Chopani (Sector)

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Chopani Sector.png
General information
RegionOuter Rim Territories
Controlled ByThe Resistance
Astrographic EntryChopani

The Chopani sector is a region of space in the Outer Rim Territories comprised of the Antmuel and RZ7-6113-23 star systems. The systems were discovered on the 74th and 40th days of Year 17 (CGT), respectively, by Gree Trade Authority reconnaissance teams. Antmuel was colonized solely by the Gree Trade Authority while RZ7-6113-23 was secured by a joint Gree and Mando'ade task force. On the 244th day of Year 17 (CGT), Tomas o`Cuinn of the Gree Trade Authority released its holdings in the Chopani sector to The Resistance, with Mando'ade doing the same shortly after.



System Position Planets Population Controller
Antmuel (2, 378) 6 109,102,252 The Resistance
RZ7-6113-23 (12, 385) 2 12,622,808 The Resistance