Char`Kargis Olort

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Char`Kargis Olort
Biographical Information
Race Gand
Homeworld Gand (Planet)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation The Antarian Rangers
Rank Ranger Two
Positions Ranger Two
Prior Affiliation Aratech
Awards *Navy Service Ribbon - NSR
  • Aratech Service Ribbon - ARAS
  • Good Conduct Ribbon - GCR
  • Ranger Activity Ribbon - RAR
  • Letter of Commendation Ribbon - LOC
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Ranger Cross
  • Superior Service Medal
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Ranger Achievement Medal
  • Ranger Betterment Medal
  • Aratech Betterment Medal

Char`Kargis Olort stepped down as Ranger One in late Year 13, Stryder Mordae would become his successor. After stepping down as Ranger One he would assume the post of Ranger Two, which Stryder had previously held. He would remain active in the background after assuming Ranger Two post.

Attended GalaxyFest Year 21 in the Bright Jewel.