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General Information
Status Active
Leader Jorus Taidan
2IC Select Committee
Owner Galactic Empire
Historical Information
Founded Circa Year -4
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, commonly referenced by its acronym COMPNOR, is an umbrella organization for various entities that are designed to enforce the will of the New Order, spread the ideas of the New Order, bolster Imperial morale, and finally, crush the Empire's opposition.


At its outset COMPNOR housed all the arms of the Empire that fell outside the traditional military arms of the Army and Navy. These departments could also be described as the wheels that made everyday life function in the Empire. For a number of years, the majority of COMPNOR's divisions were absorbed by various ministries. In Year 10, the branches within the Ministry of Operations and Ministry of Truth were reorganized under COMPNOR. Upon the reunification of the New Imperial Order and the Galactic Empire, the Ministry of Industry and Regional Government were established as independent branches, rather than sub-branches of COMPNOR.


COMPNOR is managed by the Select Committee, headed by the Chairman of COMPNOR. Its members are usually high ranking members of the Empire, handpicked by the Chairman of COMPNOR. Also serving on the Select Committee are the coalition viziers that lead the four separate sub-branches inside COMPNOR. The four sub-branches are:

Coalition for Improvements

The successor of the Coalition for Planetary Development, the role of Improvements is to set a general guide as to the requirements of the Empire and how to fulfill them with regards to finances and staffing resources. Currently led by Vizier Jacen Varos, departments under Improvements include:

Coalition for Diplomacy

Diplomacy's role is to train officers in the art of diplomacy, and expand the Empire's influence through contact and dealings with planetary governments and large corporations. Currently led by Vizier Jarek Sankin.

Coalition for Progress

The Coalition for Progress is the ideological wing of the Empire, responsible for education and the distribution of information to the populace. Currently led by Vizier Galdarzz Aalon, departments under Progress include:

Imperial Security Bureau

The Imperial Security Bureau was created as a means to maintain the secure infrastructure of the Galactic Empire. This entails that the ISB be aware and party to all aspects of the Empire be they political, social, military or economic. The ISB acts as an internal security force focusing on internal threats whilst Imperial Intelligence focuses on external threats.


To become a member of COMPNOR, an individual must have at least six months' experience working within the Empire, Covert security clearance, no major infractions on his service record, and be human. A background check is conducted by the Imperial Security Bureau to determine if they are qualified to join. The Select Committee will ultimately decide of someone is fit to join one of the sub-branches. As several branches work daily with sensitive information, this is a necessary precaution.

Preteen and teenage human children are encouraged to join their local Sub-Adult Group, a paramilitary youth organisation that instills loyalty to the Empire and prepares youth for enlistment in the Imperial military.

Chairs of COMPNOR


  • COMPNOR Horizontal Holographic Year 3.gif (Year 3)

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