Chunbacca Khan

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Chunbacca Khan
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Taakarroo
Born Year -34 Day 132
Died Year 9 Day 98
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Rank Cabinet Member
Positions Ministry of State
Prior Affiliation Dorinian Military Corps

Chunbacca Khan was discovered on the warm planet of Taakarroo as a small child. Abandoned and alone, with no parental input, he was forced to learn the ways of the galaxy, before undertaking the adulthood ritual on Kashyyyk. Taking a role in the Trade Federation government, commencing as a administrator, the Wookiee excelled in the ways of government and was appointed as the Mayor of Vinsoth. As the Trade Federation created plans to incorporate the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Chunbacca rose further up the government hierarchy to be special advisor and aide to the Viceroy and the Cabinet. While plans were set in motion for him to assume the role of Viceroy, Chunbacca suffered a ship malfunction while in the Si`Klaata Cluster on a diplomatic envoy, sending him to his death in the Klatoo Sun.

Where Do We Begin?

Not a Regular Wookiee

While most are born into a loving family in a hospital, or in terms of Wookiees, among the treetops of Kashyyyk, Chunbacca Khan was abandoned on the hot world of Taakarroo, the first planet of the Kashyyyk system. While the first few years of his childhood are a fading memory, Chunbacca found himself without a family or any assistance, instead having to learn to hunt and survive as a small, unprotected Wookiee. While malnourished and weak, he was still able to make ends meet. Moving throughout the small pockets of grassland on the planet, Chunbacca was able to catch various local creatures like Fambaa, Eopie and Falumpaset, using some for food and sustenance, while selling the rest to local merchants in order to generate some revenue to improve his standard of living. Through the influx of credits he was receiving, he was able to inevitably gather enough to purchase transport to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk and incorporate himself into a local tribe to begin his passage into adulthood. While the spaceport on Taakarroo was rudimentary at best, it still saw passage of several GR-75 Medium Transports, which ensured a cheap price for the journey. While the prospect of space travel was new to Chunbacca, he embraced it with open arms, eager to get his feet off the ground of a warm planet and into the coldness of space towards the Wookiee home world where he could commence the next chapter of his life.

Upon his arrival, he moved from the upper levels of the planet, before moving into the Shadow Forest in an attempt to build is reputation on the planet. While the temperature was considerably lower than what he had previously experienced by on Taakarroo, Chunbacca was quick to adapt by building a small rudimentary home in the base of a tree while he thought of a strategy to become noticed by the local clans. While lacking substantial weaponry, and regularly facing attacks from Katarns, large mammals native to Kashyyyk, he was able to fend them off with forged, rudimentary weapons, sustaining minimal wounds.

A Young Chunbacca.

As the corpses of the various Katarn littered the forest floor, Chunbacca could use some to improve his living conditions, skinning them in help breka the wind and keep him warm, while selling the remainder as trophies to tribal elders and initiates to spread word of his conquests. After months passed and his trophies became more frequent, Chunbacca was approached by hunters from both Maarwraawroo and Truvvhhurr tribes. Flattered by the offers of both tribesman, Chunbacca spent several days pondering his decision, before deciding that the smaller tribe of Maarwraawroo would better suit his way of life.

The Rite of Passage

Even though he had spent a portion of his life on the forest floor, Chunbacca felt it essential to complete the common Wookiee coming of age ritual known as the Test of Ascension. Returning to the tree he once called home, he returned to his hunting ways, while completing the other rudimentary tests required to successfully pass the test. Given his previous experience at the majority of the test, many tribal elders had little doubt in his success. While he completed the tests easily, Chunbacca went further into the deep jungle in search of a Syren Plant to show his prowess. Identifying the plant by its two ovular, bright yellow petals that were divided in half and its extremely thick, mottled, blood-red stock, Chunbacca decided to undertake the highly risky task of harvesting some Syren fibres without assistance. While the pheromones of the large yellow petals tried to confuse his consciousness, he patiently waited for the ideal moment, before gently caressing the planet and extracting several fibres. Once extracted, Chunbacca slowly placed them inside a clasp on his rudimentary belt, before fending off the attacks of the large plant as he departed. Upon his return to the party elders of the Maarwraawroo tribe, Chunbacca presented his various trophies and completed assignments, before revealing the extracted fibres from the Syren Plant. Immediately initiated, Chunbacca was welcomed by the impressed council, granting him a personal weapon, the weapon of the Wookiee, a Bowcaster.

