Cherub Squadron

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Cherub Squadron
Class Starfighter
Type 12 R-41 Starchasers
Type Customized blue and white exterior
Date of Manufacture c. Y12D250
Affiliation Dacen Tibanna
Events Ambush on an Unknown Krath Planet (scrambled but never saw combat)

Cherub Squadron was a squadron of R-41 Starchasers attached to the Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser Archangel, primary starfighter carrier in Dacen Tibanna's personal fleet. They were repainted with a blue and white exterior, designed by renowned artist and Krath Lord Ellias Aubec, to match the carrier and the rest of its small battlegroup. Assigned to the carrier to aid in its mission of anti-pirate deterrence, the squadron never directly engaged a threat. Though they were placed on high alert during an ambush on an unknown Krath planet, they were not deployed into combat, as the Archangel successfully neutralized the threat with its own turbolasers.