Cathuun Corporation

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Cathuun Corporation
General Information
Status Active
Leader Sevk Ill`er
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 113
Dissolved Year 15 Day 295
Political Information
Industry Ships

Forged from the remnants of Chaotic Systems Engineering, Cathuun Corporation is here - to stay. With Jacen Bae`le and William Price at the helm. A powerful combination not seen in a long time. Currently running on an executive crew of 7, with numerous ships and stations all under the banner of the Cathuun Conglomerate. Amazing quality at a deal that's hard to beat. These capital ships that leave our yards are rarely matched in terms of quality, endurance, and stylish looks. Why not look to the stars, and see the “Atris” variant bulk freighters. They boast modified control systems, a much more comfortable interior and storage efficient logistical programming. A voice activated UI system will help you with many minor things and is guaranteed to speak, only when spoken to.There is even a droid port specifically designed to allow a RX Astromech droid to pilot the ship with much more control then over a standard bulk freighter that does not have such a port. This refit varient is a prime example of Cathuun ingenuity. Run by a Muun, and a Human- The Chaotic ship designs, combined with the financial brains of the Muun, Coupled with the organizational and leadership skills of the Charismatic Human. Balance exists in unlikely places and unique circumstances. Cathuun Corp will rise, and lead the way in ship design.

Are you ready for the oncoming storm?