Chiss Separatists

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The Chiss Seperatists are a group founded by the withdrawal of House Amals from the Chiss Ascendancy in Year 21. They are currently aligned to the Separatist Movement of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Chiss Separatists trace their founding to the moment that House Amals left the 7th Chiss Ascendancy in Year 21, however it wouldn't be until Year 24 that they would begin to openly identify themselves as Separatists, marking a pivotal moment for the movement. Originally, House Amals had been one of the three major Houses of the Chiss Ascendancy and would grow to be one of the largest within the wider Chiss Community. House Amals openly welcomed foreign sentients into their House, advocating a way for non-Chiss sentients to acquire citizenship within the Ascendancy. During its tenure within the Council of Families, political disputes arose between Amals and the other major Houses; House Csohn and House Hzebi which ultimately led to House Amals going into a self-imposed exile and leaving the Chiss Ascendancy until such time as the political climate of the Ascendancy aligned with the ideological views of House Amals.

In Year 22, the House funded the creation of the Scrapper Guild, headquartered in the Chagri System within the Bogden Sector. Eventually the organization would migrate north to the Nijune Sector and establish a permanent presence within the Zrak System, aligning itself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. By Year 24, the Scrapper Guild would merge with Sprizen Mineral Holdings and officially form the main material supplier of the Confederacy, completing its merger with the Government.

Objectives and Goals

House Amals continues to seek the original mandate of the Chiss Ascendancy, that is its self-governance and self-determination free from external political influence. At present, it does not recognize the current ruling authority of the Chiss Ascendancy as the legitimate government, a view which briefly escalated during Year 24 when the Grand Syndic no longer recognized House Amals as a major House.

Separatists do not engage in political advocacy within the Ascendancy or participate within its politics, instead they shore up their own presence elsewhere in the galaxy to create a haven for Chiss by showing a better way of governance free from the historical political turbulence that they believe continues to plague the Ascendancy.