Cheda Quche

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Cheda Quche
Quche holo 01.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Republica II
Mother Lahani Quche
Father Cyerb Quche
Born Year -10 Day 37
Died Year 14 Day 56 or 60
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85m
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Positions Chief of State
Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance
Prior Affiliation None
Awards Detailed Below
"We stand for Equality, Freedom, Justice and Democracy. We are committed to serving all the free beings of the galaxy, to supporting the cause of freedom and defending those who need to be defended. This is a Republic in service of what is good and what is right; a Republic that stands strong in opposition of those who, like the Empire, wilfully and malignantly usurp the rights of others. That's our place in this galaxy, that's why we have endeavoured for the Republic and the Alliance before it - and that's what we will always strive to do."
— Chief of State Quche

Cheda Quche (born Year -10, Day 037) was a human male who served as the seventh Chief of State of the New Republic and the sixth Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance. Quche began what would be a long career of service to the Republic as a pilot of the Starfighter Command before later branching out to assist in other disciplines. His glittering military career saw him rise to the flag rank of Flight Marshal and become one of the most decorated officers in Republic history. Among his many citations were the Chief of State’s medal, the Hydian Star of Excellence, the Perlemian Star of Freedom, the Rimma Star of Service and the Outstanding Excellence Award (three times).

Although he spent considerable time working as Registrar and Dean of Military Studies for the New Republic Academy, Quche was more often associated with his high-profile role on the Advisory Council, where he was the longest serving High Ambassador in the history of both the Republic and the Alliance. Quche served as both Deputy Chief of State of the New Republic and Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance, before his election to the Office of Chief of State at the beginning of Year 14.

Cheda was an enthusiastic, loyal and optimistic being who earned the respect and friendship of those he worked with and held up to be a prime example of active leadership within the Republic. Despite this, his substantial service and achievements were ultimately tarnished by the confusion surrounding the tragedy of his early death and the forced shortness of his premiership. Conflicting reports place his death in Year 14 on days 56 and 60, when he is believed to have either committed suicide or been executed at the hands of the Galactic Empire respectively after participating in a disastrous operation for the New Republic Intelligence Service. These events are hotly debated by conspiracy theorists to this day, and for some his death marked the end of the Republic’s potential to live up to its name and ideals.



Starfighter Command recruitment poster, circa Year 13.
"I thought ‘a chance to pilot flying coffins’ was the approved recruitment slogan?"
— Cheda Quche, referencing a common joke amongst Republic military officers.

The Republic was still recovering in the aftermath of the Black Sun coup led by Adam A Flynn when Quche joined; and he could not have chosen a better time. Early on in his service he was part of the military response to the Norval Emergency, where the quick response and show of strength by Republic forces gave Republic Diplomacy Command the leverage to negotiate the future security of the system from Arkhan Heavy Industries. This was followed by an extended period working as part of Operation: Clean Sweep; a mission involving the comprehensive scanning of all planets in the sector after the planets were secured in Operation: Forging Freedom – which had famously liberated Kashyyyk and Trandosha from the clutches of the Empire. It was during this period that the junior officer began to make a name for himself as one of the fastest, most dedicated pilots of the Republic, earning the call-sign "Busy Bee" from his fellow officers. He developed a great aptitude for reconnaissance missions, quickly administering sensor scans on numerous planets across the sector under the orders of his superiors.

Over the course of his career Cheda faced far more deadly challenges than reconnaissance in the field and excelled. After the Norval Emergency he was part of the cavalry called to help in the successful repulsion of an incursion of pirates led by Zane Nike on the planet Artheduinor, before featuring in operations North Country, CEO and Suarbi alongside various allied forces and against foes including the Galactic Empire, Black Sun and Eidola amongst others. Conversely he also found himself participating in minor construction efforts across the worlds of the Republic, as well as becoming heavily involved in large-scale projects to develop ecumenopoleis in concert with the Ministry of Culture (now known as the Ministry of Civil Engineering), such as Republica VII (formerly known as Belecalaryn) and Celenor.

By the time of his resignation in Year 13, Quche had risen to the rank of Flight Marshal and had performed well in command positions at varying levels as a Strike Team Leader, Wing Commanding Officer and Battle Group Executive Officer.


