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This article is about the derogatory term. For the deposed emperor, see J. Charon.

"Charonist" was a widely-used, disparaging term for a supporter of Emperor Charon. The term first entered parlance after the merger between the Galactic Empire and the Dark Empire circa Year 3 Day 290 which inaugurated an era of conflicting loyalties among Imperial personnel. Many Dark Empire officers were appointed to a variety of high-ranking positions within Charon's Empire and these same officers would later use their power to overthrow Charon. As the months passed, the merger between the Galactic Empire and Dark Empire proved disastrous. Suspicion and in-fighting were rampant.

Within this newly restructured Empire, supporters of Emperor Charon were referred to as "Charonists" while those who backed Vodo Bonias were dubbed "Vodoists." After the downfall of Charon on Year 4 Day 133, most of his supporters left the Galactic Empire and dispersed across the galaxy; the largest group became part of the Jedi Praxium but drifted away. Unlike the equivalent term Vodoist, Charonist remained in common usage until Year 13.

A number of high ranking Charonists such as Seele, Cyrus Cloudwalker, and Matrel Byden subsequently returned to the Galactic Empire; however, most subsequently left again as part of the New Imperial Order schism in Year 6.

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