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Burun Ukoro
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
House Alii'tsad Ijaat'ade
Clan Aliit Ukoro
Mother Sima Faal
Father Haat'ad Ukoro
Marital Status Single
Siblings Mas Ukoro, Mal Ukoro, Mors Ukoro, S'ran Ukoro, Gihaal Ukoro, Shaeserra Ukoro, Urserra Ukoro, Bypha Ukoro
Age 29 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year -7 Day 11
Languages Galactic Basic, Mando'a, Durese
Religion Sh'ehn Haat
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 172cm / 5'8"
Weight 86kg / 190lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate
Prior Affiliation Trade Federation




  • Haat'ad Ukoro - Male Chagrian from Dxun - Father
  • Sima Faal - Female Naboo from Naboo - Mother
  • Mas Ukoro - Male Chagrian from Dxun - Eldest Brother
  • Mal Ukoro - Male Chagrian from Dxun - Elder Brother
  • Mors Ukoro - Male Chagrian from Dxun - Elder Brother
  • S'ran Ukoro - Female Chagrian from Dxun - Elder Sister
  • Gihaal Ukoro - Male Naboo from Naboo - Younger Brother
  • Shaeserra Ukoro - Female Zabrak from Dathomir - Younger Sister
  • Urserra Ukoro - Female Zabrak from Dathomir - Younger Sister
  • Bypha Ukoro - Female Ithorian from Naboo - Youngest Sister


Fateful Meeting

Haat'ad Ukoro is a Male Chagrian Mando'an who worked as a private guide for university expeditions on Dxun, his homeworld. Sometime during Year -18, he met Sima Faal, a female Naboo exo-botanist who journeyed with her department from the University of Theed to collect biological specimens on Dxun during the period where Dxun's wildlife descended upon Onderon.

He made quite an impression and through a series of unfortunate events, managed to impress her department head enough to receive recommendation and scholarship for attendence to the University of Theed. In love with Sima, he accepted and journeyed to Naboo.

Near the end of Year -15, he graduated from the University of Theed with honors and was accepted in to the Graduate Program for Exo-Botany. Unfortunately, he would be unable to participate. Recent skirmishes with a neighboring sub-clan left portions of the Muun'kurshi sub-clan diminished. One effect of this was decreased numbers of Chagrian males. The Clan leader requested Haat'ad return for a year and find a Mando'an mate. Obligated by duty, he complied.

At the beginning Year -13, Haat'ad returned to the University of Theed with four infant Chagrians. He was the sole parent, though he offered no explanation initially. With the children, Haat'ad was unable to continue his studies and instead worked as an AgriSpecialist alongside Sima. He'd answer to her and assist her in all things, something she was surprised by.

It wasn't three months before he and Sima Faal were courting. She was initially at his residence multiple times per day to assist with the children, and it blossomed into something more. They were wed by the end of Year -12.

They dwelt both on Dxun and Rori, spending three months on Rori, followed by two months on Dxun, in an older YT-2000 Freighter. During their times on Dxun, they led an exo-botany expedition to classify the flora of the moon. During their times on Rori, they cataloged the flora of that moon. This was this life, as the children grew.

The couple's fifth child, Burun Ukoro, was born on the 11th day of Year -7, just after sunrise in the Gallo Mountains, where the Faal Family had a small estate.

Early Life

Young Adulthood

Discovery of the Path

Early in Year 5, while on Dxun, Burun wandered away from the group while travelling. She found a lone set of small boma tracks, and her curiosity overwhelmed her. She followed the tracks for nearly a kilometer, until they led to an area of sunken overgrowth and stagnant water. She climbed a larger tree, to try and get an overview of the area, and it was then she discovered the shape of a crashed starship buried under the overgrowth and mud. She returned to the group, and pleaded for assistance from her elder cousins and numerous uncles. They assisted, and within a day, a YT-2000 freighter was retrieved from the mud. Burun exercised her right of claim, and it became hers, at only 12 years old. The vessel was transported to her family's bral nearby.