After a promising start to his military career, Cheda was approached by his mentor, Lance Nightsky, to assist with Field Training Exercises at the New Republic Academy. Within a few months he would go on to lead the department, having drastically changed and expanded upon the teaching in the military’s signature course and earned the respect and friendship of the academy’s Administrator, Angela LaSalle. In his time at the academy Cheda would help and influence a great number of the students to pass through its gates, first as an instructor but later as long-serving Dean of Military Studies, and would give a great many tutorials on the theory and practice of ‘micro-jumps’ – short, tactical hyperspace manoeuvres designed to limit sub-space travel. Working in close concert with his friend and eventual Academy Administrator, Wedge Achilles, he would oversee large-scale changes as Registrar and second-in-command, helping to develop the academy into what it is today.

Diplomat and Advisor

Quche (left) at the ratification of the Private Sector Agreement with the Medical Circle in Year 12.

Although he spent considerable time working at high levels within the New Republic Academy and Starfighter Command, Quche was most often associated with his high-profile role on the Advisory Council, where he was the longest serving High Ambassador of Republic Diplomacy Command in the history of both the Republic and the Alliance. In this capacity Quche also served as both Deputy Chief of State of the New Republic and Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance, before his election to the Office of Chief of State at the beginning of Year 14.

Cheda’s interest in diplomacy was piqued as he participated in the Republic’s military response to the Norval Emergency in Year 9; as he witnessed Colonel Jack Niels negotiate terms with the defeated incurring forces of Arkhan Heavy Industries. The following year he became a member of the Republic Diplomacy Command alongside friends such as Vol Kamo and Draven Elensar; and less than year later he filled the roles of Executive Ambassador and Ambassador-at-Large to the Galactic Alliance. At this point Cheda was an integral part of the Republic’s Diplomatic Corps, contributing heavily to discussions concerning the future of the department and the assignments of its staff as well as encouraging the attention of the Advisory Council as he undertook delicate negotiations with foreign powers of all allegiances – and succeeded in changing a few.

Copy of an invitation to the Black Forest Day Commemoration Service organised by Quche in Year 12.

Upon his promotion to the post of High Ambassador he would continue to take a detailed approach to all aspects of RDC’s management; personally overseeing the introduction of new organisation to the department, the modernisation of the Republic’s standard templates for various treaties and agreements and government press releases. As a keen proponent of the Senate involvement in the running of the Republic, Cheda would deliver detailed reports to the government’s legislative body and request their input on various changes and potential opportunities. It would also become a testing ground for various innovative ideas he had for diplomacy, although this interest in democratic accountability could be argued as having backfired later in his time as High Ambassador (see: Politics). In addition to maintaining a visible and contactable presence in the Senate Hall, he would also become highly-approachable for matters relating to most other areas of the Republic’s governing, particularly after his appointment as Deputy Chief of State.

By the end of his career in diplomacy Cheda had achieved many successes - both personally and through his leadership of the department - beyond the range of treaties and agreements signed with various foreign powers and private sector organisations. Some were public knowledge: such as the settlement with the Old Republic to transfer full control of Csilla to the New Republic; the successful incorporation of several new powers into the Galactic Alliance; pushing through the creation of Executive Committees in the Alliance (and later leadership of the Diplomacy Committee before becoming Secretary-General); and the Vasha Treaty between the Avance Coalition and Bothan Media Services. Others were lesser known, whether due to the nature of the job or otherwise, though he was said to value of quiet diplomacy and believe that publicity didn’t necessarily equate to its success.


Incongruent though it might seem with his career as a diplomat, Cheda was not a fan of politics. Despite this and tireless everyday efforts for the Republic’s betterment, to some he was memorable due to his appearances before the Senate after his appointment to the Advisory Council.

