Cloud City (Year 6)

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Cloud City
Cloud City Logo Year 6.png
General Information
Motto "A place to live and work."
Status Active
Leader Ben Tzadikim
Owner Galactic Empire
Historical Information
Founder Paraic of Argoth[1]
Founded Circa Year 1
Year 6 Day 64 (re-established)
Dissolved Year 13 Day 229
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Industry Mining company
Holosite Cloud City (Year 2) (Archived)
Cloud City (Year 5) (Archived)

Cloud City, once also known as Cloud City and BST Extractions and Transportation (CCBST), is a mining company which is a nationalized subsidiary of the Galactic Empire.


According to salvaged records, the first incarnation of the mining company known as Cloud City was founded by Paraic of Argoth, a Devaronian male who also formed the Order of H'kig, a religious enclave.[2][3]

In Year 6, during the tenure of Chairman Uther Von Kaldreon, the company absorbed Blue Sabre Transportation and became known as "Cloud City and BST Extractions and Transportation" for several years.

Imperium's Tenure

Circa Year 8, Uther Von Kaldreon had looted Cloud City and BST, the mining company of the Empire, and required a new leader to restore it. They selected Orphaea Imperium to do so. Cloud City and BST was a shambles when Orphaea arrived. Kaldreon had appropriate all the mines, most of the cities, and all but the primary freighter fleet and a handful of prospecting vehicles. At the same time, staff were departing from all sides, whether siding with Kaldreon against the Empire or taking advantage of the confusion to seek new horizons.

Fortunately, Orphaea had the wealth of the Empire to back him in his reconstruction efforts. Surprising many observers (who had not been made party to the truth of earlier events), he did not immediately strip the company even further as would be expected of a pirate, but started a massive recruitment drive and collecting materials from the open market. With all new recruits, reconstruction would be a difficult, though not insurmountable, task.

A month or two in, with things starting to settle into some degree of normalcy, Orphaea approached Imperial High Command with a new idea: Cloud City and Centarra Mining develop a planet of their own. Centarra had stepped in to provide mining services while Cloud City was being rebuilt, and a large planet built by the two companies would not only help consolidate the Empire, but the income from the completed planet could provide a huge percentage of both companies' budget. Scouting for planets, both companies eventually started prospecting and preparing construction on Tarorasuil, in Bortras system in the Coruscant sector. It would, of course, not prove that easy, and the constant rotation of new staff through Cloud City and the assassination of Centarra leader Quard Ithan saw the project handed over, half-completed, to the Empire.

While at Cloud City, Orphaea worked on the side to build his wealth. Eventually, he invested some of this wealth into the creation of Galaxywide NewsNets, an information corporation which he hoped would eventually supplant all the mediocre broadcasters and tabloids dominating the holonet at the time.

After a time at Cloud City, Orphaea was offered the position of Minister of Truth for the Empire proper, and a seat on Imperial High Command. However, the strain of taking Cloud City from the brink to a large and busy company had broken Orphaea, and he retired from Cloud City, leaving former Centarra second Eric Zahm as the next CEO.

On Year 13 Day 229, Cloud City would be dissolved. Ben Tzadikim would then become CEO of the newly formed Imperial Mining Corporation. It is presumed all Cloud City assets were transferred to IMC before its dissolution.

Baron Administrators

While known as Cloud City:

While known as Cloud City and BST:

While known as Cloud City:

Notable Personnel

Previous Logos

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