Chaegel sul C`an

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Chaegel sul C`an
Biographical Information
Race Kaleesh
Homeworld Kalee
Clan C`an
Siblings Qymaen sul C`an, Rael sul C`an
Born Year -20
Languages Basic, Kaleesh, High Galactic, Shryiiwook
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 Meters
Coloring Red
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Kolkpravis sul C`an
Title Khan
Rank Khan
Positions Chief of Recruitment

Personal History

Hatchling no more

Chaegel’s initiation was much like that of his brethren, taken into the grasslands around their village Chaegel was armed with only a shone spear and an bow caster, the spear was huge and heavy to him, he was young and small for his age as a Kaleesh, just barely standing at 1.2 meters in height. His father frowned as the hunting party crept toward the nesting grounds of the Ackleys, Chaegel was clumsy, no-where near the skill level of his brothers with a melee weapon. The party began to crawl as they drew nearer, Chaegel moved carefully armed with his bowcaster and spear, the wind blew sending pollen over the party as the sun rose over the planet in the early dawn, and the Ackley began to wake, alerted by some sixth sense. A sudden roar from the beasts sent a chill down Chaegel’s spine, he quickly went to a knee leveling the bowcaster firing several shots into the chest of an adolescent Ackley, bringing down. In a fury the nest broke out, striking toward Chaegel as the rest of the Kaleesh hunting party sprang into action. Chaegel’s father was a fury, moving with blinding speed, his Lig blades moving in fury, taking limbs from the Ackley leaving them immobile and open to a finish from other Kaleesh. Chaegel moved stumbling amongst the chaos, and bloody carnage around him, a sudden strike to his back sent him to the ground causing him to drop his bow caster, and knocking the air out of him, the small tusks on his face making small lines in the dirt. He rolled to his back looking up at a female Ackley, she raised her head roaring at defiant challenge. For the first time Chaegel knew true fear, armed with only his Shoni spear he rolled to a knee and sprung up, he realized this was the last Ackley, and the Kaleesh had it surrounded yet no one came to Chaegel’s aid. He realized the Kaleesh would die here regardless of whether Chaegel killed it or not, this would be his kill or his death. Chaegel knew he had to move fast, as such he moved quickly throwing the spear into the joint at the forward most joint of the creature’s right leg rendering it useless. Enraged the beast reared knocking him back onto an dead Ackley with a spear embedded in its body, he drew it from the body of the beast and charged the female, barely dodging a strike from the beast before leaping, driving the spear through the base of the creatures neck. The beast fell atop Chaegel burying him, the creature clinging to life rose to finish Chaegel with its forward left leg dazed, Chaegel watched the blade sink into his lower abdomen, blood and organs spewing from the wound, he felt life draining from him. He looked to his right, face pressed against the dirt, and saw his father standing with a look of shame and disgust and turned his back on his son. A sudden sense of fury came over Chaegel as he watched his father turn, and with every last bit of energy he rose, and stumbled to a nearby dead Kaleesh, taking the Lig blade from the dead Kaleesh he hefted it in one hand the blade requiring every ounce of strength he could muster. The Ackley turned to finish Chaegel, as he played with heavy blade in his hand, the pommel was thick and wet with blood from his hands as he took it into a two handed grip. He spun suddenly in a circle and threw the blade, slicing the creature’s neck in two as it soared home.


After recovering from his wounds Chaegel spent a few years training to improve his skill with weapons of various forms, seeking balance in his skill. As this occurred offworlders began to colonize Kalee seeking to civilize the planet, Chaegel watched his local home be torn down in place of a future city he became disgusted, and began raiding with Kaleesh who sympathized with him, seeking the blessing of the Gods. As this occurred the conflict began to stagnate with neither side making many advances, in an effort to give them additional training and an base to operate from Chaegel and his band of followers set out to the desert world of Norbon visiting temples established by Kaleesh colonists eons ago. Arriving on the planet they wandered for weeks, uncovering two temples, Aza`shai the largest of the temples, nestled into a rocky formation amidst the desert which would become home of the Kolkpravis training center, here recruits of all races would make pilgrimage to Norbon and seek the favor of the Gods, the great warriors of the past. From Aza`shai the Kaleesh wandered, coming upon another temple, which Chaegel would take as his temple to honor his ancestors from which they claim heritage, he named the temple Maa`tasis. From there he returned to Kalee hell bent on an Jihad seeking to free the planet Kalee from the oppression of outsiders, he quickly united with his brother Qymaen and began to take fighters off world training them in the hidden temples before returning them to his brother for battle, though Chaegel’s duties on Norbon kept him occupied the two brothers fought side by side several times as they awaited the return of their elder brother Rael.


