Centarra Mining

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Centarra Mining
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Quard Ithan
2IC Eric Zahm
Historical Information
Dissolved Year 9
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining Company

Centerra Mining was a largely successful mining company run by Quard Ithan.

In Year 9, Jormungand Gand planned and executed the takeover of Centarra Mining. At the time, Quard Ithan was 1IC, Eric Zahm was 2IC, and Gand was 3IC of the mining company. Gand arranged for a person to pilot a ship into a sun with Quard Ithan as a passenger. In conjunction with the ship being piloted into the sun, Gand fired all of the employees that had more privilege and authority than him except for Quard Ithan. He did not have the authority to displace the 1IC. This hostile takeover took place shortly after Centarra Mining had just claimed one system and negotiated for another. [1]