With his initiation complete, Chunbacca spent some time living among the trees, embedding himself within the Maarwraawroo tribe, and for the first time in his life he felt like he had a family. Learning all there was to know about his fellow tribesman, Chunbacca spent a large amount of time studying the Wookiee culture and its history and customs, to ensure his actions and behaviours reflected those of a true Wookiee, so he would not appear to be an outsider like he really was. He began to take a number of responsibilities within the tribe as an envoy, travelling through the forest floor on dangerous assignments, as well as journeying between the various tribes when required to conduct a number of rituals or tribal discussions for the sake of Kashyyyk. While he had a thirst for violence like any other Wookiee, Chunbacca enjoyed his role as an important individual, someone of purpose and responsibility. While he felt a great sense of loyalty towards his tribe, he needed a larger scope to truly experience the ways of diplomacy and management, something Kashyyyk could simply not provide. While an outsider welcomed into the tribe, he always had the ability to depart the forest planet and keep his standing, provided he did not harm to the reputation of the Wookiee or the Maarwraawroo tribe. As he bid farewell to his tribesman for the moment, Chunbacca travelled up to the various levels to the offworlder constructed spaceport, to organise a transport. Given his lack of credits, Chunbacca traded a number of private trinkets and trophies to barter himself transport on one of the passing GR-75 Medium Transports, letting the shuttle determine his final destination instead of setting a course himself.

Everything Has a Purpose

The GR-75 Medium Transport eventually arrived at its destination, leaving Chunbacca stranded at a spaceport on Corellia. While the local populous had seen Wookiees on various holovids and communications beamed throughout the galaxy, their nature was one of hesitation and distrust towards Chunbacca. Due to his lack of credits, he was forced to live on the steers, using his skills learnt on the forest floor of Kashyyyk to construct basic cover in an alley from discarded materials from one of the many business districts. When he wasn't struggling to sleep throughout the night, he wandered the streets of the city in search of a purpose during the day. With news spreading throughout the planet of negotiations between the Galactic Empire and the Trade Federation, Chunbacca decided to attend an open session, to observe various envoys communicate for their people. While Chunbacca knew all about the history of the Galactic Empire when it came to butchering Wookiees, he focussed on the emissaries of the neutral Trade Federation government, and in particular a local Corellian, Nereus Erurestro. Easily impressed by his negotiating abilities along with the compassion he had for his people, Chunbacca quietly introduced himself to the man, in an effort to learn more about what it took to become someone of status on a galactic scale. Treated to a meal, Nereus outlined what the Trade Federation was about, and that they had seen dark times during the rule of Viceroy Ace Menshu, but had since recovered and prospered under the leadership of Viceroy Corbin Esco and his replacement Toran Slisik, and that it could use an aspiring Wookiee within its government. The gesture was highly appreciated and Chunbacca graciously accepted the invitation, boarding a Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle and heading for the Trade Federation capital of Taanab.

Federation Fundamentals

Where to Begin

As he toured around the Trade Federation headquarters with Nereus, Chunbacca began to understand the inner workings of the trading conglomerate. Having recently reaffirmed their position in the galaxy as the ruling government within the Zeemacht Cluster, the Federation was in the midst of market growth and an increase in the overall populous. As Nereus returned to his role as Duceroy and the overall direction of the Federation with Toran Slisik, Chunbacca was placed within the Ministry of State, handling immigration and security for the large amount of refugees and new citizens to the capital of Taanab. Using an assigned 3PO Protocol Droid to help communicate his Wookiee speech to those unable, Chunbacca immediately saw to a growth in citizenship, processing a variety of applications and requests for immigration. While the work was highly enjoyable for him, he was frustrating by the constant malfunctioning of his assigned 3PO Protocol Droid and his desire to rise further within the government.

Chunbacca repairs his assigned 3PO Protocol Droid.

Through his tireless work, his commitment and efficiency were soon recognised, moving him up in responsibility within the State Department, where he was given the title of Mayor of Taanab. Aside from overseeing his initial responsibilities, he would now be charged with managing the local economy, criminal activities and law enforcement, while reporting to the Governor of the Taanab System. Having received the recognition and finally getting the responsibility where he could make an overall difference, Chunbacca had never been in a more happier place in his life.