The Founding of the Kolkpravis was slow, starting some would suggest, in the early days of the resistance led by Qymaen and Chaegel, as the resistance grew it became known as the Kolkpravis. Rael finnaly returned to Kalee in Year 16, met by Chaegel and several others on the planet of Kalee in an captured starport, now occupied by religious fanatics and "rebel freedom fighters" whom now served under the regime and legitimized influence of the Kolkpravis.

The morning was cool as the mist rolled across the ground. Chaegel surveyed the city below from his view in the highrise, sparsely populated as it was several thousand citizens, off worlder and Kaleesh alike had gathered for the return of his older brother Rael sul C`an. Qymaen and Chaegel had spent several years organizing and resisting off world influence, this coupled with the economic prowess that Rael managed to muster led to the freedom of the system of Abbaji and its planets. Now, Rael was returning from afar with a fleet and various additional assets to unite the Kaleesh under one banner to form the Kolkpravis. Thousands had already answered the call, more would follow, Chaegel was sure of it. The sound of shifting furniture brought Chaegel back from his thoughts as a few Kaleesh warriors escorted some outsiders out of the office that Chaegel had assumed control of. Chaegel spun and walked to the desk that once belonged to some political figure on the planet and sat down, accessing the datapad left behind. Chaegel logged in, viewing the estimated time of arrival for Rael’s ship, it wouldn’t be long now, and he had best get to the starport. Chaegel rose, clad in his armor and a loose fitting tunic over top, hiding the bulky armor, he made his way down the turbo lift and walked with several elders and shamans to the starport to await Rael’s arrival. Chaegel arrived at the star port clad in his armor and flanked by a dozen elders of the sul C`an tribe and several others who gave allegiance to Chaegel and Qymaen early on after Rael had left Kalee. Anjyl Paca, Chaegel’s closest companion followed him, she was clad in a light combat armor, it was dented and damaged; they had met early on when Chaegel had first took young warriors off Kalee, testing them in Norbons harsh environment. She had accompanied him in the discovery of the temple Aza`shai, she fought with him reclaiming the temple from the beasts that had inhabited the ruins and caves, it was she who nursed him back to health before they claimed Maa`tasis as his personal fortress. Anjyl moved to his left, a sign of her submission to him, her pistols swaying as they sat in the belt that was slightly too large for her. He smiled to himself, allowing a brief moment of affection for her, their relationship was complicated, and he was unsure of how Rael would take her presence in the welcoming party when they arrived.

He turned and looked at the elders. ”We pray, now.” It wasn’t a question it was an order, a failure to do so would lead to their deaths, so they kneeled. Chaegel knew some knelt only because it would mean their lives, they had been corrupted by the off-worlders. Chaegel knelt with Anjyl just to his left, his trusted body guard, lover, and confidant.

Anjyl shifted uncomfortably behind him as another Kaleesh approached her whispering in her ear. They knew better than to interrupt Chaegel, though he did not possess either of his brothers prowess in physical combat, he was none the less a capable warrior and highly religious in his devotion to his ancestors at that. And so when Anjyl approached him to speak amidst his prayers he knew it was important she knelt close to him he could feel her breath upon the side of his head as she whispered into his ear.

“A message from your brother Rael, well more specifically from Cheriss, they are inquiring into the Tribe of Rallah.”

Chaegel turned his head slightly, hands still clasped and looked at her.

Such a trivial thing collecting info on a Clan.

He thought to himself, nevertheless Rael had asked so it most carry some merit in regards to his travels. He turned to the crowd in the star port as he rose.

“My brother arrives early in the morning, ensure you’re present to pay respects and swear yourselves to him.”

With that Chaegel marched forward through the crowd, Anjyl swift on his heels. The walk to the highrise took some time but the quick flight up the turbo lift to the office that now acted as Chaegel’s apartment was swift. He tapped into the planetary database searching for the name Rallah his results were less than impressive. The family had been captured during the Huk War and sold into slavery on Naboo, during the times of the Old Republic. In ancient times, before any space travel was capable it did say that the Rallah Clan had spawned several hero’s but since then, most of their time was spent farming and participating in small Clan disputes, but had not risen to any prominence in recent years, the blood line had not tasted ambition in years. Chaegel paused for a moment, he could not pass judgement on a Clan do to the wax and wane of power, for even the sul C`an had almost met their demise in the past, only to rise now. He gathered what data he had and sent it to Rael.

He rose from the desk and walked onto the balcony, Anjyl trailing him softly, her bare feet barely making a sound on the durasteel floor. He stared into the sky as the sun set on the planet, the heavens were ablaze with ships in orbit as they gathered for the Khagans arrival; and with the sun setting Chaegel could not help but feel that the balance of power that the C`an’s inherited would rise beyond the heavens and stretch far from here or fall casting shadow on their name. Anjyl wrapped her arms around Chaegel, a brief moment of affection for the pair now that they were in private.

