Confederacy of Independent Systems

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Confederacy of Independent Systems
Political information
Type of government Oligarchy
Head of State Dex Sehrin
Head-of-Government Confederate Triumvirate
Executive branch Confederate Senate
Legislative branch Confederate Senate
Judicial branch Confederate Triumvirate
Affiliation Neutral (Endor Pact)
Societal information
Capital Tar Morden System
Territory See Below
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Confederacy of Independent Systems
Date of establishment Year 9 Day 362
Status Active
Holosite CIS Holosite
This article is about the most recent manifestation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. For company's first iteration, see Conferderacy of Independent Systems (Company)

The Confederacy of Independent Systems, commonly known either as the Confederacy or its acronym CIS, is a galactic regional government, formed via an alliance of various planetary and sectoral authorities and corporations, existing for the primary objective of the promotion and advancement of all Confederate member groups and subsidiary constituents. Originally founded by the Trade Federation, the CIS flourished, eventually encompassing no less than sixteen member organisations. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, most of these organisations fell away, leaving the CIS to splinter. With many of the original groups officially joining the Trade Federation as nationalized subsidiaries, the CIS name disappeared, although many unaffiliated groups would subsequently attempt to lay claim to it.

Eventually, some of the old Confederate organisations, no longer affiliated with the Trade Federation, developed increasing success in the private sectors of the galaxy. Circa Year 11, some of these organisations joined together to attempt to reform and restructure the old association. From this, the Confederate Remnant was born.

The Remnant, led by the Corporate Alliance and The Order of Kampar, saw continued success and quickly grew to include others who, after examining the structure and goals of the Remnant, came to approve of increasing their association with it. After the addition of Haor Chall Engineering and Kaos Galactica Federation to the Confederate ranks, it was decided the Remnant had grown enough to take a step on the galactic stage and officially reclaimed the name Confederacy of Independent Systems for the burgeoning alliance.


Confederacy Reborn

Mid Year 11, during an open war between the Order of Kampar and Haor Chall Engineering, Horley Cyan, leader of the Order of Kampar, approached Siejo Kutol, the leader of the Corporate Alliance. Both men had served together in the Confederacy of Independence under the Trade Federation in Years 7 - 9. While Kutol was assisting HCE in the battle, he and Horley had mutual respect for each other, and at the end of the war, negotiations were started that would lead to an alliance between the two organisations. Counting the affiliated organisations of Kampar and the Alliance, six organisations were joined together and took up the name the Confederate Remnant. As the alliance involved three former CIS organisations, the name seemed to be antiquate. After a few weeks of operations, Haor Chall Engineering and Kaos Galactica Federation both voiced their desire to join the new alliance. After they were accepted, the Confederate Remnant now contained four previous CIS organisations and had grown to ten organisations. It was decided by the Confederate Senate to officially reclaim the name the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

First Cracks

With the new Alliance growing and the constitution ratified, the Senate began looking for the first Head of State and Supreme Commander of the Military. Nominations were made and Horley Cyan was elected to Head of State, with Siejo Kutol serving as his Supreme Commander. Soon after the election, Haor Chall Engineering and Kaos Galactica Federation submitted their notice that they would be leaving the CIS, claiming that Horley Cyan was misusing their alliance and breaking part of the treaty that had ended the war in Centrality only a few months earlier. The group would have no negotiations on the conflict. They immediately left the CIS and declared war on SEMCo once more. This stung many CIS Senators, especially Siejo Kutol who had work hard on that treaty to end hostilities. Relations with the two organisations in general remained neutral for the Confederacy and most of the organisations in general.

In the coming months, several other groups submitted applications to join the CIS and were accepted, including Galactic Medical, Loronar Corporation, Hawkbats, Horizon Corporation and Universal Network Bank. With the establishment of some new laws and a treasury department with Jado Dur`rik serving as its head, the CIS started to build its coffers and make plans on how to expand its influence and better develop itself into a self reliant governing body.

Addition By Subtraction

Six months after the Kaos/HCE conflict, the Confederacy was set on cruise and smooth sailing or so most of the alliance thought. On Year 12 Day 126, the Confederacy was rocked by the resignation of the Head of State Horley Cyan. This was immediately followed by the succession of both the Order of Kampar and the Confederate Remnant, two organisations owned and operated by Cyan. When asked about why he resigned, Cyan stated that there were conflicts of interest that he felt couldn't be resolved. The shocking news was later followed by the secession of both Stars End Mining and the Loronar Corporation from the CIS; however, the latter corporation cited unrelated reasons. This brought the Confederacy down to six member organisations. The events surprised and stung most of the remaining organisations, who held a massive meeting involving all available Confederate members to address the problems. The meeting was a success, leading to a large surge in morale, as all organisations rededicated themselves to the cause that brought them together initially. Ettore Kalsi was elected the interim Head of State with Leo Iscander serving as Supreme Commander.

