Calista Kutol

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Calista Marie Kutol
Calista Kutol.png
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Valakivir
Mother Drukie Kutol (Deceased)
Father Siejo Kutol
Spouse None
Siblings None
Born Year 8 Day 031
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.2 meters
Coloring Brown/Dark Green
Eye Color Green-Black
Political Information
Affiliation Tal'ShenAran

Calista Kutol is the eldest daughter Siejo Kutol, one of the most well known Nautolans in the Galaxy. Calista lived a comfortable but tragic life, being first separated from her mother early on after her death at the hands of a bounty hunter and then having to deal with the death of her father. During the same incident, Calista was abducted by a rouge agent and her current whereabouts are unknown.


Early Life


Calista Kutol was born in Year 8 on Day 031 in a sea floor cave on the Planet Valakivir. Born to the wealthy land owner Siejo Kutol and his childhood sweetheart Drukie Kutol, the birth Calista was initially kept secret as she was born out of wedlock and this was heavily frowned upon. Her birth was later announced, after her parents were married, at the Anselmi Medical Center in the proud city of Nauto Prime. The child was widely celebrated by the nautolan community, and seen by many as a Nautolan Princes. Calista was raised in high society, with her parents being well off. She was taken, as a child, to many public gatherings and political rallies. Her happy life was struck quickly by tragedy when she and her mother were abducted in Year 10 by a rouge Jawa named Adoy Baba. The resolution of the conflict saved her life, but came at the cost of her mothers. After the dust had settled, Calista was found unconscious and severely dehydrated, but otherwise unharmed and made a full recovery. After months of extensive solitude and mourning, her father Siejo married Allana Aran, which gave Calista a new step mother. Calista, who was too young when she lost real mother to remember her, always considered Allana her true mother, and the two of them had a very close bond.

While Siejo was away on business very often, Calista always had her step-mother to count on to be there for her. Growing up in the Overlord villa in Nauto Prime Central, She spent most of her young childhood wandering the streets of the more prestigious areas of the Nautolan capital. She was an avid swimmer and enjoyed exploring the sea floor caves with Allana. Growing up in wealth, Calista usually was given what ever her heart desired, and, while slightly spoiled, still managed to keep a good head on her shoulders.


Calista was 6 when much of what had become familiar to her took a dramatic turn for the worst. Her parents, mostly due to her fathers obsession with work, had separated. Calista went with her stepmother Allana to her grandfathers palace on Glom Tho. Calista became isolated there, and became very lonely, spending most of her days alone interacting with droids. Allana would take her to work on occasion, showing her how to work some of the mining machinery and the basic controls to pilot a freighter. While on a mission, Allana came into contact with the Derra Virus, transforming into a Falleen. Afraid to tell her daughter, Allana fled, leaving Calista alone.

The young Kutol stole one of her Grandfathers Delta fighters and fled the planet, using the autopilot to attempt to find her father. She managed to fly the ship to the Cularin System only to crash the ship on Cularin. There, after swift medical treatment, she met up with her father and together they began the quest to find Allana.

The Curse and the Cure

...... Records Lost......

A Family Getaway

After Allana was cleared by the research team on Titan Station, Siejo took the family on one of their first real vacations in quite some time. Siejo had retired from his job and they were finally happy again. Her father flew them to Korfin Moon, a small but well developed vacation area recently acquired by her grandfather, Elm Aran. Upon arrival, they settled into one of the luxury colonies in orbit around the moon.

After a day at one of the local steam spa, Siejo was contacted by one of his best friends, a Gand named Jormungand Gand. Gand has been exploring the space near this sector and found a strange system not found on any star chart. Siejo was hesitant to just run off and leave his family behind, especially after the promise he made to his wife, but was lucky enough to convince Calista how exciting it would be to be the first Nautolan little girl to see these new moons. The couple and their child boarded one of the luxury YT-510 freighters that the Alliance had in orbit of the moon and flew to the newly discovered Iego system.

Upon exiting hyperspace, Calista's eyes were the largest Siejo had ever seen them when she saw the new and mysterious frontier. The family enjoyed a picnic on a beautiful sandy beach on the planet Iego, Calista jokingly laying claim to it. The next evening, her father returned from his final scan, with a very happy grin on his face. Together, with her fathers friend Gand, they took a trip to a city her father had discovered. It was an ancient city, beaming with impossible of light. The citizens appeared to beautiful to describe and could fly, even in space. They looked like angels to Calista, who referred to them as such. A galactic announcement was made about the discovery of the new species and welcoming them to the galaxy. Calista would never forget the trip and how life changing it was. Nothing made it more special than being able to experience it with her family, now whole.


