Cisrani Sabacc

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Cisrani Sabacc
Biographical Information
Race Amani
Homeworld Maridun
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 7'6"
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Blackskull Trading, Kyr'tsad
Rank Doc, Alor
Prior Affiliation Kingdom of Elysia, Black Hand, Aurodium Legion, New Republic

Cisrani Sabacc is a male Amani that was born on Maridun in Year -10. He is currently a slaver for Blackskull Trading.

Early Life

Cisrani was born on Maridun in Year -10 to two elders of his local tribe. Because of the status of his parents in the tribe, he was born and destined to be a great warrior amongst his people. Cisrani's home tribe, like most others on the planet, were made up of around fifty-four Amani. His father, Botharien Sabacc, led the Wushongak tribe which was situated between two rivers in the northern hemisphere of Maridun. The tribe consisted mostly of fishermen, but there was a small group led by Botharien that were hunters. In the Amani culture, women were given many of the same privileges as men, so they were also included in all hunts and fishing ventures.

Maridun, the Homeworld of Cisrani

From an early age, Cisrani was trained by his father in martial arts. He favored a traditional Amani staff over all other weapons. Hailing from a tribe on a backwater world, the Amani were not blessed with many technological advances. When Amani turn fourteen, they partake in a "king of the hill" battle. When Cisrani reached that age, he had to take on three of his childhood friends. The battle took place at the center of he village on a small mount, surrounded by the entirety of the tribe. Cisrani found himself handily defeated near the start of the battle and was the first to be beaten. His close friend, Kash, was chosen to be the newest member of the tribe's hunting party. Cisrani beat himself up about his loss, and he concluded he had to train more in order to succeed. Afterwards, Botharien expressed his disappointment with Cisrani, which drove him to a different direction in life.


Because of Maridun's reclusiveness from the broader galactic perspective, it was a perfect world for traders and smugglers to stop at in order to evade capture or to take advantage of the natural resources. In Year 15, a group of traders from the Core landed near his village and traded artisan goods with the locals. With the help of a 3PO protocol droid, Cisrani was able to express his interest in joining their crew. They accepted him with open arms, to the dismay of his parents. Not long after, Cisrani found himself aboard an Action VI transport with a crew of half-a-dozen different species. They gave him the nickname "Mzungu" and hired him on as muscle to help load and unload the transport. With Maridun behind them, Cisrani promised himself that he would return some day. He took his loss eleven years prior as a vision and a blessing, one that drove him off-world to more opportunities.