Colton Hatfield

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Colton Hatfield
Biographical Information
Race Born Kiffar Later Amani
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Data Corrupt
Father Data Corrupt
Spouse Data Corrupt
Children Data Corrupt
Born Year -17 Day 222
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8m
Coloring Caucasian
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Title Preacher
Rank Defiler
Positions Classified
Prior Affiliation

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.." ~Colton Hatfield

Galactic Private Military Operations Network

Training Certifications

  • Ranged Combat Certified EXPERT
  • Close Quarters Combat Certified EXPERT
  • SERE Certified EXPERT
  • Scout Recon Certified EXPERT
  • Target Apprehension Certified EXPERT
  • Field Command Certified EXPERT
  • Covert Operations Certified EXPERT
  • Vehicle Operations Certified EXPERT
  • Freighter Operations Certified EXPERT
  • Urban Combat Operations Certified EXPERT
  • Weapons & Maintenance Certified EXPERT

Field Information

  • Operation Time: 22 Hours (Compiled Actual Time)
  • Combat Time: 13 Hours (Live Fire)
  • Target Apprehension Ratio: 5:0 (100%)
  • Assassinations: 1

Weapon Specializations

  • ELG-3A
  • E-11
  • EE-3
  • Axe
  • Katana
  • A280
  • Nightstinger

Biography Information


Colton Hatfield began his paramilitary/criminal career at an early age, fourteen to be exact, when he left the planet of Kiffu with a band of raiders known as The Wayen Tong. It was here he learned the basics of shooting, firearm management, and several combat tactics to help keep him alive. It was the Tong's original plan to sell Colt off on the slave market, but the young boy proved himself during a skirmish with the New Republic on the planet Tatooine hours before his intended trade was to be done. By himself Colt managed to not only best, but kill, three New Republic soldiers and drag a wounded Tong member to safety. Seeing that the boy was not the typical boy his age, the members of the Tong all agreed he was good enough to raid with them. For two years this became Colt's life, ambushing random travelers and caravans with his new found friends in the Wayen Tong. The group came to a swift end when they attempted to ambush an Imperial convoy that was actually a military strike team under disguise as a humanitarian convoy. Colt was left alive simply because he played it off that he was a captured slave, just as his friends in the Tong had told him to do.

The Empire confiscated Colt along with all the other assets belonging to the Tong. He was brought before Imperial Intelligence for re-education and processing but his file in a nutshell stated that “He Did Not Take” to it. After a month aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, Colt had gone nearly mad. His contact had only been with doctors, psychologist and security and all he had seen was the four walls of his room. By chance one day he caught a guard slipping in his duties, and the young man took full advantage. He killed the guard, took his security clearances and weapons and escaped via shuttle without a single shot being fired. On this very shuttle he traveled for six days trying to gain as much distance between himself and the Empire as possible, it was this that caused him to run out of fuel and become stranded in Deep Space for almost a week. Colton had nearly starved to death before a wandering CR-90 chanced by his location and detected him on scanners. This time it was not the Empire or New Republic, but rather the Ellipsis Pirates. The boy and the shuttle were instantly seized and taken captive.

It did not take long for Ellipsis to realize Colt had no value on the market, and when questioned by their leader at the time, Avicii Tempah, they were shocked to find the young man had already experienced his fair share of plundering and killing. It was soon decided to give Colt a chance, and for two years the Kiffar proved himself to Ellipsis and its leaders, and it was well worth it. Within two years the young boy had grown into a man, and a feared pirate. Ranking 3rd in Command of Ellipsis finally, Colt was given what was known as his “Bastard's Wings” which granted him full reign to train and operate with his own crew out of Ellipsis which he did successfully for nearly a full year until yet another tragic end would come. Uli-ah Gafsa and an Ellipsis affiliate, Dominic von Black approached Colt one night with evidence that Tempah had cloned himself and intended to hand over the entire Ellipsis treasury to his clone, all to prosper Black Sun. Outraged at the betrayal Colt quickly voted in to take out Avicii. However Colt had a lot of love for his mentor Avicii which had taught him a great deal about piracy, and because of this he could not opt to pull the trigger himself. Feeling it only proper, Uli-ah Gafsa was given the task of eliminating Avicii while Colt was to eliminate his clone.

After the execution of Avicii Tempah the pirate ring that was known as Ellipsis fell into the hands of Uli-ah Gafsa and Colton Hatfield. Uli immediately made Colton his 2nd In Command, and the two operated together for some time under the new alias of Twin Suns Pirates, a reflection of Uli's home world Tatooine. This did not last terribly long as Colt soon grew tired of piracy and wanted a change of pace, so after leaving with Uli's blessing Colton moved on to the New Republic to see if he could not straighten his life out for the best and become a new man. This too did not last to terribly long. After a few weeks word got out that the former pirate was now retired from Twin Suns, and his reputation was bouncing around the underworld vastly. It did not take long for Andy Longshot to recognize the potential of the young man and offer him a new home with his newly formed pirate band known as The Pressure Pirates. Colt was uninterested at first, but as time and persistence from Andy continued, he soon came to realize he was far better at crime than he was at being a legit sentient and so he joined up as a co-founder of Pressure Pirates, and was appointed 3rd In Command there. While Andy and his wife Lilitu were very experienced gang members from the swoop gang Dark Star Hellions, they were not experienced in being pirates. So despite his rank and title with them, the truth was Colt was the most experienced pirate they had..

