Clak'Dor VII

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Clak'Dor VII
System Colu
Sector Mayagil
Galactic Coordinates (55, -350)
System Coordinates (16, 10)
Astrographic Entry Clak'Dor VII
Type cold/breathable
Primary Terrain: Glacier, Volcanic
Rotational Period 26 standard hours
Orbital Period 647 local days
Population 1,022,445
Controlled By New Republic
Governor CEO Robbie Rae
Sentient Races Bith Homeworld

Clak'Dor VII is the homeworld of the Bith species.


Clak’Dor VII is the smallest planet of the Colu system, it has the most violent history. Centuries before the creation of the Empire, the Bith had a highly technologically advanced race. Their homeworld of Clak’Dor VII had been one of the most beautiful in the galaxy, claiming forests and grasslands to rival any other planet. The two major cities of the planet, Nozho and Weogar, boasted populations well into the millions, and some of the best research labs on the planet. Shortly after the creation of a new stardrive at one of these labs, an argument broke out between the two cities as to which had the rights to the technology. Eventually war broke out as a result of their inability to resolve the issue, and the planet paid the price. Nozho came out the worst of the two cities, losing 90% of its population because of biological and chemical weapons. Weogar survived but was turned into a sealed dome as the entire planet could no long sustained life normally. A masses exodus known only as the ‘Evacuation’ was performed and many Bith moved off the planet in hopes of saving their species.

The forests and grasslands of Clak’Dor VII are long gone. Nothing remains now but ice, snow and volcanic areas. The only cities are domed areas that rely on outside help in order to survive. Very few Bith can be found on their homeworld, and even fewer choose to stay there for long. Outsiders who come to the planet see it as an object lesson of what can happen to a civilization when it becomes too advanced for its own good. Ships heading to Clak’Dor VII are limited to necessities for survival and a few transportation ships.

While no sentient beings live outside the domes of Clak’Dor VII, several creatures have somehow survived out in the harshness. Rumours and stories abound about stranded ships that couldn’t make it to the domes. Pilots have crashed within the harsh winds and never made it to the nearest domes because of the monstrosities that roam the wilderness.