While from an outside view the CIS may have appeared damaged, internally it thrived. Without the extra politics, it was able to streamline its procedures and push forward projects and aid faster then ever. organisations were required to provide monthly reports, in which they talk about progress and what aid they could use. This helped the entire group know the status of its ally as well as give a forum to offer up help. Much legislative progress was made as well, with the establishment of monthly budgets for the military and the basics that would lead to a loan program. The Supreme Court was also legislated.

On Year 12 Day 147, a month after the CIS took its biggest loss, Andromeda Security and Andromeda Starforge were approved to join the CIS, with its new sister organization, Andromeda Salvage and Restoration, joining two weeks later. Horizon Corporation joined as well that same week, putting the total number of Confederate groups back at twelve.

A New Chapter: The Second Confederate State

More recently, the Confederacy has grown beyond the boundaries of Genarius to other worlds and also to the Mondress sector. Shipyards were rebuilt and settlements built. It was not long before the Confederate production lines were booming once more and new trade lanes buzzing with activity.

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After the disappearance and presumed death of the Head of State, the Second Confederate State slowly deteriorated and was disbanded. Samuel Ashen assumed command and, while his military strength was significant, politically he was not suited for the job of leading the Alliances. After the Corporate Alliance broke away, what remained of the Confederate Alliance officially disbanded. After several years of discourse, the Government's leadership was attacked and overall destroyed by those who had pledged to follow them after a successful coup by the Red Fury Brotherhood in Year 19. Systematically eliminated by those who Loyalties were betrayed, ties were ripped apart and torn into shreds, few were able to survive long enough to send word through secret channels that were long ago setup for such an eventuality.

Word reached the Thesme Sector of the Coup in Hevvrol. The remaining leadership of old re-emerged from their hideaways to retake the banner of old with plans to make the Confederacy great once again in memory of those that were lost. Through successful diplomacy, the Remnant was able to create a new Alliance, focusing on learning from the mistakes of the past. Lant Corporation, an ex-Confederate Ally, was rebranded as the Confederate Remnant and the movement was reborn.

Back in Hevvrol, as the dust settled, Kutol-Chan Industrial took major control of the Sector. Formed from the ashes of Hoersch-Kessel Driveyards, KCI was poised to grow quickly with a multitude of production complexes and credits to spend. The group made a reputation for significant discounts on its products. Together, with the Order of Independent Trade and the Red Fury Brotherhood, the group was able to overcome the complete collapse of the Corporate Alliance and fend off potential invaders in the Glom Tho System.

The Interstellar League

Horley Cyan, leader of the Confederate Remnant, approached Siejo Kutol about a possible allegiance in Year 20. The group had worked together closely in the Old Confederate Alliance half a decade prior and both sides saw the benefit of a close ally. The Ciutric Sector was Located near the CR headquartered in Thesme so the match seemed good on paper. The discussion grew and soon, other ex-Confederate groups also joined in, including Kampar, Dukha, Loronar, and Byblos.

The Third Confederate State and Expansion

As the frindges of the Interstellar League began to ruffle, some of the core groups looked internally on how to make things stronger. Taldar Logas, who had replaced Head of State Cyan, and Siejo Kutol met to discuss a possible merger between their two groups. The Cyan Accords were signed in Raxis Prime in Year 20 officially merging the Confederate Remnant and Kutol-Chan Industrial and forming what would be known as the Third Confederate State.

The merger brought a significant excitement to the area. The CIS was now in control of 6 sectors spread throughout the Northern Half of the Galaxy. The newly established leadership tree pushed hard to reorganize the old fleets and position them into strategic position to protect the hyperspace pathways through their space in the Outer Rim. Infrastructure was also a large priority at this time as was defense. Slowly over the next Year the group gained a stronger hold in the Outer Rim with several additional Sectors joining the cause. After an attempted Coup in the Interstellar League, the government took control of the IL Senate, expelled those who wished to bring chaos and brought diplomatic stability to the Outer Rim in the North.


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