Casten Maziel Waryn

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Casten Maziel Waryn
CMW profile.png
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
House Waryn Family
Mother Graelyn Elayne Waryn
Father Lassiter Halcyon
Marital Status Divorced
Partner Nikai Tonnak
Born Year -12, Day 221
  • Basic
  • Vratix (Limited)
  • Old Corellian
  • Ancient Tionese
  • Binary (Limited)
Religion Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'4" / 193 cm
Weight 184 lbs / 83 kg
Hair Color
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Length
  • Messy
Eye Color Azure Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony
Title Chancellor
  • Second-In-Command
  • Minster of State & Diplomacy
Prior Affiliation
Awards CMW TionAwards.png
Signature CMW signature.png

Casten Maziel Waryn (born as Casten Halcyon) is a very family-oriented, young Thyferran male who spent most of his teenage years struggling to make a life for his own after the death of his parents. It was only after he found his way to the Greater Tion Cluster that he was reunited with a side of the Waryn Family that he hadn't known of until then. He became a prominent member of Tion's infrastructure department until certain internal struggles within the government forced Casten to find a new path.

He worked briefly for The Invid Order's production side before being pulled towards Black Sun in his search for familial ties. Casten worked several months in Black Sun's subsidiary Gesenix Mining, taking advantage of his skills and experience in prospecting and progressively made himself know in the government's channels; nevertheless, the Thyferran's personality was not a perfect match with the rest of the Collective and he was, once again, left with the feeling that he hadn't yet found his place in the Galaxy.

After his resignation from Black Sun, Casten went freelance, spending a couple of months in retirement before a sudden change in leadership back at the Tion Hegemony incited the Thyferran to return once more to his home and family. He eventually became Chairman of Athakam MedTech, leading the company that his cousin Crislyn Anessa Waryn had led before him, where he eventually obtained his doctorate in medicine from the Argai Faculty of Medicine & Science.

Nearly 4 years after his ascent to leadership of the medical subsidiary, and his inclusion in the Tionese High Council, the Hegemony underwent another change with the retirement of the then Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot. With the appointment of Abraari To as the new head of the government, the position of Chancellor was offered to Casten who now functions as second-in-command.

Early Years


Casten was born and raised in Thyferra to Lassiter Halcyon (native Thyferran) and Graelyn Elayne Waryn (Tionese). During his 6th year of life, the Halcyon family suffered a great impact when Lassiter abandoned the household, leaving Graelyn and Casten in the darkness regarding his whereabouts after that day. This created a breach in the family that his devoted mother could barely cope with, and she got more protective over Casten from then on. The combination of his father's absence and his mother's depression made Casten become solitary and asocial.

His high-school education was hindered when his mother's depression eventually turned into physical illness and he felt forced to quit school at the age of 16 in order to take care of Graelyn. Throughout most his life, Casten was raised with the perception that his mother and him were the last living members of his family because he had never heard his mother talking about her own relatives, and she would only mention her siblings Aydyn Dylak and Tennyson in the rare occasions when she felt nostalgic and thought Casten wasn't nearby to hear her mourn; however, since she never revealed enough background about their lives, and Casten never met them in person, he assumed his faceless uncles had passed away long before Graelyn left her homeworld Kaon, in the Tion Cluster, to follow her husband to Thyferra.

Graelyn’s condition worsened gradually in a span of 5 years, time in which Casten grew fearful of his fate when he'd inevitably end up alone, and a sudden need of the family connection that he lacked during his youth began to arise, mostly because due to the lifestyle he grew up into, he had no long lasting friends he could go to in desperate times. He turned 21 faster than he could realize and his mother's death followed only weeks later, leaving Casten with nothing else to tie him to Thyferra. He embarked on a quest to search any remaining family he could have in the galaxy, and left his homeplanet a few days after his mother's passing.

Life in Corellia

The young man inadvertently arrived to Corellia in a cargo freighter that he jumped in just for the sake of leaving Thyferra behind. His skills and passion for machinery and design earned him a position in a small local construction group, working to build a new Landing Pad at the capital city. What was meant to be nothing but a temporary job to earn credits enough to sustain his search for his family, turned into 4 years of hard work and a life that he gradually settled down into.

His determination on the childish enterprise of finding his long lost family was quickly dropped when his social circle began to expand, not to mention the freedom that came without his mother in bad health. However, halfway through the age of 25, Casten was involved in an accident at the construction site he was working at. One of the new guys hadn't been careful enough with the machinery and ended up collapsing the structure, sending several people to the hospital. Before the rescue teams could get to the accident, Casten did his best effort to aid his coworkers, with the limited knowledge he had, he managed to improvised solutions that clearly lacked training but the paramedics told him he had been the reason most people stayed alive enough to get to the hospital for proper treatment.