After an agreeable start to his relationship with the Senate, he found himself at odds with a minority of its members at various points of his tenure as High Ambassador due to disagreements regarding over-legislation and its effect on the Executive branches. Ironically, Cheda was perhaps the advocate for Senate policy, requesting their input into different aspects of the running of the Republic, its objectives and methods, and particularly with regard to the duties and aims of Republic Diplomacy Command. However, through various incarnations of the ‘Diplomacy Act’ he felt the Senate was restricting his department’s ability to do its job by narrowing its effectiveness beyond the interests of democratic principles and necessitating typically long waiting periods in negotiations as the Senate convened to discuss the matter. His arguments on the matter in the Senate Hall were centred on the provision of pro-active policy by the Senate – something he regarded as its constitutional duty - so that RDC could carry out its duties efficiently and in accordance with democratic principles without the typically lengthy, embarrassing delays later on. In the end several proposals to restrict the powers of Republic Diplomacy Command were levelled with varying degrees of compromise and often merely reignited the arguments of both sides without improving understanding of the problem: it wasn’t just that RDC was being restricted in its pursuits, but that it was offered no guidance to allow it to work effectively within the limitations.

In Year 13 his visibility sharply increased as a result of the attentions from a new and controversial Senator, Tyr Tulon. This began in odd fashion. It had transpired that previously passed legislation had removed the right for Republicans to form their own Private Sector Affiliated Organisation (so long as all its members were already Republic citizens, and therefore cleared by Republic Intelligence) from the Private Sector Act. Quche alerted the Senate to this oversight and requested the bill be re-examined to correct the mistake. Whist Senator Achilles confirmed it was, indeed, an oversight, Tulon suggested the lack of Senate approval left the power over these PSAs squarely in RDC’s hands as they prepared the agreement for the new group to sign to make it official; accusing Quche of being ‘power-hungry’, despite the signing being a formality and not a decision-making process. Although his opinion was dismissed by other Senators, Tulon maintained a vocal dislike for the High Ambassador regardless of the topic of debate over the following months. Eventually Cheda put the issue of this rather vulgar distraction to the Senate directly, asking them to consider the problem and whether his presence as an advisor was harmful to the functioning of the Republic. The response was clear: Quche received the defence of his peers, the apologies of many Senators and Tulon found himself reprimanded. Despite this Tulon continued to act inappropriately without further action from the body, though the Nimbanel was later subject to the calling of Vote of No Confidence from the citizenry on multiple occasions.

His disagreements with some Senators aside, Cheda was widely recognised as the most responsive source of information from the Advisory Council to the body of his time – a fact reputedly made all the more likely by the general disdain held for argumentative Senators by members of the Council.

The Top Job

Quche at his inauguration speech in Devotion Prime, Year 14.
"We've come a long way since the first Restoration Day. We've suffered too many betrayals and setbacks, but throughout its history this government has grown considerably and seen many triumphs over our enemies. Even in our darkest moments we have shown the strength, resilience and belief we have needed to recover and return all the stronger. Now we must look at what we can reach for and achieve - not what we can sustain and bounce back from."
— Chief of State Quche

By the end of Year 13, the inevitability of Cheda’s candidacy for Chief of State had been well established in the minds of most Republicans. After his appointment as Deputy to Chief of State Aioko he had found himself facing questions about the distant campaign and pestered by friends and supporters to run for the office. However, it was only in the last few weeks before the election that Cheda himself made up his mind. His campaign was run on the idea of re-invigorating the Republic, building on the stability of the past few years to assert itself as an offensive force against the ‘enemies of freedom’ by ensuring true activity at all command levels and looking towards the development of future leadership and community morale. In a contrast to other candidates, Quche was in the peculiar position of already having led the Republic for brief spells as Acting Chief of State while Chief Aioko was on leave, offering a sense of security to voters. An interesting campaign was marred somewhat by persistent abuses hurled by Former Senator Tyr Tulon, who left the Republic shortly thereafter.

Running against Executive Ambassador Andrew Harris and Director Azriel Pitot of the famed Incom Corporation, the former High Ambassador garnered 48% of the popular vote. This led to a run-off election against Harris, in which Quche emerged victorious with 54% of the vote.[1]


"Cheda was not the first to die for the cause and sadly will not be the last."
— High Ambassador Andrew Harris

There are varying accounts of the manner of Quche’s demise and the events leading up to them. It is generally accepted as fact that, on Day 53 of Year 14, the Chief of State was participating in an operation for the New Republic Intelligence Service when he was cornered and subsequently captured by the criminal known as Fleur`De Rouge, who demanded a ransom for his safe release. Refusing to pay, Quche was later recorded as having died on Day 56 and Day 60 in conflicting reports across the galaxy.