While he worked within the Taanab System as Mayor, he was also regularly called upon to be an envoy for an endeavours with the Wookiees of Kashyyyk, a role that saw him return to his tribesman several times each galactic year to bring news from the various corners of the galaxy, while allowing trade and commerce to prosper between the two parties. The regular travel saw him stretch various resources of Taanab to depleting levels, an issue he sort to remedy with Trade Federation command. Meeting with Nereus Erurestro and another cabinet member Dev Nul, Chunbacca put a personal request forward for the implementation of a staff ship lease program, which allowed employees and sentients within the Trade Federation to use previously impounded vessels as personal transport, instead of using community shuttles from within the civilian grids and wasting resources. The request was debated and approved, giving Chunbacca access to a personal YT-1300 to complete his various assignments. When he wasn't travelling and overseeing the planet of Taanab, Chunbacca spent a great number of hours within the local government office, or aboard the Taanab Orbital Governance ship, a Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship, the TFN Tenacity. The large capitol ship allowed Chunbacca to see the entire planet from a large view screen, a place he felt comfortable when dealing with planet wide issues, instead of travelling to the individual cities as it would be inefficient.

The Birth of the Confederacy

With the Trade Federation government seeing immeasurable success after its affirmation, plans were put in place to begin the inception of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. With the Commerce Guild and Techno Union being the first companies to show themselves to the galaxy, Chunbacca was moved from his position as Mayor of Taanab and promoted to help with the overall structure of the Confederacy. With a number of Trade Federation Government personnel being transferred into new business ventures, Chunbacca was welcomed into the Government's Cabinet, and granted access to the highest echelons of information surrounding the Federation. One of his first assignments was to oversee the creation of the third business of the Confederacy. With raw material efforts handled with the Commerce Guild and the manufacture of the fleet under the guidance of the Techo Union, Chunbacca and the cabinet both agreed that Droid Production was the next logical step. While a suitable location was scouted, Chunbacca travelled through various uninhabited territories and friendly ports in search of an appropriate place for the corporate facility and droid manufacturing plants for the droids. While scouting, using a number of independent transports, Chunbacca met a Corellian by the name of Doc Jessa. While the young, aspiring individual was somewhat lost in his path, Chunbacca out of habit told him about the Trade Federation and its goals, much like Nereus had done to him. While the journey was relatively short, a business connection was forged as they shared a number of personal experiences and thoughts about various galactic events, something Chunbacca thought he could call on when he needed.

After a number of scouting expeditions to various corners of the galaxy, Chunbacca became frustrated at the apparent lack of a suitable settlement site. However the issue was about to take an unexpected turn in the positive direction as the Trade Federation was contacted by Jedi Master Vel Koon, a wise Kel Dor who was keen to support the Federation, who was also willing to finance and colonise his home planet of Dorin, in an effort to boost its economy and lower unemployment.

Jedi Master Vel Koon.

After several meetings together, happily, an accord was signed welcoming the Jedi into the Confederacy of Independent Systems under the banner of the Dorinian Military Corps. Given the strong friendship that had quickly formed between them, Chunbacca spoke the Duceroy Nereus Erurestro and took a temporarily leave of absence from the Federation to aide his friend in the creation of the company and its various resources, assuming the role of Deputy Director. Together they oversaw the construction of a new factory network, giving the Dorinian Military Corps and effective web of facilities to handle the Trade Federation's demand of the Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid and the Super Battle Droid. As output commences, Vel began to oversee the financial outputs and revenue gains from sales, while Chunbacca managed the output and logistical operations. With the aide of the Techno Union's C-9979 Landing Ships, droids were quickly transported throughout Federation space, increasing security on all civilian planets, a move welcomed by a large percentage of the population within the Zeemacht Cluster, while allowing surplus droids to remain in storage should they be required to aide in conflicts or disputes in or around Federation space.

