Byblos Drive Yards

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Byblos Drive Yards
byblos logo
General Information
Motto "Born to perform"
Status Active
Leader Fulco D`Este
Owner Anax Noctru
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 55
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Byblos Drive Yards

The Byblos Drive Yards (BDY) is a ship-wright firm incorporated on Year 13 Day 53 led by its owner Anax Noctru.


Byblos Drive Yards is Corporation with a long and chequered history, nestled among countless other organizations who are all vying for a place in the galactic market.

Historically, the many aging and mothballed factories of the Byblos’ shipwrights held the unenviable reputation for producing vessels of questionable quality; however they carved a niche out of being exceptionally flexible with regards to their clients’ needs.

It is no secret that early in the company's history, the palms of the Byblos Drive Yards decision-makers were easily greased - for the right price they would make any adjustments you desired, be they legal or otherwise. These dubious practices set BDY apart from the majority of their competition, and it was the revenue from these less than altruistic practices which subsidized the continued production of much needed spacecraft for the hardworking peoples of the galaxy.

Irrespective of the casual slander that has been levelled against the company from time to time due to its many past failures, Byblos Drive Yards has nevertheless produced some of the more widely adopted fighter and freighter designs in the galaxy today, including the Freighter Asteroid Mining Platform E-2 and the G1-A Transport fighter frame.

Until recently, the company had grown fat on royalties from the few successes that Byblos Drive Yards could claim and the corporation was close to becoming little more than a footnote in a competitive marketplace.

However, with the doors of BDY threatening to close forever, a fresh wind bought new leadership, new ideas and changes in attitudes. The hope of major stakeholders hope that the shipyard can rekindle its former glory and produce some much needed innovation within the stagnant research and development fields and rebuild itself into a Shipbuilding Corporation known for quality merchandise, excellent service and trusted personnel.


Noctru Corporation

After founding the Noctru Corporation, a construction business which was very successful and earned millions of credits, the Nautolan businessman Anax Noctru wanted to expand his activity to other fields.

With this idea in mind, he analyzed the various companies that had the best potential and that were affordable to him. However none convinced him fully. Then, for a series of events that some would call casuality, Anax came to know that Byblos Drive Yards was going through problems with its ownership.

His offer to buy the company out was initially ignored, but subsequent negotiations worked the magic: Anax managed to prove the validity of his plans for the future of the company and Byblos Drive Yards' management understood that the take over would have been in the best interests of all parties. When asked about the deal, Anax stated: "I'm not a perfect trader. I'm just always on the right place."

Now located in Polis Massa, this shipwright firm has given and still gives new opportunities to his new owner. The yards are currently producing large ships such as Quasars, YV-666 and Tabders, freighters such as the well-known BFF-1 bulk as well as ships on-demand. Future plans are always being devised to increase the catalog of available ships.

On Year 13 Day 53, BDY opened under the auspices of Anax Noctru with some key figures in the reformation of the company:

Accelerated Growth

In the first several months, the company expanded quite quickly. The number of employees soon exceeded more than forty personnel after four months, which was welcome because of the orders coming in fast. But it also gave HC little time to organize everything in a proper way, especial in the structure Byblos operated, Alvin Cool dealt with the sales and running the organization in a whole. while Neria Derycke was supervising the members and dealt with flight training and assist the other departments, and stood in between High-Command and the lower ranks of Byblos.

After three months since the purchase by Noctru Corporation of Byblos Drive Yards, plans where set in motion to develop the planet Spindrift III in the Rseik sector.

At that moment, the lower ranks started to complain about the leadership struggle between Alvin Cool and Anax Noctru, while Neria Derycke did her best to keep the members happy she became frustrated as more and more work was pushed into her hands, the promotion that should follow the amount of work she was pushed on made her leave the company, with her four others left Byblos and followed her to Tresario.


Soon after Neria left with a few others, more members decided to leave Byblos and look for a new home. Some became leaders or directors of other company's, most returned back to their home from a broken dream, and never heard from again. After two months 25 of 40 members had left the company, leadership was still struggling and the company kept declining till only ten personnel where left.

Despite the internal problems of the company, Byblos had one major victory. Under the command of Wul Ujmuf Byblos managed to develop Spindrift III making the citizens of the planet to appoint Byblos as leader of the planet. Spindrift III is now filled with factory's, hangars, apartments and many more.


After almost a year, Byblos is now a slumbering company, production is slow and those that are still in Byblos do their best to keep the company running. Anax decided to offer leadership to Neria Derycke in order to get Byblos back on track. Neria accepted the offer and returned to Byblos' headquarters on Polis Masa. Upon arrival, she decided to restructure the company.

She brought central command of HC and the department offices in one building, making communication easier, allowing the order progress to run smoother. She scrapped the old wage and ranking system and created a new, much simpler system in place. Scrapping the bonus system and brings a more rewarding in place. She brought in new personnel and placed them in command positions along with some of the older employees, giving them more room to improve their own methods in the local departments and holds an open policy towards all the employers regarding long term, mid term and short term goals of the company.

Neria quickly gained the trust of the veteran personnel who had stayed, as well as the new employees she brought into the company. She created a system where leadership struggle was kept to a minimum. After thirty days with Neria as the new leader, sales, work and member count started to improve.

By Year 22 Byblos Drive Yards was led by Fulco D`Este. As this has not been updated in some time it is not known exactly when they took leadership. Amirantha Dahrii apparently was working for Byblos Drive Yards in early Year 22.