Suicide (Y14, D056)

New Republic broadcast announcing the loss of Cheda Quche, Year 14.
"He never opted to remain in the safety of a Home One Cruiser hidden behind a line of guardsmen. No, our Chief of State was a man of courage and that has ultimately led to his capture. Cheda Quche will be remembered as an active, caring leader for the whole New Republic."
— High Ambassador Andrew Harris

The New Republic reported their leader “missing and presumed dead” on Day 57.[2] Sources inside the government claimed that three days after his capture, on Day 56, Quche was able to send them transmissions via the holonet. Therein he ordered that no attempts be made to ransom his freedom, submitted the authorisation codes to transfer command of the Republic to Achilles as interim leader and, lastly, alerted them of his intentions to commit suicide rather than risk interrogation by the enemy.

Execution (Y14, D060)

"If the Republic could not even protect its single most important person how could they possibly hope to protect the average citizen?"
— Captain Elcid Barrett of the Imperial Tactical Assessment Group

Contrastingly, the Galactic Empire announced Quche’s death on the evening of Day 60.[3] Images broadcast live by the Imperial Information Service showed a man matching the Chief of State’s description being brought to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, where a waiting court began his trial without delay. Summarily declared guilty of all charges and brought to his knees, Cheda Quche was reportedly executed by a single shot to the head from the Emperor’s sidearm.


Upon hearing the news of Quche’s resignation and death, nowhere was there more confusion than in the Republic itself. The Director of the New Republic Intelligence Service, Wedge Achilles, forbade public discussion of the events in the following days, compounding widespread confusion while he took temporary charge of the government. Meanwhile, emergency elections were being organised to elect a new leader of the Republic.

The lack of information left many to speculate on a number of conspiracy theories surrounding Quche’s last few days, whilst causing others to express disappointment in the fallen Chief of State’s judgement. Despite what some commentators described as an underwhelming reaction to his death in Republic territories Quche was reportedly mourned across the galaxy; notably in the Avance Coalition, where he was popular as a result of his earlier ambassadorship to the government, his role in the Vasha Treaty and his personal assistance in bringing parties to the table for Krath-Mandalore peace talks.

However, while the Republic was in disarray the Eidola Pirates – of all people – were the first to act. Within a week of capturing Quche, Fleur`De Rouge was herself captured by the pirate leaders Syn and Squall Chitose - apparently having attempted to arrest the former. She was executed two days later on Day 63.[4] The capture of prominent figures in galactic politics would continue, with Syn arresting Imperial Executor Seele in the coming weeks, although Emperor Ndengin would bow to ransom demands in order to secure the release of his second-in-command.[5]

The months following Quche’s death were characterised by rumours of infighting and - it later transpired – problems with inactive leadership. Meanwhile, the Republic and the Galactic Alliance were accused of a series of misfires with regards to foreign affairs, including the mishandling of diplomacy over events in the Jandur system - where Alliance members Bothan Media Services were accused of attempting to seize control of assets associated with the Mindabaal League. By the end of the year, the Republic’s long-term partner and ally the Falleen Federation would leave the Galactic Alliance and assume neutrality in the Galactic Civil War.

Conspiracy Theories

"Anonymous sources intimate that the capture was made possible by playing on the vendetta against Quche by Director of New Republic Intelligence, Wedge Achilles; one of Cheda's most vocal opponents in many debates within the political machinery of the failing Republic. The source highlights that it was Achilles who vouched for De 'Rouge's reliability, a vital element of trust that provided a pivotal rouse in the mission to arrest the Chief of State."
— Imperial Information Service

In a public broadcast the Imperial Information Service suggested that the capture was made possible due to a vendetta held against Quche by his Deputy Wedge Achilles, the Director of New Republic Intelligence Service and the man charged with the security of the Republic. These conspiracy theories were exacerbated by the actions of divisive figures during the run up to Quche’s election, leading some to question the various people who sought to gain from his death. Rumours circulated that Achilles himself was an agent of Imperial Intelligence and that eventual Chief of State Lukastar Narvaka was a member of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, while Senator Ankha Natanaele fuelled further speculation by suggesting that the late Chief had been giving serious consideration to the activity of the Republic’s Military High Command in the weeks prior to his death.