The accident left a permanent injury though, Casten's left leg suffered a massive trauma that forced him to stay in treatment for several weeks after his release from the hospital. But to his fortune, he met several doctors during his stay in the hospital, who saw potential in his heroic actions back at the accident. Within a few conversations exchanged and some charming on his end, Casten was offered a spot into a medical university with a partial scholarship. He enrolled shortly after his release.

Spiraling Down

CMW JunkieCas.jpg
At the beginning of his addiction

Casten did not conclude his studies once again; the final decision of the University Board of Regents to expel Cas was based mostly on his illicit relationship with one of the professors.

Despite being aware that becoming intimate with students was forbidden, the doctor Nolan Kysel became close to Casten. They had met when the young Thyferran had to attend physical therapy and had been under Nolan's care during the whole process before the younger man was released. Afterwards they began frequenting each other when Casten entered the University, where he had a course under Kysel's class. A few weeks into the school year, Casten had to move out from the flat he shared with his construction partners, since he couldn't keep working at construction anymore due to his injury and his studies and Nolan offered shelter at his house. Casten hesitantly accepted for the lack of a better option.

Their relationship became strained after Nolan found out about Casten's abnormal usage of bacta patches. It had gotten to the point where the young man would double his dose just for the fun of it. They began arguing constantly and it reflected on their interactions when they saw each other at school, which triggered the alarm for some students and board members who began taking note of the teacher/student relationship, which was bad enough without adding drug abuse to the equation. Not long after, Casten was discharged from school and Nolan's contract terminated. This was the last straw for Nolan, who found himself with a dark future ahead of himself. The man couldn't deal with the mess that Casten was becoming, and so the following break-up was inevitable.


New Hope

Cas started living in cheap hotels or bars that would let him work nightly to get a room in the back. Sweeping tables, pouring drinks, etc; it became his lifestyle for a few months that provided him with a much needed perspective. One night he spent working at a sleazy bar, he overheard a conversation happening on a nearby table, what caught his full attention was the name Aydyn Waryn being mentioned. It was impossible for him not to recognize the name; but he was also clever, and he knew pouncing on the man to shoot endless questions would not grant him any answers so he settled with eavesdropping. Most of the conversation had been muffled by the lounge background music and the noise of the rest of the people around, but one word stuck to Casten's mind loud and clear: Argai.

The next day, after a few hours at the General Archives figuring out that Argai was a planet, not a person, and he set himself in motion towards his next destination.

The Tion Cluster

It didn't take long for Casten to gamble his way into a transport shuttle towards the Tion Cluster. The ship arrived to Voss a few days later where Tionese officers were documenting the cargo and passengers as soon as the shuttle landed. Cas saw this as an opportunity to change his name to match his true family, given that his father never really felt as such, and he got his name officially changed to Casten Maziel Waryn in hopes that this change would make it easier to find any leads on his family background.

Days passed without much accomplish to his research, other than the name of Crislyn Anessa Waryn, luckily for him she seemed to have a reputable status in the Cluster, which would make it easy for him to find her though not as much to get in contact with. It was one of the many reasons that Cas had to make a turn of his lifestyle. He was now a Waryn, and he figured it was ungrateful to spoil the name by keeping up on his old habits at his new location; the other thing was how welcoming this new place felt. The change of government was almost breathable; the citizens were not stressed or afraid, the streets were not crowded with imperial troopers marching on constant rounds as if they were prison guards, business seemed to run clean, people smiled to him when they passed by. It was, as Cas would later describe, a paradise in every sense of the word and he felt immediately ashamed of not being a respectable citizen.

He found a way to start a new life by finding a job thanks to a propaganda that called for recruits to work for the planetary government Tion Hegemony, and without second thoughts he contacted Stephanie Barefoot to sign up for the job; partially expecting that working for the hegemony would help him get in touch with Crislyn. Stephy guided Cas through the process of getting citizenship and shortly after placed him under her care to work on the construction department. Given his past experience, it was a familiar position, albeit with much better conditions than he had previously had.

Rehabilitation Period

It is unknown the exact date when Casten got admitted in a private rehabilitation center located in a secluded part of Argai, known for it's privacy the date of admission was not released and Cas doesn't remember himself. However, it is estimated that 7 months passed in which no one within the Hegemony had heard any news from the man. His duties to the Tion Engineering & Construction (TEC) Department, were neglected from one day to the other. Casten remembered that he had gone back to ingesting Ryll in the form of alcohol, an unknown supplier had provided him with a so called "Ryll Beer" that acted just like the patches that had been a constant during Casten's earlier ages. Despite his best efforts upon arriving to Tion, he was unable to strip himself completely away from his vice and he succumbed to the temptation. Worrying for the image and reputation of the Waryn Family that had only just officially accepted him in, he decided not to leave his addiction to chance, and get professional help.

