Ched Malfizzle

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Ched Malfizzle
Ched Malfizzle.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Ortolan
Homeworld Orto
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Prior Affiliation The Galactic Stock Exchange

Durtan Formel

Ched posted the following to his sales board sometime after the death of Mouse on Year 13 Day 199 and Year 13 Day 216

"WTS: A scammer trapped in a ship wearing customised stormtrooper armour! Durtan Formel was under the safety of Mouse Carrelbee and he wasn't willing to even give the location of the ship with his fellow Duros inside, to anyone. Well unfortunately for him, i'm not as kind as Mouse, i'm not a Duros and I have no loyalty to this Scammer. The ship he is (a sprint) will be madeover to you, giving you to opportunity to arrest him at will. I stopped him from piloting a while ago so he's drifting in space."

Kyber Nights

Oddly enough Ched also ended up owning the ship that held Kyber Nights. He claims he received a request to turn it back over to the Intergalactic Banking Clan. Who then promptly sold the ship to Dark Star Hellions who proceeded to carry Kyber towards his meeting with Banquo Knox, Dark Prince of the Black Sun. Given the offer of Durtan Formel up as well one has to wonder if perhaps Ched actually sold out Kyber as well for credits. Sometimes he who protests the most, is the most guilty.[1]