While in certain circles Quche’s premiership was easily dismissed and his demise forgotten, rumours have persisted about the role the Republic’s Security Service (NRIS) in his death. Despite this apparent lapse of protection for the Republic’s highest office, curiously the interim leadership of Director Achilles led to a succession of Chief of States of close acquaintance who had all served as Directors of New Republic Intelligence, including: Wedge Achilles (interim), Azzi Blackgate, Lukastar Narvaka, Kara Webb (DuMonte). Comparisons have been drawn between the influence of Achilles on Republic politics to that of Executor Seele on Imperial policy, with Achilles spending increasing periods as Acting Leader and overseeing the elections of subsequent Chief of States. Friends of both Quche and Achilles, however, would hotly dispute any accusations of the latter’s involvement in the former’s death.


"The New Republic is in mourning. But the people will be strong. They will stand united and they will keep their ideals, the same ones for which Cheda Quche died. Cheda Quche will be missed, but his memory will live on."
— Acting Chief of State Wedge Achilles

Although Quche is believed to have laid out clear courses of action for the reinvigoration of a stalling government, his more ardent supporters feel that his legacy was sadly neglected. Succeeded by Azzi Blackgate (a Chiss supporter who had formed a part of Quche’s inner circle in the months prior to his death) many of his followers believed the coming term would reflect the promises and ideas that Quche had championed – and to which Blackgate had personally contributed.

However, in the months that followed it became increasingly clear that the prescribed changes were slow in coming, such as the instalment and maintenance of a truly active Military High Command to replace perceived existing frailties. Some of Quche’s former supporters backpedalled to welcome what they believed to be an inactive (but stable) leader, while a few of the more ardent decided to leave the Republic in protest.

Personal Information


The Remembrance Ribbon is worn by members of the New Republic in honour of fallen friends and comrades

A relatively handsome human male, Cheda was usually dressed in the uniform that his duties required and seldom found in casual garb. Regardless of his attire, the Remembrance Ribbon could always be found affixed to his person (ironically, Cheda is now one of the many who died for the Rebel cause that the ribbon honours). He was typically a warm, friendly character, well prepared to offer his assistance to anyone in need – a trait that served him well as a member of the Academy staff. As loyal as he was active, he was a man who truly cared for the galaxy around him and believed thoroughly in the cause to which he had attached himself.


Little is known about how Cheda Quche spent his time outside of his duties for the Republic, but he is known to have found friends in all the lines of work he encountered. He was particularly vocal about his thanks for Lance Nightsky, whom he had both learnt under and worked alongside for many years, and was widely understood to have found firm friends in many of his colleagues: Vol Kamo, Wedge Achilles and Ankha Natanaele amongst them. There is no public record of his romantic relationships, although he was rumoured to have been involved in a private affair in the latter years of his short life.

