Chiss Ascendancy (Year 9)

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Chiss Ascendancy
General Information
Status Defunct (Year 9)
Leader Inrokini`luci Sabile
2IC Parias `al` Saoben
Owner Inrokini`luci Sabile
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 296
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Religion


The Chiss Ascendancy is a grouping of the 9 families of Csilla. These families include the most popular four to which their leaders, Aristrocra, belong. These families are Csapla to which is responsible for affairs of the state; Nuruodo which is responsible for military and foreign affairs; Inrokini which is the primary family in charge of industry and science; Sabosen which are responsible for social issues such as health, education and the justice system.

Though a neutral group in galactic politics, they are allied with Black Nebula, the legal and respected government of the Chiss home planet of Csilla, to which Prard`al`Keyrek, the elected leader of the Nebula, is a faithful Chiss. We also abide by our Non-Aggression Law, but we can not take responsibility for any of those who are not members of the ascendancy to follow the same courtesy regardless of if they are friends or enemies, we must live our own way.

Although we represent our own culture, the speaking of Cheunh and care for our own, we still are intrigued to learn about many others and how they have existed while being inferior to that of the Chiss. In some special circumstances we may also allow non-Chiss sentients to be allowed access to some of our own knowledge and services.


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The Chiss Ascendancy, the formal command and organizational structure of the Chiss peoples of the planet Csilla, under the governmental administration of Black Nebula.

The Ascendancy was once created as an unofficial grouping of many Chiss and their respected friends and allies. The nine houses of Chiss, mainly Csapla, Inrokini, Sabosen, and Nuruodo, to which the 4 Aristocra belong, organized all of the clans into one. Through the help of The 12 Colonies, the Ascendancy had become part of its true potential, a legalized government. Although their elected leader, not a Chiss himself, but still highly respected by the Ascendancy, Isoldor Storm, was assassinated, and many of the assets pillaged by the typical greedy sentient beings of the galaxy; the ideal of an official Chiss grouping however did not die with its predecessor’s liquidation.

With thanks to Black Nebula, though they have no connections to the former Ascendancy or The 12 Colonies, to which they have volunteered to help organize and support the uprising of a Chiss Ascendancy as a social grouping to allow all Chiss and their respected friends and allies once again to take part.

Although the Ascendancy bears the same name as its predecessor, it does not include the former command of its predecessor or any of its other legal matters, only the ideals of a single independent state for the betterment of the inhabitants of Csilla.

The group focused on recruiting Chiss members, although nonchiss would welcomed if approved by the current leader.

For reasons that remain unknown to the public, the group eventually voted to dissolve.