Clan Fures

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Clan Fures
"Survival Demands Efficiency"
Historical Information
General information
Current headPatriarch Fures Nocti
Flagship[HKA] Alligata Honorem
AffiliationHouse Kaine

Visions of the Past

Honour Without Bounds

Fall From Prominence

The Purging

From The Ashes

Sins of the Father

A Dynasty Reborn

Towards the Future

An Alliance of Honour

As Year 18 drew to a close, it heralded in a new age for the Clan. Current Patriarch Fures Nocti, before a ceremony that would officially accept him as a Master of House Kaine, pledged his life and the lives of the future generations of Clan Fures to that of House Kaine. With this oath, the families became united by more than just a bond between the respective leaders, but would link their futures together. As part of his oath, Nocti pledged his Clan to protect the Yithræl of House Kaine as they would their own.