Service Record

- Joined the New Republic and became a Student of the New Republic Academy - Year 9 Day 37
- Joined SFC upon graduation at the rank of Cadet - Year 9 Day 70
- Promoted to the SFC rank of Flight Officer - Year 9 Day 91
- Promoted to the SFC rank of Lieutenant JG - Year 9 Day 185
- Promoted to the SFC rank of Lieutenant - Year 9 Day 273
- Recruited to the Academy staff as a Field Training Exercises Instructor - Year 9 Day 353
- Promoted to the Academy staff ranks of Master Instructor (Academic) and Vice Chair of FTX (Administrative) - Year 10 Day 53
- Promoted to the Academy staff rank of Department Chair of FTX (Administrative) - Year 10 Day 87
- Promoted to the SFC rank of Lieutenant Commander - Year 10 Day 91
- Promoted to the Academy staff rank of Assistant Professor (Academic) - Year 10 Day 148
- Recruited to the Republic Diplomacy Command staff at the rank of Cadet - Year 10 Day 177
- Promoted to the Academy staff rank of Professor (Academic) and Registrar, Dean of Military Studies (Administrative) - Year 10 Day 201
- Promoted to the Republic Diplomacy Command staff rank of Apprentice - Year 10 Day 220
- Promoted to the SFC rank of Commander - Year 10 Day 249
- Promoted to the Republic Diplomacy Command staff rank of Diplomat - Year 10 Day 276
- Promoted to the Republic Diplomacy Command staff rank of Consul - Year 11 Day 2
- Promoted to the SFC rank of Captain - Year 11 Day 66
- Promoted to the Republic Diplomacy Command rank of Ambassador-at-Large to the Galactic Alliance - Year 11 Day 116
- Promoted to the Republic Diplomacy Command rank of Executive Ambassador - Year 11 Day 148
- Fighter Pilot ranks changed: Captain > Group Captain - Year 11 Day 211
- Acting Headmaster of the New Republic Academy - Year 11 Day 212 to Year 11 Day 258
- Promoted to the SFC rank of Flight Commodore - Year 12 Day 6
- Promoted to the Republic Diplomacy Command rank of High Ambassador and appointed to the Advisory Council - Year 12 Day 18
- Resigned from both the position of Registrar and Dean of Military Studies at the New Republic Academy - Year 12 Day 167
- Promoted to the SFC rank of Flight Marshal - Year 12 Day 186
- Appointed to the position of Diplomacy Committee Leader of the Galactic Alliance - Year 13 Day 60
- Appointed to the position of Deputy Chief of State, the New Republic's Second-in-Command - Year 13 Day 88
- Appointed to the position of Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance - Year 13 Day 234
- Resigned from the SFC rank of Flight Marshal along with all other military positions - Year 13 Day 348
- Elected to be the Seventh Chief of State of the New Republic - Year 14 Day 11
- Withdrawn from the position of High Ambassador of Republic Diplomacy Command - Year 14 Day 17
- Appointed as leader and Chief of State of the New Republic - Year 14 Day 17
- Resigned as leader and Chief of State of the New Republic, appointing Director Wedge Achilles as interim leader - Year 14 Day 56

Awards and Ribbons

"It's fair to say Cheda's exploits and exemplary conduct have been well documented and recognised with various accolades and awards. However, rarely has he been held up for the sheer consistency of the good work he did."
— Chief of State Azzi Blackgate, posthumously awarding the Rimma Star of Service.

- Training Ribbon
- SFC Command Ribbon
- Service Ribbon (4 Years)

- Bar of Employment
- Diplomacy Bar (replaced by CoS Bar, Year 14 Day 17)
- Office of the Chief of State Bar (replaced Diplomacy Bar, Year 14 Day 17)
- Service Ribbon (5 Year)

Final arrangement of Cheda Quche's awards and ribbons.
The Droecil Participant Award.

- Meritorious Unit Medal (Year 11 Day 308)
- Master Pilot (Upgraded from 'Expert' Year 13 Day 239)
- Republic Readiness Award (Year 9 Day 115)
- Meritorious Unit Medal (Year 9 Day 293)
- Instructor Dedication Award (Year 10 Day 61)
- Operation Clean Sweep Ribbon (Year 10 Day 109)
- Republic Service Medal (Year 10 Day 110)
- Republic Service Medal (Year 10 Day 185)
- Master Builders Award (Year 10 Day 312)
- Outstanding Excellence Award (Year 10 Day 312)
- Meritorious Service Medal (Year 10 Day 312)
- High Ambassador's Citation (Year 11 Day 155)
- Outstanding Excellence Award (Year 11 Day 344)
- Master Builders Award (Year 11 Day 344)
- Hydian Star of Excellence (Year 11 Day 344)
- Group Commander's Citation (Year 12 Day 98)
- Perlemian Star of Freedom (Year 12 Day 163)
- Outstanding Excellence Award (Year 12 Day 287)
- Operational Service Ribbon (Year 12 Day 337)
- Chief of State's Medal (Year 12 Day 343)
- Droecil Participant Award (Presented by the Freedom Warriors) (Year 13 Day 149)
- Operation Ancile Ribbon (Year 13 Day 310)
- Master Gunner (Year 13 Day 330)
- Master Leader (Year 13 Day 330)
- Good Conduct Award (Year 14 Day 13)
- Rimma Star of Service (Year 14 Day 96)


Chief of State of the New Republic
Preceded By:
Taka Aioko
Cheda Quche
Year 14 Day 17Year 14 Day 56
Succeeded By:
Azzi Blackgate