Calindra Hejaran

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Calindra Hejaran
Calindra Wiki2.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaan, (Human)
Homeworld Tepasi II, Alderaan Sector
Mother Tatjana Vigihan
Father Anaxagores Hejaran III
Siblings Alzander Hejaran (younger brother)
Born Year -13 Day 219
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 173cm
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation The Kingdom of Elysia, Czerka Corporation
Prior Affiliation Tion Hegemony, The Harbingers, Avance Coalition

Calindra Hejaran is an Alderaan noble woman from one of Alderaan’s remote colony worlds and former Tion Engineering and Construction (TEC) employee, and head of the Kingdom of Elysia's Academy, as well as Czerka Corporation's Chief Executive Officer. She is presently the Kingdom of Elysia's Lady Chancellor.


Early Life

Born into the Alderaanian nobility from the Hejaran Barony family line on Year -13, Day 219, she is the current heir of the Hejaran ancestral lands on the remote world of Tepasi II in the Alderaan Sector.

Contrary to what most people expect from Alderaanians, Calindra grew up in the desertic and savage wilderness of her native planet, and is not familiar with Aladeraan’s lush and verdant capital. Instead, she has grown up among Tepasi's deeply superstitious and proud colonists who consider themselves stronger and more disciplined than their cousins.

Like most young nobles, she took up fencing, enjoyed dueling, and was schooled early in the arts of diplomacy and trade. As a consequence, Calindra is at ease with people of all classes and easily shifts between political matters and more personal subjects, as the situation warrants.

Wanting to change the world, she tried to suggest changes on how the Barony operates in order to generate more revenues, only to have all her ideas shot down by her father. Feeling the need to prove herself, she eventually left her beloved Tepasi II and sought employment off-world.

A love of Cards: The Founding of the Hejaran Gambling Syndicate

As a young noble far away from home, Calindra quickly took to spending the excess of credits she had and quickly got into the habit of making friendly wagers. One of her close friends has been quoted to say that: "[Calindra] was always at her happiest whenever friends decided to play cards, even if she didn't win. She'd always shrugged off a loss by saying that the fun was in the playing, and not the winning. Personally, I think she'd rather win at love than win at cards. She's always been a romantic."

She was eventually introduced to Michael Bourne during one of his galactically reknowned Pazaak Tournaments, and she quickly seized the opportunity to work more closely with Michael in various business side projects. Some close to her have hinted that the two were perhaps romantically involved, as well as work on business projects. One such project was Michael's 4th Pazaac Tournament where she started the Hejaran Gambling Syndicate in order to offer book keeping (betting) services for the various gambling tournaments across the galaxy. As a consequence of her love of gambling and cards, Calindra has met several of her business associates at the Pazaak tables, and has forged a few friendships with entrepreneurs and gamblers alike.

Of note is Mando trade baron Werda Mird, who eventually proposed a friendly wager with the young baroness in which he dared her to play Pazaak against him. If she were to win, he’d pay her a month’s worth of her current of salary plus bonuses. However, if she lost, she would have to work for him a whole month. They have yet to play against one another to finalize that bet, however sources say that Calindra almost jumped on the occasion; her only real hesitation being that she had duties within the Tion Hegemony at the time and couldn’t give her word to work for someone else at the time.

Tion Hegemony


Calindra joined the Hegemony on Day 16, Year 15, and immediately set to work for Tion Engineering and Construction (TEC) under Stephanie Barefoot-Rhode's supervision. Tionese service records indicate that Calindra got along well with her colleagues; worked on several planetary builds; gave a lot of her free time to various creative side projects; and assisted with recruitment as a Recruitment Liaison officer. She was quickly noticed by her superiors and rose through the ranks accordingly.


