Chiss Ascendancy (Year 8)

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Chiss Ascendancy
General Information
Status Defunct(reformed as Black Nebula)
Leader Isoldor Storm
2IC Bossive Ketwol
Owner Isoldor Storm
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 219 (from 12 Colonies)
Political Information
Affiliation Imperial Union (as Imperial City-State)
Industry Government


The Chiss are proud, noble and extremely intelligent people. Their planet Csilla is found deep into the Unknown Region, a sleeping giant ready to be awakened. The Chiss Ascendancy the government in charge of the Chiss people is that of a complex system that few do understand.

Every Chiss is divided into a clan, in which the clan leaders would meet to decide what large matters must be taken to the nine houses of Chiss. The nine houses would then continue to discuss these matters; if they felt that a matter was larger at hand they would send the specific matter to the four houses of the royal family. The royal family would eventually have the final say on every decision.

The Chiss saw themselves as a peaceful race, with the only military forces being the Expansionary Defense Fleet and the Colonial Phalanxes. The Colonial Phalanxes being a regional defense gird, while the Expansionary Defense Fleet was to expand the colonization of the Chiss. Though these are the two military forces they were large in numbers and not to be taken lightly.

The Chiss did have enemies, though the Chiss Ascendancy never actually declared these races as enemies, they did fight with each other. One being the Vagaari, the constant skirmishes would lead to death on all sides.

Meanwhile, the 12 Colonies had sent recon forces into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, where by in their journeys they came across a picket force. After seeing the possible advantage of these outsiders, the Chiss brought the outsiders to the nine houses. They discuss the possible help against the Vagaari forces, which in the previous battles have caused considerable damage to the Chiss colonization. The Vagaari had also managed to kill major members of the Chiss Ascendancy.

The 12 Colonies aided the Chiss Ascendancy and defeated the Vagaari. The Chiss were grateful to the outsiders, adopting them into the Ascendancy letting some rule over of the royal families. The new Chiss Ascendancy was now diverse with leaders from different planets across the galaxy, from Hapes, Kaut, Corellia, Elom and Falleen. An Alliance was soon struck with the Galactic Empire to rebuild the Chiss legacy.


"'Greetings, for those who do not know who I am, my name is Isoldor Storm,Sith Master and leader of the former 12 Colonies. I have come before you today to tell you my plans for the future. By the will of the noble Chiss, we the 12 Colonies have been adopted into their Ascendancy, to help the Chiss fulfill their dream of expansion into the galaxy. Together we can create a safer and secure galaxy for all who live in it.'To the people of the 12 Colonies, treat the Chiss as if they were your own flesh and blood, treat them like brothers. For you will learn much from them, helping both their and our growth together, creating a strong bond that no forces can break.We have struck an alliance with the mighty forces of the Galactic Empire, they will aid us both Military and Economically, they are our friends, they might see things differently then us but we need their support.Together we will all strive to our dreams together, forging our own destines, fates and our way of life. We must stand together, for separated we will fall but together we are unstoppable. Imperium Sine Fine.'"
— Chancellor Isoldor Storm An Announcement to the Chiss and the people of the former 12 Colonies:,Year 8 Day 219, 19:25:43(*Translated from Cheunh to Basic*)

During the reorganisation process, Isoldor Storm was assassinated, which resulted in a series of leadership changes, the last of which created Black Nebula.