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Clawdite [1]
LanguageClawdite [1]
Average Height1.6 to 1.8 meters [1]
Skin colorGreen to yellow [1]
DistinctionsShapeshifting abilities [1]
Average lifespanUp to 70 standard years old [1]
Known MembersList of known Clawdites

Biology and Appearance

Clawdites, normal-sized humanoids who can change their appearance at will, are a genetic offshoot of the humanoid natives of Zolan, a planet found somewhere in the Mid Rim. Their development came about by accident, when scientists sought to trigger long-dormant skin-changing genes among the Zolanders to protect them from solar radiation. This event, which occurred centuries ago, triggered the divergence of the Clawdite species from the Zolander evolutionary line. Some rumours indicate that radioactive bombardment from outer space was the reason for the change in the Zolanders, rather than a failed experiment, resulting in the creation of this new race.

Clawdites are able to change the colour, texture, and shape of their skins, allowing a Clawdite to mimic the appearance of other humanoid species of the same general physical shape. This does not allow Clawdites to generate extra limbs or other appendages, but they are able to imitate the texture and patterns of skin-tight clothing. Shape shifting is a special skill that some Clawdites have developed to a greater degree, allowing them to change the length, colour, shape, and texture of their hair, as well as the coloration of their eyes. This fine control can even be used to alter specific portions of their body. It takes a good deal of patience and practice for the Clawdites to perform this change. Furthermore, it is an extremely uncomfortable process during which they must endure great pain to shift and maintain a shape other than their natural form. Expert shifters employ special therapeutic oils and meditative techniques to aid their transformations. Depending on the skill of the individual Clawdite, they might simply change their facial appearance or alter their entire body shape. The ability to alter their shape allows the Clawdites to blend in to enemy camps, where they could gather intelligence or commit crimes.

When they are at "rest," a Clawdite is indistinguishable from a regular Zolander.

They were one of the few shape-shifting species in the galaxy, and were sometimes referred to as Changelings.

In their natural form, Clawdites had the appearance of reptilian humanoids, and in fact had evolved from reptomammals. They had sunken cheeks with a narrow nose and a small mouth. A thin line ran down their foreheads and creased the center of their noses. They possessed large eyes with slit-like pupils, and their irises could be yellow, gold, or blue. Their skin was considered to be rough.

They are capable of mimicking the appearance of other similarly-shaped beings, such as Humans. Shifting into a Weequay, a species with similar facial features, was considered to be an easy task. Though they could not add physical mass to their bodies, they were able to form hair, and could actually make it quite long. Clawdites were also able to mimic the appearance of clothing or jewelry, provided that the item laid directly on their skin, as it was merely a manipulation of their skin's texture. They could not change the appearance of their actual clothing, and had to rely on holographic technology in order to change such items.

Their growth of their abilities mainly relied on a Clawdite's age. Younglings were only able to change color, a talent that began at infancy, and baby Clawdites used different hues and colors to indicate their needs to their parents.

Even the most talented Clawdite, however, lacked the fine coordination it would take to mimic a specific individual's appearance precisely. Only a very talented Clawdite was able to sleep and retain their altered form. If a Clawdite was suitably distracted or hurt, and certainly if their were killed, they would revert to their true form.

Society and Culture

The native language of this species is known as Clawdite, consisting mainly of hissing sibilants and stressed, guttural croaks. They are a religious race, unlike their cousin species Zolander. Known Clawdites have long been ostracized from Zolander society, deemed sinful and impure, and forced to live in secured ghettos. This prejudice led to many conflicts between the two races, including several periods of civil war.

By nature, Clawdites were quiet and solitary beings, often shunning the company of others unless it benefited them. They viewed the rest of the galaxy pragmatically, and were often harsh realists who were often mistrustful and suspicious of others.

The few Clawdites who left their world most often took advantage of their natural abilities to join militaristic professions, such as spying, assassination, and bounty hunting. Joining groups such as these were the rare occasions where Clawdites afforded their loyalty to others, and they saw it as a positive contribution to the galaxy. They often sought to protect the liberties of other species, sensing in their pain the disparity their own people suffered.