such as Commander Thor Nighthammer and Lieutenant Commander Marc Hamkins.

Metamorphosis Plague

Imperial Union forces had been pushed back significantly when O`Bannon first began to show symptoms of the Metamorphosis Plague. O`Bannon was leading his men in repelling stiff Imperial resistance in and around the south side of the city. He was pointing out to one of his squad leaders the location of a new rally point on the map when the Sergeant started to notice O`Bannon starting to show difficulty in his coordination followed shortly after by significant slurring of his speech. Two of his marines placed him in a stretcher and called for a Med - Evac shuttle at their location. When it arrived, O`Bannon was transported to an Alliance field hospital and eventually to a Triumvirate Navy medical frigate which was in high orbit of Derra IV.

Throughout the next week, O`Bannon's condition deteriorated culminating in severe seizures and long periods of unconsciousness. Doctors reported that he was awake during the cracking and shedding of his horns, and needed to be sedated with a strong anesthetic. About nine days from the onset of symptoms, O`Bannon started to regain most of his movement and the pain appeared to subside enough for him to start moving around the ship.

Once he had recovered, the ship’s physician began running genetic tests to determine what DNA changes had taken place. Though his appearance had remained relatively unchanged he now had only heavy scarring where his horns had once been. The doctor had determined that O`Bannon's DNA had reconfigured to that of a Human and when compared to the DNA of the different ethnicities of the Human race, his appeared to be most closely related to that of the Corellian control group. Whether this was the work of the virus itself or just the Corellian DNA passed to him from his mother, could not be determined with sufficient certainty. In any case, the Triumvirate Coalition Government now considered him to be a genetic Corellian.

Oshora II

As the war was raging on Derra IV, other fronts were opening up in hot spots across the galaxy. TC Third Fleet, along with Warrant Officer O`Bannon, re-deployed directly from the Derra system to assist with the defense of Galactic Alliance ally the Infinite Empire who found themselves under attack on Oshora II. The Third and Second Triumvirate Fleets performed scouting and slabbing operations on the planet to help secure it for GA interests. The operation was a success and with its conclusion, Third Fleet returned home to Pesmenben for the first time in almost six months.

Navy Restructuring

With the observations and knowledge gained from the Battle of Derra is was decided that the Triumvirate Coalition needed a branch of military service dedicated to the application of land warfare. Thus the Coalition Marines were founded with most of the first class of officers coming from the ranks of the Naval officers who had seen combat on Derra IV. This necessitated a restructuring of the Navy itself, with two new Fleets being created: Fourth and Fifth.

During this period, O`Bannon was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and awarded another Star of Commendation. In addition he was assigned to 4th Fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Igorod Krakatoa. This assignment was short lived however, and O`Bannon was reassigned to Fifth Fleet under Vice Admiral Rka Vlad and appointed as Alpha Wing Commander.

Security holo screen capture of Captain O`Bannon engaged in operations during the Battle of Churnis.

Battle of Churnis

O`Bannon joined a team of covert operatives led by Fleet Admiral Igorod Krakatoa which deployed to support an already ongoing campaign of asymmetrical warfare being waged against Imperial forces which became known as the Battle of Churnis, specifically centering on the planet Farahiyn. The team accomplished most of their objectives and the mission was generally considered a success, however it was only at the cost of Fleet Admiral Krakatoa's life. O`Bannon returned home with the rest of the team and as a result of his actions was promoted to Captain and appointed as Executive Officer of the Fifth Triumvirate Fleet, as Vice Admiral Rka Vlad's second in command.

A New Age

Upon the retirement of Admiral Vlad, O`Bannon was promoted to Vice Admiral and took over command of 5th Fleet. In addition to authoring several pamphlets on Naval doctrine that were subsequently adopted by the Coalition Navy he also helped to found the Naval Special Warfare Center making the TC Navy even more versatile.

Mysterious Death

Early in Year 17, O`Bannon announced his retirement from service and turned over the leadership of the Coalition's military to the Chambers and the military branch commanders. Soon after, he left on a holiday trip to his native Keedad. Soon after departure deep space sensors picked up an anomaly in southern Teraab and an empty distress message from the Malle Barre, a Corona-class frigate owned by O`Bannon. The ship was never found and O`Bannon presumed dead. The cause of the accident was declared a malfunction of the hyperdrive.