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The Colonies, also known as the Colonies Regions, was the name given to a region of the galaxy between the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim Territories. Due to its close proximity to the galaxy’s economic and political powerhouse the Core Worlds, the Colonies were a largely wealthy region consisting of booming industrial worlds, trade centers, and garden worlds.



Aside from the traditional region divisions, the Colonies are divided further based on the navigational elements such as the galactic coordinates of Coruscant (0, 0, 0) during the Old Republic era or major hyperlanes, such as the Perlemian Trade Route or the Corellian Run. From the northwest, moving clockwise, the Colonies consist of:

  • The Negs (a region with the negative east-west coordinate number under the old coordinate system)
  • Northern Dependencies (a region north of Coruscant and the Perlemian Trade Route with the Negs as the western boundary)
  • The Slice (a region between the Perlemian Trade Route and the Corellian Run)nsion of Arrowhead and beyond the Corellian Run)

List of Sectors

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The Negs

Northern Dependencies

The Slice

Southern Core

The Colonies (The Negs, Northern Dependencies) as of Year 15
The Colonies (The Slice) as of Year 15
The Colonies (Southern Core) as of Year 15