Caisava Chelski

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Caisava Chelski
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Mirial
Mother Aigava Jamilodi
Father Hossav Omaneri
Marital Status Married
Spouse Leebri Chelski
Children None
Languages Mirialan
Galactic Basic
Religion Mirialan faith
The Force
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Average
Weight Slim, fit
Coloring Green
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light blue
Political Information
Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Incom Corporation
Chelski Shipyards Co.
Title Corporate Executive Officer
Positions CEO of Industrial Automaton (formerly)
New Republic Senator (formerly)
Speaker of the House (formerly)
CEO of Incom Corporation
Prior Affiliation New Republic
Corellian Transport Services
Industrial Automaton
Awards Long Standing Meritorious Service Award (Year 22 Day 286)
Rebel Readiness Award (Year 22 Day 285)
Leadership Award (Year 21 Day 3)
Republic Service Medal (Year 21 Day 3)
Outstanding Excellence Award (Year 20 Day 97)
Production Supplier Award ( Year 20 Day 97)

Caisava Chelski is a female Mirialan native to her people's homeworld of Mirial. She grew up in the jungle cities of her homeworld, and later left the planet's embrace to pursue her dreams of being a starship pilot. During her travels through space as an independent contractor, her starship was shot down in hostile territory, and she was found and extracted by a search and rescue team dispatched by the New Republic. During those events, she met her current life partner and husband Leebri Chelski, who brought her into the ranks of first the New Republic, and later the Rebel Alliance.

Over the years, Caisava held several positions in both the New Republic and Rebel Alliance, and most notably within their nationalised factions. From a pilot in the Corellian Transport Services, she rose to become the CEO of initially Industrial Automaton, and later transferred to become the CEO of Incom Corporation. To this day, she proudly continues to serve the Rebel Alliance and its cause in this capacity.


Early Life on Mirial

Caisava Chelski was born on the Mirialan homeworld of Mirial located in the Illisurevimurasi sector. Her mother was the owner of a small shipping company that operated from one of the planet's largest cities, which she managed alongside her husband, who had first worked as a pilot within the company and later became a high-ranking manager of the piloting crew. As a result, Caisava grew up surrounded by starships and their journeys into space, and developed the dream to one day pilot such a vessel herself across the endless starscape that she saw rise on Mirial's sky every night. As a young girl, she already accompanied her mother's most senior pilots on intersystem travels and cargo hauls, during which she received her first instructions in starship piloting. Her parents recognised the potential within their daughter to be an accomplished pilot, and a successful entrepreneur once she was older, and thus encouraged the young Mirialan to develop and school herself in that direction.

Caisava attended one of Mirial's finest piloting schools in her adolescent years, and passed her courses with flying colours. After she had graduated, she took on an internship with her mother's shipping company to gain experience in the business, and later started to take on jobs as an independent contractor to build her own reputation and career. Initially, Caisava's journeys took her to neighbouring worlds in the Illisurevimurasi sector, and as time went by she started travelling further and further from her home sector.

Caisava in her pilot attire.

Meeting Leebri Chelski

During a routine cargo delivery on one of her runs, Caisava's ship was mistaken for an enemy vessel by local military forces, and was shot down during atmospheric entry. Despite her best efforts, the Mirialan's starship crashed within enemy territory in a densely forested jungle near the planetary equator. Due to the nature of the crash, Caisava found herself trapped within her ship and unable to leave the wreckage. The only thing she managed to do was to send out a distress call, which was received by elements of the New Republic and intercepted by the hostile military forces nearby. As a result, a race against the clock had begun, where the Mirialan pilot was threatened to run out of oxygen aboard the crashed starship, while teams from both the New Republic and the local militia had been dispatched to the crash site.

The search and rescue team dispatched by the New Republic Armed Forces was led by a male Mirialan named Leebri Chelski. As a result of the densely packed jungle, the search lasted for a couple of days, during which Leebri's team had encountered a small number of enemy scouting parties. Eventually, it was his team that found the wreckage of the crashed starship first. They managed to cut their way through the vessel’s hull, and Leebri carried out the badly wounded but still alive Caisava on his arms, while his team provided cover for their escape. Despite the precarious situation, it was clear from the start that Caisava and Leebri had been fated to meet one another, as from the moment they had set their eyes upon one another they became enamoured with each other. Fortunately, both would have the time to learn all about one another, as Leebri's team managed to reach their DX9 Dropship and retreat into the safety of the New Republic's territory.