Under several promises that Pressure would be his new home, Colton finally gave in and donated most of his personal treasure chest to the cause that was Pressure Pirates, totally well over 100,000,000 in credits and assets. Little did he know that Andy Longshot and Lilitu Longshot were playing him for the money and assets, using his goods to supply their own plans. Colt soon picked up on this but it was also seen by another.. Ximaro Jix the Krestviniic of Zann Consortium. Unknown to Colt, Ximaro had been watching him for quite some time. Way before he was the 3rd In Command of Pressure. The leader of Zann Consortium was perhaps the most gifted individual in the galaxy at recognizing loyalty and heart. Knowing quite well that Andy and Lilitu would one day betray the criminal conglomerate they were a part of, Ximaro chose to take Colton under his wing in a sense of apprenticeship. The pirate had learned quite a bit about being loud, rough and deadly – but Ximaro taught him a new way to the life of crime, the way of the Defiler. It was during this period that Ximaro became far more to Colt than simply a mentor, he became much like the father that the young man had never had and Colt swore a life vow to him that to this day is in tact.

The Assassination of Andy Longshot

On Year 15 Day 177, Andy "Vex" Longshot, Commodore of Pressure Pirates and Dark Star Hellions Original Sergeant at Arms was intercepted on a trading station in the orbit of planet Ord Vaxal in the Vaxal system. Andy walked into a trap that was created and set by Defiler Cell Leader Xanxus Drol and known Defiler and Pirate of Dread, Assurian Fury, whom were both on scene to ensure Andy would take the bait. Vice President of Dark Star Hellions Seth Haze and Crime Lord of Zann Consortium Ximaro Jix arrived and shortly after Andy Longshot found himself barricaded on the Trading Station. Andy attempted to evade arrest but was quickly subdued and arrested by Haze. Moments later, Assault Defiler Colton Hatfield entered into the trading station, where Andy was held captive and executed him swiftly and mercilessly despite Andy's pleas to Ximaro to see reason, while Vice President Haze stood watch over the prisoner.

The Execution of Andy Longshot

The Morph to Beast

During the execution of his former mentor, Andy Longshot, Colton had obtained blood splatter into his eye and contracted the same virus which had mutated Andy into a Diathim, more commonly known as the Derra Virus. It did not take long for the virus to take grasp of Colt's genes and begin twisting them like pretzels. Colton himself does not speak about the change, and seems quite ashamed of the change due to his pride in his Kiffar heritage. Despite this Colton agreed to allow some of his medical observation to be made public so that others in the galaxy would know the signs.

Day 1 - Subject has been running a fever of 111 degrees, and no matter what we try his temperature will not break. I am not risking anymore chemical agents with him, hes just going to have to tough it out.

Day 1 - Subject seems to be having hallucinations, speaking in an odd dialect. This is definitely a case of the Derra Plague sweeping the galaxy. We believe this subject in particular has contracted it from cross contamination during the line of duty. The fever seems to be holding at 111, but still no signs of reducing itself. At this rate his brain is going to be fried.

Day 2 - Gave the subject a sedative about thirty minuets ago, he was in severe convulsions. The temperature has dropped from 111 to 91. Upon taking his pulse and blood preesure, our staff found multiple heart beats within the subject. Possible chance that the subject was carrying an internal twin his whole life? We are not sure yet, but once the sedative takes full effect we will be running a scan to see just what is going on in there.

Day 2 - Simply amazing! The subject has developed multiple hearts, and not only that but he appears to now have two livers as well. I've seen some wild things in my medical career but this is surely the most unbelievable act in science I've ever had the chance to see. The subject also seems to have grown approximately three inches and his skin is beginning to chafe. Going to have staff get him treated with some lotions and medication for the rashes. The subjects temperature seems to have dropped lower to approximately 85 degrees and has held there. Still awaiting him to awaken.

Day 2 - Note that subject has developed poison glands which secrete from the pores! We lost two nurses today, and am now restricted to the use of droid personnel. What a nightmare, and to think this study was going so well! All the same, several interesting changes have began to happen. Upon waking up the subject seemed to be holding a sane personality, but his eyes had turned red. and his facial features seem to be changing.

-Note Days 3-6 have been withdrawn from public viewing-

Day 7 - The subject is definitely a species we have not seen much of in the galaxy, I believe they are known as the Amani. Though he still retains the memories of Colton Hatfield he is a different beast altogether now..