Charles Osten

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Charles Osten
Biographical Information
Race Devaronian
Homeworld Devaron
Spouse Fiona Osten
Children Anne Osten
Born Y-20 D180 (34 yrs old)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Red
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore, MandalMotors, MandalTech, Galactic Concordiate, Aliit A'skimus
Rank Ver`alor Cabur
Prior Affiliation Imperial Union,Galindas Exports,Alissma

A veteran Devaronian Mandalorian warrior, Charles Osten is the former Allit'buir of Mandalore's Clan A`skimus, former Mandalorian Deathmatch champion and a long-serving member of Mand`alor Tyr DeMeer's High Command. During his time of service, Charles has fulfilled several roles, including leading the Mandalore Academy, MandalMotors, MandalTech, coaching the Dxun Bes'uliike, acquiring the allegiance of multiple systems to the Mandalorian cause, and contrary to Imperial propoganda, was the commanding officer in charge of the Imperial Union taskforce in the operation known as Aka Slana'pir in which he commanded from the front, aboard the Mandalorian Super Star Destroyer MSS Kad Ha'rangir.

An eccentric gentleman, in his few public appearances, he is known to be wearing a monocle and armed with a vibroblade and a handmade C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun. It is rumored that he holds a secret base of operations in the Demetras Sector, although his personal fleets flagship the Namana-class Light Cruiser Blåmögelost, is often seen residing in the Ojoster Sector

Director of MandalMotors
Preceded By:
Draze Drome
Charles Osten
Year 12 Day 15Year 12 Day 334
Succeeded By:
Talor Dakari