Bryjela Ochoa

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Bryjela Ochoa
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu
Clan Ochoa
Mother Rhia Ochoa
Father Abraxis Aerathar
Marital Status Single
Born Year -12, Day 1 (31)
Languages Spoken: Basic, Bocce, Kiffu

Understood: Binary, Jawese, Shryiwook

Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 175cm / 5'9"
Weight 77kg / 170lb
Coloring Caramel
Hair Color Honey
Eye Color Dark Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Veilhal Nomads
Title Valquiria

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Bryjela Ochoa, a seasoned heavy gunner and combat medical from Kiffu. Currently, she works alongside Makers Offworld Medical as a surgeon and holistic healer. Previously, Bryjela was a member of the senior staff within the disbanded military group Chimaera Consulting. She has a love of good food and social distancing.


Bryjela's warm caramel skin is normal for a Kiffar born on Kiffu. Marked with a fading band of gold starting above her brow and finishing just past her cheeks, and a solid band on her chin. A pair of deep brown eyes stare out from the faded marking, protected with long dark lashes and framed by trimmed curved brows.

She stands at little under six foot and has the strength in her body to support a heavy repeater with ease. There are no instances where she has been seen without a majority of her being covered, especially her hands, arms and feet. Preferring the coverage of oversized jumpsuits, turtleneck sweaters and long-sleeved shirts.

Personality & Psychology

Loud and confident, Bryje is always up for a challenge and enjoys being in social gatherings with close friends. The riskier the challenge the better. She's been known to drive like a maniac, loving the feeling of the wind in her mane. Not keen on physical contact, she prefers to keep her distance shutting down when touched for longer than a few seconds.

It's common knowledge that this Kiffar loves her sleep and if disturbed the responsible party is liable to find a pistol pressed against their temple. There's always the one who forgets, but they don't ever do it again. Cooking is a skill that Ochoa has wanted to master for some time but, unfortunately, her clan upbringing didn't focus on literacy skills and reading is a struggle. This often means that her culinary efforts are lethal to most sentient beings.

Loyalty to her friends and family is an important aspect of her Clan upbringing, not mincing her words is a well-known trait amongst them. Without hesitation she will serve and protect innocents, placing herself in harm's way. In hand with this, Bryje will offer her skills as an engineer happy to repair and upgrade vehicles and equipment where she can. Her passion is reusing parts from scrap to bring new life to something that was worn and outdated.

To quieten the woman down, elders have been known to give her a child. She struggles to deal with others younger than mid-teens, not knowing how to handle tears and multiple questions without losing her temper and giving them a menial job to complete.


Early Life

Bryjela as a babe with her Qukuuf

Twelve years before the first Imperial war against the Alliance, the Galactic New Year brought the Sheyf’s daughter a child of her own. Akir’da Cove in the Northern Deserts of Kiffu, is a harsh environment for anyone to live in, let alone an infant. Named Bryjela after one of Torbust’s Valquiria, the warrior maiden of Kiffu. Ochoaes golden Qukuff of was painted with great pride as her mother’s first and only child, another strong Ochoa Sheyf.

Despite her Morlita’s (Grandmother) official duties as Clan leader, they had a close bond. The mane haired child roamed the Cove freely, most of her early life was spent in the desert sands with the odd freighter trip to Kiffex for events with her extended family, the Skelgards. The birth of Ylvia Skelgard is one of Bryjela’s more prevalent memories of the native forests, being overwhelmed by the lush flora that surrounded them.

Like most Desert children, Bryje’s education lacked the formality of most other core worlds. Her knowledge was passed down from others and consisted of practical and survival skills. Tasks such as maintaining the plasma spires scattered through the dessert were key to fueling her love of technology. An incident with a power surge through a console during such work caused a fractal scar that snakes up her right arm was allowed to heal naturally, teaching that over time even pain goes though it may leave a mark.

With the start of the Galactic Civil War, many of the Kiffar clans took a pro-imperial stance. The Skelgard’s embraced this and the Ochoa reluctantly did the same, but as a smaller more traditional group their concerns were suppressed with the majority. Those who wanted to take up the Imperial fight were processed through the Academy and chose to neglect the marks of their heritage like their Qukuuf. The clan continued to embrace their past, completing time-honoured practices.

Along with an affinity for machines, technology and equipment; Bryjela was given medical duties when attending her first assignment with the greater clans, hunting down known Rebel sympathisers on Kiffu and it’s surrounding space. Whilst the Sheyf may not have agreed with the wider picture, she voiced her concerns with the council and was reminded of Ochoa’s position in the hierarchy.

After her first blood

One of the many passages of age, the wild maned girl was given the mark of first blood to mark the start of her bodies growth into puberty. A solid stripe of red that sat atop the faded yellow. It was a blatant sign of a female that had the potential to bear children, something she wouldn’t understand for some time. Whilst arranged betrothals weren’t common in the northern desert clans, it was known that many of the children that were raised together would likely marry inward.

Night of the Lone Wolf

Service Record