Cantrell Institute

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Cantrell Institute
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Tattysail Thyr
2IC Rhiannon de Chatillon
Historical Information
Founded Year 19 Day 294
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Medical

The Cantrell Institute began as an amalgamation of various medicine men, back-alley surgeons, and experimental practitioners who all resided on the Outer Rim planet of Ord Cantrell. Incorporated together and backed by the de Chatillon family, the Cantrell Institute provides premium high-end, high-discretion services to the elite and wealthy of the galaxy. Whether clients seek to add or remove extra limbs or to change their face entirely, it does not matter, the Cantrell Institute provides. Apart from our highly skilled doctors and plastyl-surgeons, the Cantrell Institute provides top of the line premium medical supplies as well as equipment. A must have for any avid hunter who seeks their fame and fortune facing death daily. We guarantee all alazhi used in our bacta refinement process is 100% all natural and organic.