Clan Nah`utal

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Clan Nah`utal
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General Information
Leader Decessus Nah`utal
Headquarters Basa Oihanak Gortoleku, Kiffex
Historical Information
Founded Year -277, Day Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Clans of Kiffex
Type Major Clan

Dating back hundreds of years on Kiffex, the ancestors of the great Clan Nah`utal have been closely and proudly guarding the mouth of the dense Wild Forests in the Southern lands of Kiffex. For the wildlife that lives peacefully in the thickets of the Wild Forests, they guard. For the exotic foliage and other natural beauties found within the Wilds, they guard. Against those who would seek to harm the innocence of the Wilds, they guard. Though, it is not just the innocence of the wildlife, or the diverse foliage, or the shrouds of mystery surrounding this forest that Clan Nah`utal guards. For they have also protected the Kiffar from a vile creature that dwells deep within the boundaries of the Wild Forests. Wildlings, the old legends call them. Atrocious creatures that only hunt during the night and rip Kiffar flesh straight off the bone should they reach it before being slain. To their children, they feed the skin and for themselves, they use the bones for their own clothing.

General Information

Nah`utal Family Lineage

Mother of Aethia
Father of Aethia
Mother of Decessus
Father of Decessus
Aethia Nah`utal
Decessus Nah`utal
Anna Nah`utal
Gregor Kolczynski
Relena Vercet
Draelor Nah`utalAnabelle Nah`utalAmelia Kolczynski
Moretti`ciri`nassoAdelaide Kolczynski

‐ ‐ In a Relationship
† Deceased
‡ Presumed Deceased



  • Clan Kratos, an ourvir clan

Cultural Information

Traditional Qukuuf

Traditionally, the Kiffar have distinct facial markings called qukuuf – a tribal tattoo passed down for generations on the mother’s side, with the exception of the rare occasion that the mother was not Kiffar. However, Clan Nah`utal broke with this traditional several decades ago because of the nature of what they believe to be their mandate by Kochick. They began to notice that the beings they knew as the Wildlings in the Wild Forest that neighbored their ancestral city reacted highly aggressively to them. Years of debate finally determined that this was due to the distinct markings that they wore on their faces. Somehow these creatures were capable of feeding off the ancient history that lived within the qukuuf, giving them a lethal advantage over the Kiffar.

Rather than cover their qukuuf in shame during each hunt, the Nah`utal clan made a unanimous decision to allow members that had not yet reached the age of the ritual to determine an alternate location of their choosing for their marks. This was often the decision of the warriors that would ultimately be tasked with patrolling the Wild Forest. Often times, artisans, healers, and other professions that made up Clan Nah`utal would decide to continue the tradition of bearing their marks upon their face. These Kiffar, for their own safety, would not be permitted to hunt in the Wild Forest for their own safety.

Wild Forest

Wild Forest Forge

Wolf Whisperers