Unfortunately, Cas didn't finish the whole therapy, as he grew concerned for his cousins and responsibilities to his government. Given that it had been a voluntary admission, he was allowed to get an early discharge and go back to work. His friends and family welcomed him with open arms... but he had missed so much over the course of those months due to the strict rule of no external communication.

Paradise Ablaze

By the time Casten returned to active duty, a lot had changed inside the Hegemony. Most notably the incident colloquially named "Neriagate" had taken a toll in the general morale of the government as a whole, and the political struggles of the faction. It wasn't until Cas opened communications back with his now lifetime friend Stephy, that he realized the commotion that had struck Tion.

What used to be an idyllic paradise to Cas, soon became a place of tension that could be felt in every corner of Tion space; almost as if the event had opened his eyes, he began noticing the absent leadership weighing more than it did in the previous years, every citizen now lived in an unspoken vow of silence with each other, and the once gleeful Comm system that connected every working member of the government and its affiliates, was now a deserted place filled with static.

It took several heart-to-heart conversations with his closest friends and family to reach the decision to leave what had been his true home for almost two years, but eventually Casten felt compelled to explore new worlds and cultures outside Tion space, where he could feel more pleased with the situation in the high command, and soon enough he began browsing a new faction that he hoped would be welcoming enough.

Expanding Horizons


The governmental situation in Tion didn't seem to be an isolated incident but rather a global disease that could be seen in most of the prominent factions that ruled the galaxy. Casten was never a politician so he cared little for their disputes, and he wasn't a soldier either so he had no interest in going anywhere that would use him as a pawn in the petty wars for control. This narrowed his options for a new place because several organizations that caught his interested had a certain alignment in the Galactic Civil War or were branded as criminals, and while Casten wasn't a saint whatsoever, he also cared for having a clean reputation; more for the sake of the family name than his own.

One fortunate day, when Cas orbited Argai in his at-the-time flagship the Lictor-class Dungeon Wahrtraum, he took some of his idle time to review the Galactic News Service. He had felt defeated on his quest and was considering returning to Tion, which was one of the reasons why he hadn't left the Argai system, when a small faction caught his eye. It was a small advertising of a group called The Invid Order, once known as the Katana Fleet; they promised a true neutral path within the galaxy, something that suited Cas' mentality to the letter. Curious and admittedly excited, he began communications with the Invid leader Draith Shadux.

His experience in construction and proved skills for production, helped Casten get an elevated position with the newly reformed faction, and shortly after his arrival to the Order, a new faction dedicated to production was founded. The Nerfworks (as the faction was called) proved to be a growing group, expanding quickly in connections and resources. He became a prominent name in the Marasa Nebula after creating the digital identifications for the Invid Order and subsidiary faction, but Casten was struck once more by depression, making feel adrift in the organization.

The final push that made Casten to take the decision of leaving the Invid group, was an old friend of his, Xyre Weltmon who he'd met during their mutual service in Tion. They had stayed in touch after she retired from the Hegemony, which was at the time of Casten's rehabilitation period. She would often invite him to follow her into the ranks of Black Sun, but Casten rejected vehemently the past offers, for fear that his family wouldn't accept this path of his. This time however, as he found himself thumbing a premeditated resignation letter for Draith, and replaying Xyre's honeyed words about Black Sun, he took a leap of faith and applied for the renown organization after an extended conversation with his cousins Crislyn and Keeya, and his now adoptive sister Stephanie. After all, he had been looking for a tight group where he could fit in, with a strong sense of family, and in spite of the galactic-wide reputation Black Sun had earned over the years, Xyre had an encouraging argument to convince him.

Darkening Dawn

Casten's welcoming to the Collective was far more heartwarming that he had expected and soon enough realized that Xyre had not been lying about the Black Sun community. There was some odd sense of freedom in the air, a warm sensation of family bonding and Cas felt like he might have just found the place he had been looking for all along.

CMW SnowGear.png
Working on Ibanjii II for Gesenix Mining

Over the course of the following months, Casten started to be consumed by the recklessness that came along the freedom of Black Sun’s ruling system, which took it just a step further than recommendable for a man like him. It was now far easier for Casten to get his hands on Ryll patches, or drink on the job, or party until unconsciousness at every city he visited. Soon enough his proven lack of self-control went completely over the board and slowly but surely, the Thyferran found himself pulling out of the organization in favor of his personal desires. He began isolating himself from many members of the Collective that he felt did not make a perfect match with his ideals, nor his expectations of the community he had been invited into. The radicality of this, originated thanks to his drug consumption and the opulence of his renewed lifestyle but it was exponentially enhanced by the fact that his inclusion to the infrastructure department of the organization, happened at a very unstable time for Black Sun.