Soon enough Rael would be here, and perhaps more importantly Chaegel's niece; her off-spring could be the future of the Kolkpravis, the ancestors willing.

The city was a bustle in the dim light breaking through the shadows of the night as the sun slowly crept over the horizon. Chaegel rose early, eager to see his eldest brother after so many years, he stretched and headed to the refresher, and he cleaned himself and dressed, choosing to wear an outfit that resembled the traditional clothing of the Kaleesh priests with some minor alterations; a few concealed pockets where he stored a knife and pistol, just in case things went badly today. Chaegel crossed the room to the bed, waking Anjyl by brushing his hand across her face. She smiled to his touch as she woke, clasping his hand in hers. She rose wordlessly and dressed in traditional Kaleesh warrior garb. Chaegel exited his temporary quarters with Anjyl, in the hall were half a dozen Kaleesh religious devotees who, thanks to the propaganda now sowing across Kalee, viewed Rael as a God-like-Messiah, or the “Hulud-Masih” or in basic, the “Eternal Messiah”, they escorted Chaegel and Anjyl through the halls, and streets of the city, this small unique group of dedicated Kaleesh, were a small percentage, but would be key to solidifying their grip in the coming weeks.

The small honor guard gestured to an awaiting barge that was to take him to the Star Port, Chaegel paused, boarding the Star Port could be seen by political enemies as a way the sul C`an line has become “civilized” by the off worlder. Chaegel shook his head, he would walk, as all members of the Kolkpravis, upon the dirt of Kalee and then to the stars to be tested on the desert world of Norbon to then be released to the will of the Khagan, the Hulud-Masih. To many of the youthful religious devotees this would be a pilgrimage of sorts, this was the return of the Kaleesh who freed Kalee of oppression, the first time in many years that they were bound to a Kaleesh and not some politician from another world. Chaegel understood that to control the people of Kalee, the sul C`ans and their supporters would have to create legends, myths and allow rumors to run rampant to cast a larger shadow of influence.

“We shall walk, this small pilgrimage takes us by the way of our ancestors, on foot, to meet where the ones who have freed us from off world leadership will first set foot on Kaleesh ground in centuries.” A small murmur among the crowd sent a chill up Chaegels spine as the fanatical interpreted Chaegels decision. Taking a ride would have been far to easy. He turned to Anjyl whispering in her ear as they walked.

“Send word to my brother, his first steps on Kalee should be barefooted, this will be Holy Ground for the fanatical and a challenge to those would would challenge the new religious devotees as we walk upon the knifes edge of the future and the past; an dangerous play of honoring the ancient Gods and setting the course for glorifying Rael’s image and using it to unite the Kaleesh in a singular movement.”

As Anjyl did as she was told Chaegel smiled, the legends he and his family would build around each of them was a momentous task, one he looked forward to greatly. He knew however, his ideas could not function without the assistance of educated off-worlders, Kaleesh who had been sold off into slavery and educated by prestigious schools of the galaxy, to those who had risen to positions of power in governments of other worlds. He had to build an army of administrators, political idealists and religious leaders, for as Chaegel learned long ago, not all power lays in the art of war.

As they arrived in the star port hanger, Chaegel gazed at the heavens and knelt as if praying. And he did, but to what God’s he was not sure, he had so much to do, so little time. For the sul C`ans all sought Ascension, to be cemented in the legacy of the people of Kalee as Gods.

Sweat dripped down the small of his back as he waited as the sun began to break over the walls of the star port in the East.

The arrival of Rael and his entourage of soldiers and distant members was brief, there were tasks to be done. In the following weeks Chaegel oversaw and managed the shipments of raw materials, build crews and settlers to the planet of Remsh, Remsh was to be the heart of Kaleesh enterprise, tourism and business. A place where non-Kaleesh could thrive in their "cultured" lives as the Kaleesh who desired to follow the way of war could reside on Kalee, which was returning to its natural raw state.


Chaegel's traditional garb is similar to that in other cultures of a Shaman, in battle, he uses a modified heavy battle armor and helmet, fashioned to meet his frame. Appearing at normal height and build for a Kaleesh, Chaegel is the smallest of the three brothers Qymaen, & Rael, Chaegel prefers to wear his hair long, tied in an pony-tail down below his shoulders.


ID# Name Image Commissioned Decommissioned Class Status
405110 CsC Gods Exodus Godsexodus.png Prior to Record Keeping Dreadnaught-class Active
219059 CsC Seducer of Chaos Carracksmall.png 16.190 Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser Active