Carl Tagge

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Carl Tagge
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Green skin
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Huruk-Rah
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Iktotchian Guard
New Anzat Order
New Republic

Carl Tagge is a Falleen male.


The early years of Carl Tagge's life were marked by pain. Brutal genetic experiments ordered by the Galactic Empire in their attempts to learn if other humanoid species could be genetically altered to become human were all he knew. Carl was purchased by TaggeCo, one of the primary corporations carrying out these experiments for the Empire. These experiments ultimately proved to be a failure when Carl was only a baby, but in a stunning act of compassion, the Tagge family adopted young Kaal Dek'kur into their family, and renamed him Carl Tagge. He spent his young life growing up on a backrocket Imperial world, unable to fit in with the other young sentients because of his green skin.[1]

Carl always knew he was different, and not just physically. He was far intellectually superior to any and all of the humans around him, including his adopted parents. He excelled academically, but never found a profession he truly enjoyed. For years, Carl wandered aimlessly through the galaxy, working here and there, but never finding any satisfaction in the simple duties he was assigned. One such simple duty was a courier mission for the Falleen Federation, where he met and befriended a Falleen known as Tholin Dur`aak.[1]

Years later, fate brought the two back together. Tholin hadn't forgotten Carl, and divulged to him his plan to form a group for the defense of Iktotch, which would become known as the Iktotchian Guard. After a single conversation with Tagge, Tholin knew he had just the man to lead the Iktotchian Guard. Where other Falleen had ignored Carl because of his Imperial upbringing, Tholin saw only his immense leadership potential.[1]

Before Tholin put him into the leadership position of the Iktotchian Guard, they performed a blood test to ensure that he was free from any contagions, and it was determined, with great surprise, that Carl was a member of a Royal Huruk-Rah bloodline.[1]

Under Prince Tagge's leadership, the Guard grew and flourished, even controlling the entire Iktotch System. However, events transpired which drew Carl from the system for a while. Upon his return, he found that he was no longer needed, so he left the Guard to find people looking of his experience. He was approached by then Regent Owen von Ismay, who upon recognizing his skill, placed him in charge of the New Anzat Order's fleets as an Admiral.[1]