It took her four days with an assortment of tools to gain entry, but when she did she found that was in surprisingly good condition inside. The escape pod had been long since jettisoned, presumably with the crew of the vessel within. She spent the next year working on the vessel, spending every favor, every credit, every trade item, on parts and labor needed to resurrect the vessel. She named it the "Ukor'yust", meaning "The Path Forward" in the Ukoro'joha, or Clan Ukoro dialect of Mando'a.

Once operational, she began hauling cargo locally on Dxun, until she had enough credits to fully fuel the vessel and restock the coaxium supplies. Through this she gained experience in piloting, navigation, freight operations, as well as landing in atypical LZs, greatly building her confidence.

After months of operation, she finally had enough credits to refuel fully and departed Dxun to Rori, eager to show her parents and siblings how far she'd come.

Tending Growth

Midway through Year 7, Burun began hauling freight for Ukoro AgroIndustries, a small agrotech firm operated by her father since his departure from the University. She'd take carefully grown and processed produce and game to the markets. Confident in her abilities, she expanded off Rori and into the Naboo System overall.

A moderately weathly merchant on nearby Melida/Daan had been on Naboo and sampled some of the Ukoro produce and was enthralled. He wished for weekly produce and meat transports to his home in the city of Quadri on Melida/Daan. Haat'ad was hesitant, as he did not have the time nor inclination to do such a delivery. He was set to decline it, when Burun informed her father she'd take up the route. She informed him that if the deal was refused, she'd purchase the game and produce herself and just resell, for a profit, to the merchant in Quadri.

Haat'ad was initially hesistant, but understood Burun's intention. Within the Ukoro, it was common for a child in the pubescence stage to live independently and to begin practicing their trade. He had not anticipated Burun, being fond of her Naboo heritage as well, to follow in these steps. The main issue became Sima, as she was Naboo and not Ukoro by birth nor ever became a practicing Mando'an.

Eventually, Burun began the freight route from Naboo to Melida/Daan. Each sol'tuur (Primeday) morning she'd depart Rori and climb to orbit. By midday she'd be clear to jump to hyperspeed, and would spend the next 19hours in hyperspace. By midday on tad'tuur (Centaxday), she'd be arriving in Quadri. While the cargo was unloaded, the vessel would be refueled and any routine maintenance performed. Burun would check out taverns and merchant groups to see about freight and passengers for transport back to Naboo, to as to maximize the return leg of the trip. She'd spend the remainder of tad'tuur and all of ehn'tuur (Taungsday) in Quadri on Melida/Daan. In the early morning of cui'tuur (Zhellday), the Ukor'yust would depart Melida/Daan with any freight and passengers and return to Naboo. It would be evening of ray'tuur (Bendusday) before the vessel arrived on Naboo. Freight would be offloaded and passengers dicharged. Burun would either spend the rest of the evening on Naboo, enjoying the comforts of Theed, perhaps visiting her grandparent's estate in the Gallo Mountains, or she would return to Rori and spend time with her family.

When she originally began the route, she was 13 years old, accompanied by her cousin, Abiik'ad, lovingly referred to as Abby. Abby was a female Hnemth'e, and would eventually be a member of the Senaa'yaim Aran, or the Broodguard, of her sub-clan. Before Abby was to settle into a sedentary life, she longed for adventure and joined Burun for two years.

After Abby, Gihaal, Burun's younger brother, joined upon turning 13. It became a tradition that siblings upon reaching 13 years old would join Burun for three years, to gain life experience and credits, yet still be protected and be guided. Gihaal spent Y9 to Y12 on the Ukor'yust, learning much in that time, and eventually gaining enough credits, he'd purchase a JV-7 Escort Shuttle from a relative. It was during this period that Burun would meet Kassandra Aetos, known as Kassandra Zalku at the time, who would eventually be her partner.

After Gihaal, Shaeserra and Urserra, the twin Dathomiri Zabrak girls, and Burun's younger sisters, joined in Y13.

