Budai Gautama Tiure

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Budai Gautama Tiure
Budai Gautama Tiure Portrait Year 13.jpgBudaiHolocom.jpgTiureHolo.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Born a Hutt, Budai was infected by Metamorphosis Plague, eventually becoming fully Caamasi.
Homeworld Birth, Nal Hutta, Adoption Caamas, Finally, Millius Prime.
Mother Unknown (Deceased)
Father Unknown (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Hutt, 4 meters. Caamasi, 1.6 meters. Diathim, 3 meters.
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation None.
Rank None
Positions Former Executive Producer
Prior Affiliation Veritas Press, the Hutt Council
Awards None.

Once more commonly known as Budai The Hutt, he now prefers to go by the simple moniker of Tiure.

Personal History

Early Life

Veritas Press

Times They are a-Changin

Physical Appearance