Ayervon Recycling Enterprises

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Ayervon Recycling Enterprises
General Information
Motto "At the Dawn of time there was waste. We are the people who play with the waste and make money out of it."
Status Active
Leader Hardolaf Zen
2IC Keegers Shyia
Owner Jim Firewalker
Historical Information
Founded Year 7 Day 258
Political Information
Industry Recycling
Holosite Ayervon Recycling Enterprises

Ayervon Recycling Enterprises is a recycling company.


Founding to Sale

Founded on Year 7 Day 258, Colonial Recycling Corporation (CRC) was owned, led, and funded by Jager Bane with the direct support of The 12 Colonies. CRC was intended to service the latter government, and it was not a large company at this time. As Jager Bane was a distinguished member of the "the Quorum of 12" within the latter government, he could not devote much time to CRC and soon he began searching a new leader for the company. On Year 7 Day 345, he appointed Kir Jax as its leader. This was at the same time the 12 Colonies (which was later the Chiss Ascendancy) assumed ownership of Colonial Recycling Corporation. Once Kir had taken over, Bane departed with the hauler which left Colonial Recycling Corporation with only a few small YT freighters to utilize. Kir made do with the help of Isoldor Storm and Bossive Kewtol. This gave CRC a chance to build a few cities and to control a system.

With the production of the city Dandenong started on Year 7 Day 355 and finished 30 days later Colonial Recycling Corporation was ready to start production of its line of fighters. The first squad of Y-TIE fighters was started on Year 8 Day 70 and finished on Year 8 Day 76, the first squad of TIE-Wing Fighter on Year 8 Day 109 and finished on Year 8 Day 112 and the first squad of X-Ceptor Fighter in Year 8 Day 109 and finished on Year 8 Day 115.

When Isoldor Storm was killed it was hard times, plus with The 12 Colonies(Chiss Ascendancy) being dissolved the ownership of Colonial Recycling Corporation went to Kir Jax, which left it on the verge of bankruptcy.

ARES Project's Acquisition

In Year 8, the Ailon Recycling EnterpriseS project for purpose of acquiring or forming a new recycling group to provide quality recycling service for Ailon Nova Guard and her allies. This project was lead was by Troon Kebris and Jaden Bushido with Hardolaf Zen serving as their aid. For several months the group worked on acquiring enough wealth to form a new recycling organization. Soon they came upon a group named the Colonial Recycling Corporation led by Kir Jax.

For an undisclosed sum, the ARES Project acquired Colonial Recycling Corporation on Year 8 Day 340. Troon Kebris was named the leader of the organization with Jaden Bushido serving as the second-in-command. Hardolaf Zen was named Director of Sentient Resources and was given the task of growing the organization.

From CRC to ARES

Following the acquisition of Colonial Recycling Corporation, Troon Kebris began to organize the company by naming Draelin Dumas the Director of Recycling. Within a few months of acquiring the group, they became known as a leader in the recycling field. However, shortly after the acquisition in Year 9, Jaden Bushido was forced to step aside as second-in-command of the group due to other concerns. While he was away, Troon Kebris named Hardolaf Zen second-in-command pro tem. During this period, ARES became well known not only for its recycling services but also for its top-notch customer service.

After many months of operating under the name Colonial Recycling Corporation, Troon Kebris rechristened the company as Ayervon Recycling Enterprises after the nickname for the planet Necropolis.

New Management

Illodia III B

Once privately owned by Kir Jax. The small forest moon of Illodia III B was the only planet or moon not under the control or ownership of Ayervon Recycling Enterprises. It was developed by the former owner after he sold CRC (now ARES). It was his pride and joy, and it took a lot of hard work to build it. With people always trying to buy, trade or steal the moon, Kir Jax became sick of attempting to protect it as it was becoming more difficult every year. Thus he turned to the organization controlling the system which also happened to be his old organization and requested if they wanted to buy it. In order to consolidate their holdings in the system, they assented. Shortly thereafter Illodia III B became but of Ayervon Recycling Enterprises, and it is still a jewel in the system.


Illodia Capital Improvement Plan

Recycling Services

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