Cael Graigan

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Cael Tyradis Graigan
Biographical Information
Race Anzati/Corellian hybrid (formerly Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Reilia Graigan (Estranged)
Father Haetham Graigan (Deceased)
Born Day 30 Year -32 (Aged 46)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Coloring Light tan
Hair Color Black with streaks of gray
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire
"War and disorder are a capitalist's best friend -- and greatest enemy."
— Cael Graigan

Cael Graigan, the only son of Belenus and Anacea Graigan, was born on day 22 of year -32, in the waning years of the Galactic Republic.

His father, Belenus, was an officer in the Republic Navy at the time of the Clone Wars. The steady pay he sent home kept the family afloat. His mother, a painter by night and cantina waitress by day, brought in little but tips and sexual harassment from patrons. They managed to have a decent living, and Cael grew up without the usual cliches.

His father finally retired at the end of the Clone Wars, and his mother became moderately successful as a painter, quitting her cantina job. They ultimately ended up opening two small businesses, one a gallery for Anacea's work, and the second, a small transportation service that would ferry customers around the Corellian sector. The stable income from each allowed Cael to attend a private school, where he received a classical education in numerous fields.

Possessing an almost-genius IQ, Cael excelled in his courses and graduated two years ahead of his peers, allowing him to work for the family's business interests. Cael then began flying freighters, back and forth, for these businesses. He learned most of the tricks of piloting from this experience.

In year 13, Cael would go on to open his own liquor company, the Corellian Alcoholic Enablers League (aka C.A.E.L.). The company went on to be very successful and would experience times of excess demand. C.A.E.L. would close for the last time shortly before it's owners death.