Cirrus Colonies Incorporated

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Cirrus Colonies Incorporated
General Information
Motto "Building a better tomorrow."
Status Active
Leader Ralph Maximus
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 320
Dissolved Year 16 Day 290
Political Information
Affiliation The eXiles
Industry Trade Conglomerate

Cirrus Colonies Corporation (CCI) is a construction corporation.


Cirrus Colonies Incorporated was founded as a joint operation between private investors and the Old Republic. Founded to bring outlying citizens relief from recent seismic tremors on a local planet, Cirrus Colonies Inc. produced in much haste many prefabricated buildings and temporary shelters. These shelters, although cheap, did not lack the quality needed to be used as permanent settlement buildings and many private parties, mainly governments, bought them for colonization expeditions. After the relief effort stopped and the colonies were rebuilt the Old Republic seeing the value of the company decided to open its doors for public sales. Now producing the finest prefabricated buildings skyhooks and stations in the galaxy, Cirrus has expanded to include a small trading firm. While developing this trading firm Cirrus located the plans to the plans of the Trading 1 and 2 stations using them as staging points to deploy the prefab buildings and relief efforts. Now the company thrives by building and producing the many entities available to them along with providing the highest quality management staff available.

History of CCI

Founded on Year 12 Day 320 Cirrus Colonies Corporation was founded as a dedicated relief construction It quickly grew to include trading and logistics operations as well. Striving to produce the best quality prefabricated structures available, we at CCI refuses to allow any under par products leave our factories and constantly hold quality control checks to assure the quality of the products. We value safe conditions for all of our members and refuse to cut corners to save costs, instead buying our materials directly from the mines and refining them ourselves. Our slogan “Building a better tomorrow” represents our vision and goal to give a home to those sentients affected by disasters of any type. Whether we are putting up shelters for the Aliens or assembling shipyards for the Mon Cala we hold true to that slogan and build a better tomorrow, today. When experience and trustworthiness matters, Cirrus Colonies Corporation is your place to do business. With excellent standards and top of the line facilities we produce a wide array of products at competitive prices. Remember, only a Cirrus Colonies Corporation can you get the quality that you not only demand, but deserve!


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