Changes, Changes

Severing Outside Interests

With the droid factories functioning at optimal levels and output soaring, Chunbacca resigned his temporary position within the Dorinian Military Corps and returned to Taanab and his role within the Trade Federation cabinet. Upon his return, he spent the following few months working closely within the main palace, getting back up to speed on matters he had been too busy to attending Jedi Master Vel Koon. With the Confederacy now outfitting three corporate entities, the Trade Federation had an effective manufacturing network and no longer had to rely on outside interests to continue its ventures. While Chunbacca tried to maintain trade and commerce with his fellow Wookiees, the Confederacy now monopolised most of his time, and with its internal interests, output from Kashyyyk was more expensive and not as compatible with the growing Federation machine. Using his leased YT-1300 once more, he travelled back to Kashyyyk to explain the various governmental changes and the loss of contracts with the Trade Federation. While hesitant to relay the news given his previous standing as an outsider and the look that he was abandoning his people, Chunbacca sought a private audience with the various tribes to explain the situation. While some were distraught and angry, others understood the changing nature of the galaxy and were accepting of the changes. For what seemed like an eternity, Chunbacca walked back to his YT-1300 and set a course to return to the Taanab System. Unsure of where he stood in the eyes of his people, he felt a feeling of dread and worry grip his body, struggling to sleep as he felt sick to his stomach. He had sworn an oath to a tribe, one he had arguably just broken by damaging their interests and while they were understanding, it still didn't sit right.

As he retuned the leased YT-1300 to the docking bays of the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship, the TFN Tenacity, Chunbacca immediately contacted Duceroy Nereus Erurestro for guidance. While he explained the course of action might cause some discomfort or displeasure to some, it was the evolution of business. As interests changed and parties grew to the point of self sufficiency, external stakeholders and suppliers would inevitably cut out as it was both inefficient and too much of an expense. Sympathetically he spent a number of hours with Chunbacca explaining and understanding his dilemma, something Chunbacca greatly appreciated. As the conversation continued onboard the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship, Nereus explained to Chunbacca that several high level cabinet members including himself, Dev Nul and Viceroy Toran Slisik would be soon entering into retirement, and that he would now be groomed to become the next Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Surprised at the large number of retirements coming to the Federation, Chunbacca graciously accepted the challenge, having worked for the Federation his entire life he knew no other way to live, no other cause to follow, no other government to pledge allegiance. With Nereus leaving him aboard the battleship, Chunbacca spent the next few days planning his eventual rise to the top, being able to sit in the chair of the Viceroy at the Royal Palace, while not just overseeing a planet, but an entire sector as the leader of a government.

Change of Plan

Engaging in secret meetings to plan a smooth transition between the outgoing and incoming governments, Chunbacca quickly established his thoughts for a cabinet, explaining that he already had Jacob Jansen in mind for the role of Duceroy. The appointment was unanimously supported, and Chunbacca felt happy as the decisions were immediately becoming easier as he began to prepare for his transition into prominence. Knowing the responsibility that was soon to be bestowed on him, Chunbacca took a weeks leave of absence, borrowing an unneeded Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle from a expeditionary fleet and travelling to a small corner of the galaxy in search of a private hideaway. While he surveyed a number of prospective locations, Chunbacca was drawn to the quiet moon of Kintan Gamma in the Si`Klaata Cluster. Its uninhabited nature gave him the perfect opportunity to construct a private planet of peace and tranquility, a place to escape when necessary away from the mountains of paperwork and undesirable scrutiny that came with a governmental role. Despite the moon being in the middle of Hutt Space, the system was barely touched by passing travellers given its indirect nature to galactic trade routes, ensuring it would always be quiet from the growing galactic populous.

With his private sanctuary selected, Chunbacca began to survey the remainder of the system for material deposits and black holes, or anything that might encourage visitors to the system. As the journey brought him closer to the sun known as Klatoo, Chunbacca's Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle began to experience a number of malfunctions. As he attempted to investigate, the shuttle lost power and began to be drawn into the sun's gravitational pull. As he hastily investigated the ships engines and directional seniors, replacing wires and parts, the problem failed to remedy itself. Regardless of the extensive effort he put in, she ship slipped further into the sun's grasp. As he investigated further, Chunbacca noticed a leak in the engine that had short-circuited the navigational equipment as well as the steering, a problem that he would not be able to correct in the necessary timeframe. In a fit of Wookiee rage, Chunbacca threw a number of his tools around the ship, smashing what fixtures he could as the ship hurtled towards the sun. Returning to the cockpit, Chunbacca took a seat and began to hastily type a message to the Trade Federation cabinet, explaining the situation. Inputting his last known coordinates, Chunbacca completed the transmission, however before he could transmit it, the ships power was disrupted before the hull began to break up due to the immense heat. Roaring from the discomfort, Chunbacca was burnt alive in the sun of Klatoo, unable to rise to his position of prominence within the Trade Federation. While an accident, several galactic news organisations inevitable ran stories of a suicide, while others suspected foul play within the Trade Federation government.