For Calista, her Life had never been better. She had her Father and her Mother close, living a life any sentient would be envious of. The family had settled at the their old home on the Ocean Planet of Cularin. Calista had enrolled in the Anselmi Research Institute and was excelling at her studies. The family had many outings, from 'Spa days' on Acilaris, to snow ball fights on Almas. It was during one such outing with her father that fragility struck once more. While boating on one of the many Oceans of Cularin, Calista and Siejo were attacked by a rouge Corporate Alliance Spectre Agent, CODENAME: RedHawk.

Calista Kutol Learning About the Force


RedHawk had a skewed view of the universe and blamed Siejo Kutol for all the wrongs in the Confederate Sectors. He was hellbent on making the Kutol family pay for what he perceived as an injustice. Siejo was able to ward off the attack with the help of another Spectre, named DoomsDay, but Calista was taken by the assailant. Escaping with his prize, RedHawk retreated aboard the heavily-modified Corona Class Frigate, Apocalyptica. RedHawk tortured Calista, using it to torment her Father, and push him deeper down the path of madness. Along with most of her family, Siejo lead an assault on the Apocalyptica in a desperate attempt to rescue his daughter. During the assault, they tracked Calista to an abandoned asteroid base in the Cularin system and sent transports in an attempt to intercept RedHawk. Calista, who was still safety aboard the Apocalyptica, watched on a screen as her father, eyes glowing red with madness, ran through the base in an attempt to find her. RedHawk, who had faked the signal, fired the Apocalyptica's main weapon at the station, destroying it, leaving no trace of her father.

The aftermath was a blur, and reports varied on the results. What was recorded by the Confederate Library was that Calista Kutol was almost rescued from the Apocalyptica by Leo Iscander as it was docked in the shipyard Kutol Yard for repairs. The ship, under heavy assault from a combined Confederate and Alliance fleet, was able to make a hyper jump into the Unknown Regions and RedHawk escaped. Reports state that Pirate Echuu Shen-Jon chased after the ship in search of vengeance.

Lost Dreams

The fate of Calista was unknown for many years, and many had presumed her dead. Echuu Shen-Jon spent years chasing shadows trying to find the Apocolyptica. What he did not know at that time was that Calista was no longer being kept hostage by Redhawk. He had placed a plan in motion that he felt would break the young girl and turn her into something he could further use agianst his enemies.. She was initially handed her off to a bounty hunter friend in Vinsoth with plans to have her trained. She was treated harshly, but not abused.

Calista took to the training well, using her hate and pain to fuel her hands in hand to hand combat. She also took quickly to long range rifles. This impressed her captors, who grew to care for the young girl. Slowly, they became more lenient towards her as the months passed. Calista used this to her advantage and, in Year 167, she knocked her trainer unconscious and escaped via a stolen yt-2400. Initially, she returned to her home sector of Hevvrol with the intent of picking up her old life. She was able to avoid detection by the Alliance Security systems and found her Step-Mother Allana alone in their home in Glom Tho. She thought Allana was alone in the dwelling, but was caught completely of guard when she discovered Allana with another child. Thinking her Step-Mother had remarried, Calista felt betrayed and left the system. She made her way out into the outer rim, stealing credits from the pockets of traders on open trading stations along the way. Once she arrived in the outer rim, she found employment in a local bounty hunters guild under the alias "Daisy".

Unbeknownst to her, She had not escaped the ever watchful eye of the Redhawk. He had watched from the shadows as she trained and was thrilled when she had escaped. He personally executed the bounty hunters he had hired to train her as to close any open loop holes. He lost her trail for afew months after she escaped, but was able to pick up her trail in the outer rim. Unfortunatly for Redhawk, his plans for Calista never came to fruition as he was killed in early Year 18.

Word spread of a young Nautolan girl looking for dangerous work. Early in Year 18, a Ciutrician Bounty Hunter Regis hired Calista to do an infiltration job on a local world. During the mission, Calista accidently tripped a security alarm and was captured by the local police forces. She was imprisoned on the desert world and has been there ever since serving out a tiff sentence.