Church of Reansucru

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Church of Reansucru
General Information
Status Dissolved / NFG
Leader Sami Freemason
2IC Gabriel Kaine
Headquarters Planet Danuta
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 185
Dissolved Year 15 Day 137
Political Information
Affiliation Holowan
Industry Religion
Holosite Church of Reansucru


The Reansucru faith is a belief in the Force and as such has no structure or titles. The Church however is a physical embodiment of the faith. So while its focus is on the faith, the Church utilizes classifications, laws, and other means of structure to provide a foundation for followers to live by. Early tenants of the faith classified the force as neither good nor evil, dark or light. It did however come to the belief that there were different aspects of the faith that presented themselves in how one lived their lives. Come to be known as the Shades of the Force, the colored classification of how the Force worked in us became a foundation of the Church's Dogma.

To that end, when the Church reemerged in the fourteenth year of Darkness, it abandoned the earlier model of seeking to include everyone into the faith community. Doing so required too much flexibility and variations depending on which culture, race, or social norms, that it became to difficult to encompass every walk of life into the Church's lifestyle. The faith still could easily apply to all, but the physical Church itself was being stretched to thin that it was quickly losing its identity. For these reasons, amongst others, the Church, in its revised state, sought out to narrow its scope and focus, thusly taking on the role as an embodiment of the White Shade of the Force.

The prior model of the Church did not seek out to place any laws, edicts, or regulations on its followers. Its beliefs were that such restrictions took away from ones focus on the Force, but after watching the Church's disorganization with its prior policies, it became evident that a focus on the Force could be attained with a respect and adherence to law and order. In fact, many of the Church's followers take solace in the knowledge that they can live their lives by a set of codes and find peace and tranquility in doing so.

In the early part of Year 15, delegates from the Church and Holowan Mechanicals met on the planet Danuta in the Colavas System to discuss how the people and systems of Ardroxia, Cejansij, and Colavas could come together in a united bond of brotherhood and prosperity. At the conclusion of the summit, it was agreed upon that the Church of Reansucru would merge its sovereign territories with those of Holowan Mechanicals creating one unified entity often referred to as Holowan Proper. In this new Holowan, Crueya Vandron would serve as the Lord Regent, while the Church's Magister, Gabriel Kaine would become the Lord Protector. Furthermore, the Church would become a division of Holowan and the Reasucru Faith would become its official religion.

As a faith community, often referred to simply as 'The Faith', the Church seeks to better educate and serve the community by focusing on its education and community outreaches. Those who seek to serve the Faith's spiritual needs are known as Religio. All of the Church's celebrations, ceremonies, and services are conducted by those within this Order. The other order in the Faith is the Doctrina. It serves to better the Church's religious holdings by devoting their lives to passing on wisdom and lore of Reansucru and its different Shades. It is common practice for those serving the Doctrina to adopt a devotion to the Shade that best embodies their spiritual core, which will often employ them as professors and or councilors in the numerous education system of the Church