Chokk Ovin Jix

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Chokk Ovin Jix
Biographical Information
Race Klatooinian
Homeworld Klatooine
Mother Dathada Ovin (missing-presumed dead)
Father Ba'adblood Jix
Spouse Zeiro Roma-Ovin
Partner Lace Ch`red (consort)
Siblings Barada Ovin (deceased)
Ximaro Jix
Xakic Jix (deceased)
Xerik Jix (suicide)
Xabull Jix (deceased)
Children rumors
Born unknown
Died Year 17 Day 67
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Coloring brown with a reddish tint
Eye Color dark brown
Political Information
Affiliation The Black Light Pirates
Rank Lord, Magistrate, Shateigashira, Black Hood

Title: Robber-Baron, Black Light, Immortal

Prior Affiliation Dread, Zann Consortium, Moonlight Transit and Company
Awards Quote: "There is no guilt if you do not hide it."

The Beginning

This individual is the byproduct of a year long tryst between a Falleen security contractor of the Hutt Cartel and a buxom Klatooinian cantina owner. The boy had little recollection of his father besides his namesake surname. But he had a fighting aptitude like his father and became a delinquent despite his keen intellect. The youngster was known for participating in illegal youth pit-fight tournaments or running secret sabaac games during class-studies, just to mention a few things, before age thirteen. Eventually his mother was able to channel his energy and scraped together enough credits to send him to a boys academy for secondary school education. Despite this liberal education he nonetheless has been known to speak Huttese only poorly.

Lost Innocence

As fate would have it... the uprising against the Hutts began the day of his graduation and he and his brother Barada volunteered to become skirmishers for Fountain Security Forces. Some time later the Galactic Alliance became involved since the skirmishers had gained some notoriety, fending off the troops trying to steal from the Fountain in forays in and around around the Derelkos desert. This made them secretly "Wanted" while the GA publicly tried to negotiate peace with Klatooine, other former Hutt enslaved planets and the Hutts themselves. Eventually the Galactic Alliance forces arrested Barada and some of his crew aboard a small frigate. Despite ruthless interrogation by a Rebel Captain, Barada refused to talk and the captured ship inexplicably exploded shortly after the Galactic Alliance Captain's departure. Barada Ovin was killed along with the entire crew of the frigate. Following his death the mantle of leadership for the Resistance fighters passed to Chokk Ovin. Barada's death served as fuel for Chokk's anger against politicians and governments with few exceptions. Chokk took the band of freedom fighters offworld as a mercenary company and renamed them Ovin's Sandpanthers.


Warrior Soul

Ovin's Sandpanthers quietly worked the space lanes for some time, keeping an ever watchful eye for Galactic Alliance, Trade Federation, and Imperial Union patrols while conducting raids on ships, establishments, companies, and stations. His infamy grew and which soon came to the attention of the Krestviniic of the Zann Consortium crime syndicate and an individual named Shane Tayjer contacted him. There was a conference between the three where an agreement was made to merge Ovin's Sandpanthers with a newly formed group of pirates known simply as Dread.

After several discussions with the Krestviniic, he revealed his true name and it was discovered that they had the same father. So one blood brother lost is another blood brother gained and Ximaro suggested he take the family name since it was his birthright. Chokk added it to his mother's last name and he became Chokk Ovin Jix.

The Family Business


With Shane Tayjer as the Grim Reaper and Chokk as Second-In-Command, Dread Pirates outlasted all the other pirate groups except the scallywag government under the Pirate King Squall Chitose. For a while his brother Ximaro Jix took over as the Skeleton Hand, and his friend Robert Reynolds succeeded him as the Black Cloak. Soon after Shane retired, Chokk took an extended hiatus and upon his return, he was recalled to his roots in the family business of Zann Consortium and given the honorific title of the Black Light for his service to Dread; along with his other brother Xerik Jix. Chokk served as Dark Ambassador for the Zann Consortium; other than this his current whereabouts and exploits are unknown.

The Change