It had been barely a month after Cas arrived to Black Sun territory, that a galaxy-wide announcement was released, stating that the (at the time) Underlord Alexander von Ismay was stepping down from the throne, stepping aside for his successor Jeor Knight. The following weeks, hell broke loose inside the syndicate. A lot of speculation surrounded the events, but it is public knowledge that Alexander and his wife Kathlen Stewart wronged Black Sun, and after their discharge from the family, many more Vigos and members of the collective followed them, blowing holes to the government's economy on their way out of Black Sun space in the form of stolen assets. Dark Prince Knight proved his leadership skills in the following months to deaden the public impact of the continuing struggle with Kathlen's maneuvers, but the conflict with the traitorous ex members revealed a lot of the organization's true nature to Casten. It was known that Black Sun was a criminal syndicate before the latest Vigos embraced the mantel of a legal organization, but Casten had not been aware that many of their old ways remained intact within the secrecy of the government and Cas ultimately opted out of Black Sun, concerned for what he was becoming because of the syndicate, and fearing what would be in stored for him if he stayed.

In light of yet another dark phase taking over Casten’s life, the Thyferran went to a self-imposed exile after his resignation from Black Sun, believing he needed to find inner peace before he could attempt to be part of another organization. There was only one place in Casten’s mind as he piloted his Lictor away from the northern regions of the galaxy: Voss, back in Allied Tion, the planet that considerably held the most history in the entire Cluster. It was due to this fact that Cas believed he could subdue his debauchery by dedicating his time to his favorite hobbies (at the time being: history and hunting). With no intention to rid himself of his vices, he set camp east of an unfrequented city called Paradise Valley by the southern mountain range of the planet, to maintain his sought hermit lifestyle while still being able to stay communicated with civilization when he needed to indulge in his addictions.

However, his exile wouldn’t last long.

Comeback Season

Unbeknown to Casten, while he was being disconnected from the world, a major change took place at the government he continued to remember fondly as his homeland. Stephanie Barefoot, now part of his extended family, had been appointed as the new Lady Hegemon of the Tion Cluster after a tragedy with the past Hegemon Takao Asai. Casten heard the news when Stephy herself got in touch with him shortly after she took her seat, to invite Cas to rejoin the ranks in the hegemony. Seeing as how the main reasons why he had left in the first place, were being solved with the ascent of Stephy as Hegemon, Cas agreed to return to work for Tion.

Now that Stephanie was at the leadership of the government, a lot of rearrangements happened with many of the nationalized organizations such as Athakam MedTech, the medical resource of the cluster where Casten's own cousin Crislyn used to function as Rector Superior; a position taken by Steve Jones after she went back to Tion Hegemony to lead the 2nd Fleet. With this reorganization, Stephanie still needed someone who could support Steve with the ups and downs of Athakam, and Casten was chosen for such a role, who in turn took the opportunity to continue his studies in medicine where he left off back in Corellia and finish his career, later to step up as leader of the faction in place of Rector Superior Jones.

Hegemonial Destiny

After nearly 4 years of holding his position as Chairman of Athakam MedTech and High Councilor for Tion Hegemony, the now graduated Dr. Casten Maziel Waryn underwent a new challenge when his old friend and mentor Stephanie Barefoot announced her retirement from the government. On Year 21 Day 201, Abraari took the mantle of Lord Hegemon and asked Casten to become his second-in-command, succeeding him as Chancellor, and although the Thyferran was elated for this offer, it wouldn't become official until several months later, not before a rocky start.


Preceded By:
Abraari To
Casten Maziel Waryn
Year 21 Day 304 — Present
Succeeded By:

Preceded By:
Steve Jones
Casten Maziel Waryn
Year 18 Day 36Year 21 Day 304
Succeeded By:
Tebbo Vang


  • The origin of Casten's middle name is unknown as it was not given to him on birth, and he has publicly stated it'll remain a mystery whenever he's been asked about it.
  • Casten suffers from a limp on his left leg, caused by the damage endured at the construction site accident in Corellia. It is less visible now that time has healed the ligaments, but it can be more perceivable after physical exertion.
  • What started as a joke between him and Stephanie about the lost art of Gamorrean Opera, has turned into an honest passion of his. He's an avid enthusiast.
  • The only word in Vratix that Casten is able to "speak" is an insult, which consists of 4 clicking sounds that he emulates from the back of his throat. Although he only uses it to tease instead of offending, since his attempted imitations of the word are more hilarious than anything else.
  • His most trademarking pastimes asides from Ryll consumption include: Pazaak, hunting, fashion, jewelry, auctions and liquor collection.
  • Casten suffers from a mild bipolar disorder that was diagnosed upon his employment at Athakam MedTech, finally controlled with medication after years of going untreated.