Brotherhood Mortalis

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Brotherhood Mortalis
General Information
Motto "Adventurers and Liberators"
Status Active
Leader Lachesis Sahaquiel
2IC Azarra Malchezaar
Owner Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 33
Political Information
Industry Business Services
Holosite Brotherhood Mortalis

Brotherhood Mortalis (BM) is a security company founded on day 33 of Year 12. It is one of the most diverse organizations in the galaxy. It is essentially a large network of fun-loving mercenaries. Like any other brotherhood, Mortalis is not a tightly organized military power, but a loose network of contacts that provides a great measure of camaraderie among its brethren. Thus a Mortalis Brother not necessarily is one who affiliates himself with the official organization. In fact a lot of the Brothers are dispersed among other groups of the galaxy, serving in government, production and even religion types of organisations.


The Brotherhood's principles responsible for its success are simple: when a Brother identifies himself, provided it is safe to do so, another Brother will lend medical, monetary or shelter aid. This simple pact, although rarely taken to the extreme, made members less likely to flee armed conflicts and more reliable to their employers.


Spawned deep in the gaseous vapours of Humidaur, Dantooine in Year 12, Brotherhood Mortalis is home to a syndicate built on secrecy and power. With a blood pact intertwining the core membership, the Brotherhood is a unit of the tightest bonds, willing to murder, dismember and eviscerate any foe deemed suitable for nothing better. An assault on one member is considered a strike on all, with the declaration of a fate worse than a ‘thousand deaths’ to be graced on the perpetrator. The Brotherhood Mortalis’ are ignorant to status and thus, disregards any authority, frequently referring to those outside the Brotherhood as to "sheep, who need to be herded."

The founding members of the Brotherhood remain anonymous and the exact sources of power are undeterminable. Forged from the ashes of Voracity, the formal Brotherhood Mortalis entity is formed of and led by former Voracity's employees. The main workforce incorporates young and old, naive and wise to blend old class with new enthusiasm, as the leaders say in their public speeches. Having grown from one of the most mediocre 'casuals' organizations to the most abundant yet unidentifiable groups galaxy wide, The Brotherhood now harbours young guns with no preconceptions of status, ready to stylishly and indiscriminately eliminate any given target.

The Governing Body

Organization's government is called the High Council of Brotherhood Mortalis, and consists of at least five members at any given moment in time. The councils are appointed through a anonymous elections whenever a seat is vacated, most frequently due to death of a Council member.

Current Council Members:

  • Azarra Malchezaar
  • Vansic Helranth
  • Lachesis Sahaquiel


As a security company, Brotherhood Mortalis provides services such as construction and operation of planetary defense and security facilities, also construction of space stations, as well as escort/bodyguard, arrest and convoy services.

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