Caisava practicing Yoga.

Despite the conclusion of his mission, Leebri kept visiting Caisava in her room at hospital she was recovering at. The two found they had much in common, and over the days that followed saw their reciprocated interest in each other gradually but noticeably grow in kind. By the end of Caisava's stay at the hospital, the two had recognised their meeting had been fated by the stars, and entered into a romantic relationship thereafter. As a result, Caisava was convinced by Leebri to join the New Republic that he served as a military man, and the former became a pilot for the Corellian Transport Services upon her introduction into the New Republic's ranks.

Life in the New Republic

Caisava - a true pilot at heart - began her service with the New Republic within the Corellian Transport Services. Not even the ordeal with the crash in hostile territory was able to deter the Mirialan from one of the things that she loved the most, namely flying. During this time, the bond between herself and her partner Leebri continued to grow, until the pair eventually announced their engagement, and later married one another during a beautiful and traditional ceremony on the Mirialan homeworld of Mirial.

Caisava and Leebri during their wedding ceremony.

After a period of service with the Corellian Transport Services, Caisava's skill and proficiency in the field of commerce and trade - which she had inherited from her mother - was noticed by officials of Industrial Automaton, which at the time had been a nationalised company of the New Republic and founded itself in need of new personnel. Interested in the prospect of broadening her horizons, the Mirialan agreed to a transfer to Industrial Automaton. Over the years that followed, Caisava exhibited her natural talent within this field, and managed to gradually climb her way to the position of CEO of Industrial Automaton. In addition, she held a number of other positions within the New Republic, such as that of Senator and Speaker of the House, and served within the Republic Diplomatic Command.

Shortly before the Fall of the New Republic, Caisava transferred to Incom Corporation, where she took on the position of the company's CEO, similarly to her time in Industrial Automaton. After the Betrayal that led to the dissolution of the New Republic, Caisava transferred along with Industrial Automaton to the newly reformed Rebel Alliance, alongside her husband Leebri Chelski.

Life in the Rebel Alliance

Caisava continued to serve the cause of the Rebel Alliance as the CEO of Incom Corporation in the years that followed. In addition, she became a visible and prominent member of the Alliance's public community. She served as a public officer of the Rebel Alliance Intelligence service, and organised various events and festivities to help boost the Alliance's morales and spirits in light of the Betrayal, and its struggles that followed thereafter.

Caisava remains a loyal and dedicated member of the Rebel Alliance, and the CEO of Incom Corporation to this day.


The Mirialans are a very spiritual people, and so is Caisava. She often practices various physical stretching exercises and routine rituals that are common among the natives of Mirial, to find inner balance and tranquility. As a result, Caisava is a very calm and collected individual who maintains her inward serenity during even the most stressful or dangerous of situations. Due to her spiritual inclinations, she experiences a deep connection to nature, and venerates the Force as a divine entity that guides her towards inner tranquility and spiritual stability.


In addition to her calm and spiritual nature, Caisava also is an enterprising and hard-working woman. Over the years, she has proven to have a natural aptness for leading commercial businesses, and to ensure they are managed efficiently and profitably, while its workers are treated fairly and well. Her serene and collected disposition has likely contributed significantly to her having a cool head in stressful situations.


Caisava Chelski is a female Mirialan of average height, and she has a slim, fit figure. She has a green complexion and smooth skin with a youthful glow. The young Mirialan also has long brown hair which she usually keeps loosely around her shoulder, and she has a light blue eye colour. She has a defined jawline, high cheekbones, and symmetrical facial features that can be considered beautiful and attractive by objective standards. She also wears a set of Mirialan tattoos on her forehead and upper cheeks, that symbolise her growth and personal development throughout the years. Caisava has a stylish sense of fashion, and carries herself with a quiet but friendly confidence.