A Trial of Sacrifice

On Y14 D71, while travelling from Naboo to Melida/Daan, the Ukor'yust received a distress signal outside of Ryndellia. Honorbound to render aid, Burun set course for the signal. Located within an asteroid field, a single GRZ-68 wrecker drifted. The YT came about and got in close, slowly circling to see if the escape pod had been launched. From a powered-down state, three flights of C-Wing starfighters powered up, at the edge of the sensor range. Panicked, Burun flew the YT in the opposite direction, falling right into the trap. A Marauder-class corvette lie in wait, and locked tractors on the Ukor'yust, pulling it aboard. Immediately fearful, Burun rushed her sister, Shaeserra and Urserra, who were serving aboard the vessel with her, into the escape pod. It only had room for two, but it didn't matter. If the escape pod was to be able to make it out, the Ukor'yust would have to fight.

Saying brief farewells to her sisters, she kissed their foreheads and sealed the pod. Rushing to engineering, she wired power directly from the hyperdrive to the repulsors and the shield generator. It would be brief, but when the hyperdrive would be activated, instead of powering the motivator and launching into hyperspace, the immense power would be put into the shields. The repulsors would act as amplifiers, but the shields and repulsors both would be burnt out with the manuever. The goal was a single large burst of energy, enough to break the tractor lock, and if close enough, damage the vessel.

She proceeded to implement the changes before running to the cockpit. She initiated the hyperdrive and was immediately met with a large explosion of ion energy. The Ukor'yust had broken the tractor beam and was free. The escape pod was launched immediately.

Burun opened fire on the ventral hull of the Marauder before strafing. She began to fight to the best of her ability, to distract the C-Wings and the Marauder, to draw attention away from the escape pod.

By the grace of the ancestors, it had worked. The escape pod had made it and was hiding in the asteroid field. It's beacon broadcasting on an older Neo-Crusader frequency that the Ukoro and Debrek still used readily. Help would be there shortly for the girls.

Burun would not have a similar fate.

The Ukor'yust, without shields, did not last long before the ion weapons of the C-Wings disabled it. Burun, prepared for boarders, and waited. Eventually the Marauder came into picture, having repaired its tractor beam, and pulled the Ukor'yust inside. The doors were forced open and Burun opened fire with her bowcaster, and transitioned to her shotgun when it ran out of bolts. She dumped the shotgun for a second shotgun, after the first had run out of munitions, only to be met with a stun grenade. Her armor reduced the effects somewhat, but not completely. That advantage was enough for the pirated to board and capture her successfully.

She did not know if she was their prisoner for days or weeks or months. All she knew was her cycle of captivity, and the tortures they put her through.

Eventually, her captors were lax, thinking she had been successfully broken. She managed to kill the executive officer, who had taken a liking to her, and steal away into the docking bay. There she stole a GRZ-6B wrecker and launched away from the Marauder. She found she was not in an asteroid field, but on a planet, Ryndellia. The Marauder was in a hidden pirate base within a cavern system near the northern pole.

She escaped to Naboo, to discover four months had passed. Her sisters had been discovered within three hours. Firehawk Squadron of Clan Debrek, led by Iviin Debrek, responded to the call, having been in the area on contract with a minor merchant house of the Chommel Sector. Iviin, personally within a Phoenix Hawk-class Light Pinnance, accompanied by nine Toscans, tore into the C-Wings that were searching the asteroid field. The Marauder had been taking damage within the field and could not sustain the fight that the Firehawks had brought. He successfully drove them from the asteroid field, and held it until Clan Ukoro's ships could arrive.

Burun had been close with Iviin as a child, with the Debreks and Ukoro being sister-clans, and with Iviin being a first cousin. His mother was Haat'ad younger sister. But it was that course of action, that made Burun see him as a Brother.

A Matter of Pride

Departing the Gardens

Belter Beginnings

Departing the Trade Federation

Found Fields

Fires of Industry

The Establishment of the Ijaat'ade

The Treaty of Highhall

Beneath the Eagle's Wings