Some believe that Calindra was instrumental in what was eventually to be dubbed the "Neriagate" affair, and that she lead a coalition that demanded Neria's removal. However, historical and political evidence suggests that no such demands were ever made, and that Neria's eventual expulsion from the Tion Hegemony resulted from a combination of factors. Namely: Neria’s own disenchantment with the Hegemony’s decision to restructure the Sentient Resource Program (SRP) into the Tion Trading Bureau (TTB); the creation of a civilian reservist project called the Flotilla that Neria Derycke was to spearhead, as well Neria’s constant refusal to respect the military or civilian chains of command in its implementation. The only records that implicate Calindra directly to Neriagate are a series of discussion logs that Calindra handed over to the Tion High Command, requesting that they confirm or deny Neria's actual orders and stating that until such time as the orders weren't confirmed that Calindra was revoking Neria's access to the discussion boards.

Things eventually came to a head the following morning, when Michael Bourne resigned his commission from the Tionese Military. Some historians believe that this caused sufficient uproar that it -- combined with Neria’s constant conflict with other people in authority within the Hegemony -- eventually led to the Lord Hegemon’s decision to expulse Neria Derycke from the Hegemony later that same day.

Avance Coalition - The Harbingers, and the rise of the Kingdom of Elysia

The fallout from the "Neriagate" affair eventually precipitated the departure of her very close friend and confidant, Xyre Weltmon, from the Tion military. This eventually led Calindra to take leave from her duties with the Hegemony (some might even argue that she resigned) in order to follow Xyre and make a new start with the Avance Coalition’s religious faction The Harbingers on D349 of Year 15. Little did she know, much of the Coalition had already been subverted by the Trade Federation.

Indeed, shortly after her arrival in Avance territory, the leader of the Avance Coalition (Navik Ikron) decided to hand over Avance's territories to the Trade Federation while several members of his cabinet accepted high ranking positions within its ranks. This was opposed by a few of the Coalition's leaders, and the Coalition was fractured between the Wraiths, the Trade Federation, and what would become the Kingdom of Elysia. Feeling that the Kingdom of Elysia's ideals were noble, Calindra swore fealty to the kingdom shortly after its creation where she became involved with player recruitment / training.

She took on the formation of Elysia's Academy and Office of Recruitment & Retention, and was eventually asked to take the helm of the kingdom's mining crown corporation: Czerka Corporation.


The fledgeling kingdom was soon beset by several high profile betrayals by senior members; Atash vul Bruniik, Revan Jones, and Ciara de` Savona each playing their part in the ensuing turmoil.

With new managers and new council members, the environment was ripe for mistakes and errors for the new government. Not helping matters was de` Savona's constant undermining of new and upcoming leaders within the ranks. Anyone with potential with whom she had no direct control over she alluded to not trusting, hinting at suspect shady dealings that were never substantiated. Eventually, the smearing campaign by de` Savona lead to several promising members to leave the Kingdom proper, paving the way for some of her allies to obtain key positions within the Elysian hierarchy. One such example was Atash vul Bruniik's appointment as 2nd in command of Golan Technologies.

No sooner vul Bruniik was appointed second in command, that he started locking out Golan reps from their own assets. The debacle lead to Tanin Silvanos resigning as Chief executive officer and infuriated Lord Chancellor Revan Jones who, despite all the stolen assets being returned to the kingdom, decided to depose King Clise from his function. The resulting coup was thwarted almost as soon as it was started, but not before several military assets had declared fealty to the Chancellor against the King. His plans unraveled, Revan and those loyal to him left the kingdom to fend for itself. Demoralized at the lost, the King and the weakened council was left to chose a new Chancellor. Unfortunately, that honour fell to Ciara de` Savona who had been waiting for such an opportunity to come her way.

Once appointed as Lord Chancellor Ciara de` Savona started subverting key Elysian assets. The coup was short lived, however, and de` Savona was herself betrayed by one of her own co-conspirators. The damage was done. Elysia had been pillaged and gone through three crises within a month of each other. It was left to the King and a handful of Council members to rebuild the kingdom.

Lady Hejaran's hiatus and the rise of the Good Chancellors